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Hey guys, I got a few questions.

I'm 21 at the moment and around the age of 16/17 I noticed that when I pass stool sometimes (4/10 times) semen leaks out (or some thick gloopy liquid without a smell); if I get an erection within 5 or so hours of that happening I get pain along the shaft of my penis, after that erection any pain I feel goes away most of the times. I also found out that sometimes if I masturbate, I get this really sharp and painful erection in the middle of the night and the only way to get rid of it is if I run it under cold water.

A year or so ago I decided to go to the doctor despite the idea of going to one making me feel nervous/uncomfortable. The doctor told me that my symptoms looked like prostatitis so he put me on 100mg of Doxycycline for two weeks, for a while it looked like the symptoms were gone and when I went to have bowl movement nothing came out. However, after a while it came back again and I put myself on doxycycline for another two weeks and it looked like the issue went away again but it came back full swing which resulted in me giving up on it and just living with it. I also went for an STI test and it came back clear). There would never be any discharge in my boxers and it only happened during bowel movement. Sometimes it would end up in my boxers but it would only be after bowel movement.

Now I'm dealing with a new problem, I have to pee constantly and this started 4 or so months ago, I went to the doctor yet again and he suggested I go to a sexual health clinic to be tested for any STI's again (I have had sex with one girl [girlfriend] in my life so far and we had unprotected sex once [did because I knew I was STI free]), the test came back negative yet again. This peeing thing is a situation where after I pee I then feel like I still need to pee; I wake up two times a night to pee and it is very annoying. I never went back to the doctor after that because it just feels like it won't help. On other days it feels like it's not even there at all. I can wake up and go to Uni and never need to pee the whole day till I get home or I can sit in the house the whole day and feel the need to pee like a regular person. Has anyone ever had anything similar ?

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