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UTI - weird symptom
May 16, 2013
I've been having some irritation and itching lately. It's been on and off mostly and used to be right before my period. But the last few weeks it's been more constant. Suddenly Tuesday night, I went to urinate and it just of stopped before I was done. I still had the urge to go. I figured this was the start of a UTI, so I kept drinking water and cranberry juice. When I went again, same thing happened. It got worse during the night, kept having the urge and pressure to pee, but couldn't go more than a bit. There hasn't been any pain or burning, maybe once or twice when it was at its worse.

Yesterday, I took too AZO tablets. My sister suggested it, and told me how it turns your pee "orange" but helps with the symptoms until you get to the doc. It did a decent job, I've been peeing all day, first bright orange then it turned to a bright yellow again. I took two more tablets tonight, and figured that would be in, since I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. But just a little while ago, I went to pee. When I got up and looked in the bowl to see if it was orange, there was something in there. First I thought maybe it was a bit of a kidney stone, but I felt NO pain. I got a tissue and scooped it up, and it looked like a bug. I've been scouring the internet for information now,b ut not coming up with anything similar other than "crabs" or lice. I really don't think it can be that, I haven't had sex with a partner in, well, forever. I've been with one woman (yeah, I'm gay) about 15 years ago.

Is this something anyone here has heard of? Of course, the bug could have just been in the bowl before I went, but I'll never be sure of that. and I'm freaking out about the next time I pee and take a peak in there.

Also, when I go to the doc tomorrow and tell him this (hoping he won't think I'm crazy), would he be able to tell whatever it could be from a urine sample??

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