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I have suffered from frequent urinary tract infections (because of unprotected oral sex) in the last 5 years. I have been treated with antibiotics each time successfully.

Since last year, I stopped having even unprotected oral sex and have largely abstained form sex. I had urethritis symptoms in May 2012 and October 2012 and urine tests always came back normal. I was still prescribed cefuroxime.

In November 2012, I tested myself for HIV, VDRL, Hepatitis B and C and all turned out to be negative. My urine tests were clear too. I was asymptomatic at this time. In January 2013 last week, I developed testicular pain (mild, dragging) and I saw urologist #1 on February 13th, 2013, who prescribed doxycycline for 10 days. With doxycycline, the pain seemed to reduce a bit but after 10 days, the pain returned.

Another urologist`(urologist #2) prescribed Azithromycine (just one dose) and doxycycline for a further 7 days on 26th of February, 2013.

On the 5th of March, I went to my GP who said it is epididymitis-orchitis and prescribed cefuroxime for 7 days. The testicle seemed swelled and the pain radiated to my abdomen and thighs. The antibiotics and pain killers just didn't help. On the 12th of March, 2013, I saw my GP again who referred me to a general surgeon He checked my testicles and said it is epididymytis and asked for a Urine routine/culture, semen routine/culture and lower abdomen (prostatic) and scrotal ultrasounds. All the tests came out normal but the ultrasound found left mild varicoceles. I immediately asked a third urologist (urologist #3) who said all my symptoms are because of varicoceles, I must wear a jockstrap and that I should get a surgery.

My question is, I never had testicular pain in my life and varicoceles never bothered me. I have been getting recurrent urethritis on and off. Since one week I experience painful ejaculation and urination as well, and these can't be symptoms of varicoceles as far as I know. If all tests are clear and there is no infection, why do I still suffer radiating pain (which is a symptom of epidedymitis) and not just dull dragging pain in the scrotum? Also, it does not explain my painful urination and ejaculation.

I am going to see the urologist #1 again tomorrow but they do not have any time to answer my questions and get irritated even after charging a bomb for consultation.

My GP is not friendly any more and he thinks I am overly sensitive and I must just forget about it as there is no infection. But I cant forget constant radiating testicular pain (jockstraps are of little help) and burning sensation during ejaculation and urination.

What do you suggest?

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