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Hello, this is my first post on the forum because I am overwhelmed right now; any help or advice would be welcomed.

I'm 20 years old, and a full time student/worker. Bear with me for this long story.

About six weeks ago I started having UTI symptoms, frequent urination, a little burning, pain in bladder area, and nearly impossible to get an erection. I got tested for several STD's, and they did a urine check and culture at the clinic I went to. All came back negative, but they insisted on checking for STD's again, for a second time it was negative. They gave me Cipro for three days, and despite having some really bad side effects I felt 99% better by day two.

Three days ago I woke up, masturbated, and then used the restroom. About an hour later I had to go again, and this continued every 30-60 min until the evening. No burning, but some intense bladder/pelvic pains. I tried to sleep and I ended up staying awake all night by having to use the restroom every 20-60 minutes, and also started shaking and was very hot. During the weekend I just drank a lot of fluids, and by Sunday most of the frequent urination was gone, but I still could not get an erection (like last time) and had warming/pain sensations in my bladder area. I went to the clinic again today, and they tested my Urine again; all negative.

In addition, between these six weeks I also had my glucose, calcium, and thyroid checked as a "just in case" measure; all came back normal besides calcium which was a little high. They tested it a second time two weeks later and it was back down to normal. I still have very low libido, and today tried (and successfully) masturbated, but it was nothing like my body usually is. The pain in the bladder still persists and my urination is not 100% back to normal. I'm due for an ultra-sound on my bladder this week as the doctors have no other ideas for what could be causing these symptoms.

One more thing of possible noteworthy, I have been seeing a Chiropractor all summer for a pinched nerve in my lower back/sciatic nerve.

Does anybody have any idea what could be causing all this? My doctor said the erection problem could be caused by anxiety and me thinking I can't get one because of the urination, but this all came about at the same time. My body usually is ready to go at anytime of the day. Despite being really stressed from all this, my blood pressure is perfect still so I know that's not the cause.

Any ideas?

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