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Alright so about a year ago my husband urinated blood, happened just 1 time but it was pure red. Of course he didn't go and have it checked out, he kept saying it was nothing. Well all this time it never happened again, that was up til about 3 weeks ago. It started in on a Saturday morning, he urinated blood about 4 times on that day and also passed a couple clots. It went away and no blood on Sunday then it came back on Monday and he urinated blood about 3 times on that day. He went to the hospital on that Saturday and they prescribed him an antibiotic. He went to his regular doctor on that Monday and was told that there is no infection so there was no need to take the antibiotics. Dr referred him to a Urologist. He has seen the Urologist and he also has said there is no infection. So yesterday he had an IVP test and come Thursday he goes in for another test where they look inside the bladder. My question is even if the urine shows no infection could he still possibly have an infection ? Also so everyone knows, there has been no burning when he urinates, and no pain at all. Just the urination of blood.

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