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I don't even know where to start, I'm so upset over this whole mess.
2 months ago, I saw my urologist for some minor discomfort I was having while urinating and during orgasm. He prescribed 4 weeks Cipro 2xdaily.
As I followed the therapy, I thought I was improving a little. My orgasms hurt less and I was able to urinate more comfortably. Then I started with the pain again, just a day before my follow up visit. I went for my follow up and he found white blood cells in my urine and put me on 2 months of Bactrim 2xdaily. Still hopeful we could knock this out, I went on the bactrim. That was last Saturday Nov 10th.I still felt the same, no better no worse.
Then Saturday the 17th All hell broke loose. The day started as pleasantly as I could have hoped for, with great sex, and a powerful pain free orgasm. Great! things are finally getting better. I got on with my day, many errands, preparations for the next day's hunting trip. Then midday I had to pee, and it was like I was ******* razor blades! Not good. It started getting progressively worse to the point of fever, chills, nausea, and worse yet, cancelling my hunting trip! the unthinkable happened. I kept taking the Bactrim and stayed in bed all of Sunday shivering and feeling weak. My urine flow started to dwindle, but I wasn't so worried because I thought as long as I could pass even a teaspoon at a time I would be alright.
Monday the 19th saw me feeling a little better so I dragged myself into work, which was a big mistake. I called my doctor and got in to see her in the afternoon.
She examined me and did a urine culture and a culture of my urethra with the long Q-tip (Ouch!). Then she changed my meds from Bactrim to Doxicycline 2x daily for god knows how long. She told me I have gone through all the antibiotics and if this didn't work, I would have to switch to intravenous antibiotics because this might be a superinfection. I went home, and found an old bottle of Flomax. I took 2. That night I had 102-104 fever, chills, sweats, the whole night. The pain was awful, and my urine flow completely stopped at 2am. I was terrified. My bladder felt so full, and every movement caused pain. I went back to bed with tears in my eyes, thinking I would end up in the hospital with a foley for Thanksgiving. I took another Flomax, then at 4am I went again, and was able to squeek out the weakest dribble of urine. I was so thankful. I went back to my sweat soaked bed relieved. Now I'm sitting on a pillow in my chair writing this, because I need to hear from others who have been through it. I think I've been through the worst of it, tonight will tell. I actually fear going to bed now. Thats when the bad stuff happens. My doctor told me that my hypospadias is most likely the root of the problem, since my meatus is so huge, it allows everything to go into me if I'm not careful. I made an appointment with a surgeon who can do the surgery to repair me. I hope this is the last prostate infection I ever get.
I went back to the urologist yesterday. I felt much better on the doxy, but still had a long way to go. I left my urine sample and went in for my follow up. All looked to be clearing up but there were nitrites indicative of a whopper of a urinary infection. She was going to have me admitted into the hospital for iv antibiotics and testing. On the night before thanksgiving!
Luckily she called for a consult after my protestations and i was checked for an abcess(ouch!). They switched my meds again, this time to Levaquin 500mg 1xdaily and 3 advil every 4 hrs against fever. They let me go with the stern warning that one more fever and im in the hospital no ifs ands or buts.
So it seems my prostate infection spread through my urinary tract up to my right kidney. Left doesnt hurt- yet. I have so many important things going on in the coming weeks. Mental and physical testing for a dept of corrections job. I pray this doesnt ruin my chances for getting in. I feel so weak. I hope i can recover by next week.

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