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okay so, im 20 years old now and this all started at age 15-16 or so. i've been writing notes on how i feel/when i feel and stuff for about a year now because im sick of this and i wanna get rid of it, but im still having no luck. so im going to list all the symptoms here and a timeline. im 90% sure its some sort of sexually transmitted thing because it started not too long after having unprotected sex.. but the doctors did all kinds of std tests and sti tests, all negative.

so, the timeline first

at age 15.5 or so, i had unprotected sex with this girl who was kind of known to be promiscuous, which i didnt know until after..

a couple of months later, i notice some sort of rash/fungal infection on the corona of my penis, on the skin right under the head. im circumcised.

i watched as that rash slowly spread across the whole corona of my penis, it originally started as a small circular type rash on the right side, and it spread across to the left side over about a month or two.

then one day, i was masturbating.. and when i ejaculated i got this crazy piercing pain in my urethra. thats when i noticed something has to be wrong and the rash must be connected to it. but i was too scared/embarrassed to tell my parents at first and i kind of just thought it would go away, which was stupid of me. so i didnt tell my parents until like a year after... at age 17 or so, because i was really scared at that point so i HAD to tell someone

during that year that i didnt tell anyone a bunch of other symptoms started, like the vein on my penis got HUGE and very tender to the touch, im aware that alot of guys have big veins on their penises but this one is clearly abnormal, its almost like its constricted, like my penis is engorged with blood at all times. and it hurts.. its not just the look of it i dont like. i feel it being bent where my pubic region meets the penis. i also was feeling alot of pain in my testicles after ejaculating. like someone literally was smashing them with a hammer or something. its a pretty severe pain, thats still there to this day. the testicles themselves are very tender to the touch and theyre always red & warm. i also feel a 'grain of salt' type thing on my right testicle. the doctor said its a cyst that isnt worth removing. he also said i have a variocele and that is also not worth removing because it cant be severe enough to be causing the amount of problems that i had.

then it got to the point where, if i was to get erect again after ejaculating, it hurt REALLY bad. the whole underside of the shaft of my penis. when i got erect the second time, it felt like someone was trying to bend it till it snapped off.

and also the tip of the urethra is very swollen, it almost looks like a pair of lips. i have some pictures but im not sure if i should post them here or not, so ill wait till i get some sort of confirmation that its okay to post pics.

so at that point about 2.5 years ago, i noticed there was SOOOOO much extra skin on my penis. it literally looks like im uncircumcised. it looks like a shriveled old mans penis. at age 17, that cant be normal, as the doctors say it is. they say because my penis grew that means the skin needs to grow too, that makes sense, but the amount of skin i have is just ridiculous. its extremely wrinkly and looks horrible, + it hurts too like i said, its not just the looks of it i dont like.

i also have pains in my side, the bottom right side & on the back of my right side. they did a bunch of kidney tests and all kinds of stuff and found nothing. im not too sure that these side pains are connected with the penis problems though, it might be something seperate gastro-related. but i dont think its a coincidence that the side pains came at around the same time as the testicle pain. theres a really strange noise/bubbly feeling most of the time after i urinate, the doctor said thats just my stomach.. but its way too low on the right side for it to be my stomach. the bubbling is allll the way really low near my pelvis. its not a normal stomach growling like in the middle of your stomach. its way lower. and it only happens after urinating so that cant be a coincidence either. one of the urologists did a cystoscopy (i think?) he put a camera in my urethra and he said it doesnt look that bad but its definitely inflamed. and he gave me some pills that did nothing at all, if anything they made it worse. they made it very uncomfortable to urinate, and the pain was still there.

the pain that i get when urinating isnt a burning pain at all, its more of a tightness/constricting pain like im blocking the urethra from letting urine out. i told the doctor this and he gave me flomax which seemed to help very very slightly but not for long, after a few weeks i seemed to grow tolerant to the flomax or something and they stopped helping. from what ive heard flomax is for the prostate, so i came to the conclusion it has to be a prostate or a kidney/bladder problem. its the only things it could possibly be.

so at this point, im depressed and anxious because ive been dealing with this for so long. now all the doctors wanna do is give me depression pills and i dont need them. i dont think about bad stuff or anything like that, im only depressed because the doctors are making me feel crazy. i've only went to two urologists though. the first one felt my side and instantly said i have a hernia, then i went back to my regular doctor and he said theres no way its a hernia, and that he doesnt know what that urologist is talking about. that right there just makes me very skeptical when it comes to believing their diagnosis'.

the second urologist i went to tried to tell me that the rash is a circumcision scar... i told him i watched it form and spread slowly, and if it was a scar i would've seen it there for the first 15 years of my life.. that was just like a slap in the face to me, like i wouldnt notice a scar there before this?

the big veins that connect to my testicles are also extremely swollen but the doctor doesnt think so. he felt them and said 'theyre not that swollen' , but if theyre even a tiny bit swollen isnt that still abnormal?

so now im in pretty bad shape, i dont go out much anymore and dont really take pleasure in doing any kind of physical sport or exercise. i tried to ride a bike recently and i couldnt even sit on the seat. my perineum(between testicles and anus?) also seems to be pretty swollen and tender to the touch, thats what hurt when i was trying to sit on the bike.

when urinating or even ejaculating i have to like knead the rest of the liquid out of my urethra. whether its semen or urine. i sit there squeezing it out for like another 20 seconds after going to the bathroom because i have to make sure every drop is out... i also started to ejaculate extremely fast about a year ago, my penis is extremely sensitive sometimes. like abnormally sensitive. where as soon as i touch it im about to ejaculate... i always took a looong time to ejaculate too, so this is very weird to me. and

the best way to describe the discomfort i get after ejaculating is just like a 'dirty' feeling.. like a yeast infection feeling, where it just feels dirty and wrong. thats the only way i can think of explaining it really. i feel the walls of my urethra rubbing against each other in there too.. & i rarely am able to get a full erection, its usually about 80% erect at most. and it gets soft extremely fast if i take my hand off of it.. in literally like 5 seconds its already soft again. which is weird for me cause again i was ALWAYS able to keep an erection and last very long, even at age 16..

so yeah at this point my body is in really bad shape and im really tired all the time and dont have much of an appetite. im always light headed and i have these 'floaters' in my vision. little black squiggles.. this most likely isnt connected to whatever is wrong down there, but its a product of all of the symptoms together just taking a toll on my body. the discomfort/pain on my right side makes it difficult to get comfortable when im trying to sleep. i always slept on my side my whole life, and now ive grown accustomed to sleeping on my back because thats the only way i dont feel extremely uncomfortable. its still pretty uncomfy, but its bearable at least.

i also get a very strange piercing pain right below my belly button when im urinating once in a while, sometimes right IN the belly button. its like someones sticking a screwdriver in there or something.. as well as a piercing/jolting pain in my anus that rarely happens but when it does it HURTS. im guessing thats the prostate? & i used to get up 2-3 times a night to urinate, but that doesnt happen much anymore. when i DO have to pee, i cant hold it for anymore than maybe one minute before im about to pee myself. luckily i have two bathrooms in my house or there would've been plenty of accidents.. its just horrible to live like this when im this young.

when i take a hot shower i get alot of relief, but only temporarily. within an hour or two all of the pains are back just as bad. also not sitting for long periods of time helps a bit too, temporarily. as does 'elevating' my right testicle. that gives me ALOT of relief. i just keep my right testicle away from my groin and it feels much better. sometimes i have to keep it out of the little pee hole in my boxers. & i have no force behind my erection & it always points to the left, i cant make it stand up straight. its hard to explain but any guy will know, when you like tense the muscle on your penis to make it jump a bit, i cant do that at all. i have no strength in my penis at all. i cant move it without using my hands. and lastly my stream of urine is extremely irregular. sometimes i cant even start peeing for a good 20 seconds. then when i do start, it goes FAST, then really slow, then dribbles out, then FAST again. its very unpredictable and very irregular.

i didnt expect this to be so long, but any help is very very very greatly appreciated. anything i can possibly suggest to my doctor to look for or ANYTHING. this is a last resort really, before i just give up and live my life in pain.

so thats pretty much it... i've tried a month of antibiotics, then two months of antibiotics. a few different kinds, doxycycline, cipro, one or two others. and i also tried a month of antifungal pills because my doc figured it might be a yeast/fungal problem when he noticed my scrotum is always red and irritated. i also didnt eat sugary stuff for about a month at his suggestion, didnt help at all.

again im really sorry this is so long but its 4 years worth of problems :( let me know if i can post these pictures, you can see how wrinkly my penis is and also how swollen the urethra tip is. thanks soooo much for any help. you have no idea how much i appreciate you even reading all of this. let me know anything you can. thanks again

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