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Wow, no the the cranberry items? Why is that? But then again, it hasn't really been making a difference for me (I've been taking about 4 450mg cranberry pills along with drinking 8 oz throughout the day). I even tried the baking soda method and ACV, nothing seems to help. It all started with my first UTI about a month ago... took bactrim, still felt the symptoms...gave another sample and had a slight bacteria left in the urine so they gave me cipro...I thought maybe I could ride it out without the medication and save it for a really horrid UTI since I was not feeling too bad. Big mistake because I got extremely sick a few days later (fever, the runs, nausea, loss of appetite) So ended up taking the cipro. I felt better but I still felt the symptoms...gave another sample and traces of blood was in it and they gave me bactrim again (which I took while having sex, no sickness through then). That medication was done and the next time I had sex I immediately started feeling sick right after. I just drank a bunch of water, cranberry juice, sweated my fever out and felt a bit better the next day (still had the symptoms though). Then I had my "period" or if I could even call it that. It was very out of the ordinary..bleeding, no bleeding, bleeding...very inconsistent flow. and I still have the symptoms. Mainly it's like a pain that will come every so often along with an urge to pee that is always there, even right after I get up off the toilet. It's so frustrating. It's not really a MUST go, but it's a feeling that is always there and is very bothersome. I don't really go a lot at night...if anything, it's probably less painful then. Sorry, I know I kind of went off on your thread but I appreciate you letting me do so. I should get the D Mannose tomorrow so I'll experiment with that over the next few days and let you know.

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