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I have been having pain in the tip of my penis for six months now. I have been to various doctors a number of times, I've had several STD screenings, urine and semen analysis, and I have had a scope examination carried out on my urethra through to my bladder and prostate. In addition to all of this I have taken a rake of medicines to combat any likely causes of infection, which ended up giving me a yeast infection. However, I seem to be no closer to finding out what is causing my penis to ache.

During the scope procedure the doctor said that the very tip of the inside of my penis was red and that it looked a small bit swollen, and one of the swabs (of five different swabs- ouch!) that I had of the inside tip of my penis showed inflammation (increased white blood cell count). I am on day 9 of a two-week course of ciprofloxacin and doxycycline, but the pain, while never severe, is still present.

Has anybody gone through anything similar or have any ideas? I have another appointment with the specialist in early January, but I am not hopeful seeing as all of my appointments so far have come to nothing. Thanks very much for your help.

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