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Hello, I am a 19 year old male with no history of health issues. About six weeks ago, I started to have frequent urination problems, similar to a UTI. I had to pee once every 5-10 minutes, and it was very irritating. It was so bad that I couldn't even finish a meal before having to go, as there was always an urge to go pee. A few days after it started, I started waking up at night to go urinate as well. My grandfather, a retired doctor, told me to take ampiclox, an antibiotic, which I took for a week and I noticed improvements. I started having to less, now 30-45 minutes instead of 5-10, but I would still wake up at night. I went to my doctor a few weeks later, and he did a urine test and a blood test and said there was no bacteria and my kidneys were working fine. He told me to go see a urologist, who I went to see. The urologist told me to take 2-3 weeks worth of antibiotics and come back in a month if symptoms didnt clear up. It hasn't even been a week yet but I'm wondering what the problem could be, as I am worried sick and the nocturia is making me tired during the day time, and it sucks because I have major college exams coming up and need to pass these courses. My symptoms are very strange and are very different now than they were six weeks ago. I have trouble starting my urine stream, and usually there is dribbling when it starts and dribbling when it ends, and I sometimes have to strain when urinating. Lately, as in the past few days I don't have an urge to urinate either, I void every hour out of worry and there is a decent amount of urine that comes out. I also feel as though I don't empty my bladder properly and it feels like there is some urine left in my urethra after I void, but that feeling usually goes away. The day frequency isn't really such a problem for me, but the thing that is really driving me nuts is waking up at night to go. I don't have any trouble falling back asleep, it is just getting very irritating, particularly because I end up feeling tired during the day. For the past month and a half I haven't had a full nights sleep, and I've gotten up to go pee at least three times every night, and it is killing me. I don't think I have Intersistial Cystitis, since I never have a strong sudden urge to go and I have no pain anywhere in my body aside from the normal aches that happen every now and then. All of these symptoms seem to point to an enlarged or inflamed prostate, but I am apparently too young for that. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? It would really set my mind at ease so I can get atleast somewhat of an idea of what I'm facing, and so I can confront my urologist with it as well.

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