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Hi - Brand new to the board and hoping anyone here might be able to help. Here's my story.

I am an otherwise healthy male aged 51. I do not drink alcohol or smoke. I do drink a fair amount of caffeine (about 5 cups per day). I am very active in sport but only between April and November.

About 2 years ago when I was 49 the very first symptoms appeared. They started just before Christmas and progressed till I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI) by (Feb 2012). The symptoms were frequent urination (at night) weak stream. Acute back pain. I was given a 21 day prescription of Cipro and the problems went away by about April 2012.

I thought the problem was gone for good.

Almost exactly a year later (Jan 2013) I started experiencing the same symptoms. Waking up to go pee, weak stream, little volume of urination. I went back to the Doctor and he sent me for blood and urine tests. He said the results were negative for a UTI. A digital exam showed an enlarged prostate. Further tests showed no cancer. I had exactly the same symptoms though? I was put back on Cipro for 4 weeks. Flow-max was also tried to alleviate symptoms but did nothing. The symptoms started to disappear however long after the Cipro had ceased. Since I was playing particular attention to my diet, activities and lifestyle now I noticed that the symptom wained when my physical activity levels rose (sports). Starting in April 2013 my brother-in-law suggested Saw Palmetto which I started taking daily. The symptoms disappeared again up until about the same time as the year before.

Well the symptoms have come back again ( again at the same time of the year). This year they are worse - They started about a month earlier (December 2013 and have gotten much worse quite rapidly) My doctor has tried Cipro again, no improvement. We have tried Terazosin - no help. Even my abstention from caffeine this time is of no help. The doctor told me to take 3 Advil before going to bed to help reduce the swelling but this lasts barely 2 hours then I am up almost every hour thereafter.

I stopped taking any meds entirely about 2 weeks ago. I went to my Doctor and urged he refer me to a Urologist - I have my first appointment tomorrow.
Oddly the only relief I seemed to have was when I had sprained my back shoveling snow and took Robobaxacet - it is a muscle relaxer and I found that if I took two (500mg each) just prior to going to bed I could last almost 5 hours before the urge to pee would wake me up. (I don't think a 1000mg of Methocarbanol per night is going to be a long-term healthy solution though)

Since I see the Urologist tomorrow - any thoughts or suggestions?

Also might there be any correlation to the symptoms worsening then almost disappearing at the same time per year for 3 times now. It seems every time I resume golf (I walk the course about 5 times per week from April to November)
the symptoms completely disappear.


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