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I had sex with a new partner about a week and a half ago. I had not had any type of sex for over a year before that. I'm pretty sure I forgot to urinate after sex and I got a uti of course. I have had a few uti's in the past which usually cleared up in about three day with antibiotics.

But not this one. I went into an urgent care clinic last Wednesday because although I did not really have any burning or pain, I had frequent urination and could never seem to empty my bladder fully. They tested my urine sample and didn't find anything initially except for traces of blood so they said they would send it out for a culture and then let me know. I got bactrim for three days.

The next day Thursday they called and said that I did have a bladder infection and Asked if the meds were helping. I told them the bactrim wasn't helping and they said to lighten up on the water and call back the next day if nothing had changed.

I called back Friday saying I still had problems with frequent urination and could not ever fully empty my bladder. They gave me a 5 day prescription of amoxicillin.

By Saturday symptoms were somewhat better but now I think I have a yeast infection from the antibiotics.

I went into my regular clinic and saw a new GP yesterday. I gave a new urine sample and they took swabs from my vagina. He showed me the results from my first urine culture from the urgent care and said something how the infection wasn't caused by the typical e coli but something else and they didn't know what??? It was confusing. Also noticed I had had cipro for the last uti I had back in 2009.

I was given 1 pill of diflucan for the yeast infection. They are going to test for stds like chlamydia and gonorrhea, as well as bacterial vaginitis and that kind of stuff. Pretty sure it is not an std since I haven't been sexually active in a year except for this last partner (he says he is clean) and the discharge does not smell. They also took a blood sample to test sugar levels, diabetes, etc.

HOWEVER - my urine sample yesterday they said looked fine and didn't test negative for anything!!!! I think he said they were not going to send it out for a culture because it looked ok. BUT I'm on my last day of amoxicillin and I'm still having problems with the "urge to urinate" - it has gotten a lot better but after I go my bladder still does not feel totally relieved.

I'm getting super paranoid and worried that something is wrong. They would not give me any other antibiotics for the urination problem but said I might have to see a urologist if I continue to have problems. I have also started taking probiotics and organic cranberry pills twice a day, as well as taking cystex pills and cystex cranberry drink (has vitamin c and d-mannose in it) as of yesterday in hopes of helping.

I have bad depression and anxiety and those things are making everything worse. I'm also SUPER scared to have sex again because I might get another uti or make my current problems worse. I kind of want to ask for cipro antibiotic again because they cleared things up in the past but I don't think they will give it to me.

Where do I go next? Any advice??? Again, some itching and irritation but only from the yeast infection which should clear up - not worried about that. I'm tired of feeling like I have to pee all the time. It is so uncomfortable and all I want to do is stay in bed :(

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