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I used to have the pain and itching, but it is now a fading memory.
I was on long term atb therapy for IC, Interstitial Cystitis (which is a symptom of advanced yeast infection in the bladder and/or vagina and/or gut), and have also abused atbs without ever going on any antifungal therapy for the past twenty years +. I was taking daily doses of diflucan for a month, with no effects. I had a herx early on, then kind of plateaued. Nystatin oral and vag tablets worked a little. Baking soda douches help. Haven't tried boric acid or flucytosine. I continue to keep a close eye on the sugars. All of this is helping a lot, but there is a faint trace left. This problem took a long time to build up, and it will take a long time to build down. This isn't a condition that can be cured in one course of atfs, of course it will come back. This yeast is deeply embedded in the tissues of the pelvic region, and can infest the joints and CNS fluid as well as any organ in the body.

Recurrent UTI's and yeast infections is the effect of past long term malnutrition, multiple deficiencies and multiple toxicities, no matter how well you think you are eating now, whether organic, expensive supplements, wheatgrass etc. These are all good things to do and continue to do, but they are not enough to eradicate the systemic fungus that took hold of the body. One of the top toxicities are those of fluoride and bromide, both displacing iodine, iodine deficiency is one of the main roots of the recurrent/chronic yeast infections, and other acute infections, which later lead to more chronic illnesses. Cut out tap water, and fluoride toothpaste. Please google a video titled the fluoride deception and watch, it will explain why so many people today believe that fluoride is good for you despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Also cut out white bread, has bromide in it. Bromide is yet another halogen that displaces iodine, contributing to iodine deficiency and further infections.

Iodine is one of nature's best antifungal, anti bacterial, and anti parasitic element. this is not a new finding, this is not new knowledge, this was known a long long time ago. Lugol is a French man that found a connection between iodine deficiency and infections. Concentrated iodine solutions are now named after him. Dont take my word for it, google to verify and evaluate everything I wrote. Google SSKI for infections and how the RDA for iodine is too low for a healthy infection free life.

Also, please don't douche with povidone iodine solution though, found in OTC medicated douches. Povidone is a very toxic substance. Try Lugol's solution, sold on ebay and marine product shops, and make your own medicated douches at home. don't mix with tap water! use reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Some scientists believe that there is no such thing as iodine allergy. Everyone without a goiter have some iodine in them. People that think they have an allergy to iodine, are most likely allergic to something else in the product, such as the povidone, or something else in the shellfish. Maybe the shellfish was bad...

Another piece of the puzzle lies in that dermatologist urge their patients to cut out anything with iodine in it because it flares up acne. But this is a herx effect of the fungus dying off, making acne worse before it gets better. Most acne and eczema are symptoms of a silent systemic fungal epidemic. Therefore this is yet another way that people are starving their body from iodine. At the top of the list for iodine defiency reasons is that the typical
American diet does not include kelp and seaweed, sea salt, or sea food, all of which can be high in iodide, I hardly know anyone that eats fish regularly or any sort of sea vegetation type things. It used to be that produce used to contain a good amount of iodine, grown from good organic nutrient and iodine rich soil. What we get now is stripped of everything, full of fluoride from the industrial waste ridden tap water irrigation and washing/rinsing, pesticides and herbicides. What we buy now only looks like produce but it might as well be an empty shell.

One type of fungus, called candida is known to produce 79 different toxins each with its own effect on the body, and can mimic things such as depression, auto immune disease, can cause cancer (which is due to an injury that can't heal), leave the body prone to other infections, bloating that won't go away, gas, etc etc etc.

Although, sugar is a bad thing if you have a systemic fungal infection, I found that when you mix 1 part aluminum free baking soda (not baking powder) and 3 parts natural sugar of any kind, such as organic maple syrup, then sugar becomes a great weapon against yeast. A chemical change takes place, the sugar and the salt are fused; this mixture is supposedly more effective than boric acid. but very safe and dirt cheap. Mix an amount that's palatable to you approximately the proportions mentioned, in water, simmer until most of the bubbling is gone, 15-30 minutes. smells and tastes like pretzels. You can sip on this all day long. (not recommended for those with bp and renal problems) if it does not taste like pretzels, then you put too much baking soda. yeasts are by nature attracted to the sugar, but the alkalinity of the baking soda will weaken or kill them off right at the source. This recipe has also been used as a remedy to cancer when chemotherapy and all other toxic conventional therapy has failed.

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