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Urethral Stricture
May 15, 2013

25 yr old male from UK. Had cystoscopy and urethral dilation three days ago for stricture. Dr said looks like scar tissue below meatus from hypospadias repair as baby, which I didn't know I'd had before this. Anyway, surgeon said long term, I should have a urethroplasty, which they don't do down here (needs to be in bristol 2 hrs away). He said the chances of success with that procedure are "reasonable". In the meantime, he said I will be shown how to self dilate intermittently and see how long I can have benefit for. Urine stream at moment is obviously fine, but he doesnt sound hopeful and reading online, sounds like its almost certainly going to scar over again. Can anyone who has experiences same/similar situation let me know how long it tends to take? i.e., within weeks will it be back to the same poor flow or just gradually over next months/years? Seem destined to have poor urine flow forever it seems, unless I have scary invasive surgery :( If I can sustain a fair urine flow for as long as possible I would be very glad, obviously.

Also, anyone who has had the urethroplasty, how long was hosp stay, how long catheter in, was procedure done in one go or two part? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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