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Please help
Feb 26, 2013
Sorry for such a long post but its important that you get all the info.
11 months ago I had sex ( oral give/receive and vaginal) with a girl I met at a bar. The sex lasted approximately 2 hours without me being able to ejaculate. However during the course of our sexual encounter the condom had failed and neither of us realized it. When I pulled out I had noticed traces of blood on my penis. The very next day I was experiencing severe itching and burning on my penis and scrotum also pain in the tip of my penis and down my urethra. Like a fool I took expired antibiotics in an effort to cure myself...didn't work. After taking the antibiotics I did experience severe stomach issues diarrhea included ( lasted for months ). I had gotten tested for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis and HIV, all of which returned negative results. I tested at 6,8,9,10,11 and 14 weeks. I also tested at 9 1/2 months for HIV, all results negative. I developed a sore throat around the 6 month mark along with a slightly white tongue. White tongue and irritated throat still persists today as do the itching and burning of my penis and scrotum along with pain on the penile tip and urethra which I have experienced every day since the sexual encounter. I have tried a lot of anti fungal creams, have taken antibiotics with no resolve. The only thing that seems to give me some relief is hydrocortisone cream. I may have forgotten to add a couple of details but based on the info I had provided can you offer any insight to what may be causing this. Added note, there have never been any markings i.e. blisters or sores on my penis or scrotum. Penile pain and burning worsens after I ejaculate.
I greatly appreciate your response.

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