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Aug 16, 2014
3 weeks ago, I developed an sharp pain in my lower right abdominal area. At first, I thought it might be my appendix as it's in the same location. It throbbed the whole night and then went away the next day.

After that I started to develop what seemed to be UTI, with pain in lymphnodes in groin area. This lasted maybe 2 days and then developed a little burning while urinating... but very slight. What soon followed was small fever... i think, at least felt i had and jsut felt bad for several days... like i have infection.

A 1 or 2 later, I developed pain in my scrotum, penial pain, and painful ejaculation. Soon after I noticed that my right inner thigh as hurting just below genitalia. I thought I had pulled a muscle -this specific pain lasted nearly a week before feeling it on the other side too. Now i have feeling of fullness/presure in my prostrate which also sometimes gives me pain in my pelvic area and lower pack. Oh , and i forgot to mention the kidney pain i felt for a while... but it went away.

i went in and had a series of blood tests and urine tests and all came out normal. i even did a PSA and it as normal so go figure :0

i was given antibiotics, doxicline (14 days regimin) for possible chlymidia infection, which later came out negative. well, 23 days later , i still have nealry all of the same syptoms which come and go.

Has anyone been through this? or going through it now? i am supposing it was a UTI/bladder infection - then accute bacterial prostiitus - followed by chronic. ididn have prostititus once before after having clymidia but this time , there was no clymidia in my urine sample.

I should mention that i had had sex without a condom 3 days prior to the 1st symptom. however, i was checked for all std's and all negative. Could it have been e coli? i didn't seek medical help until 2 weeks after the 1st symptom... tried treating it myslef with garlic, tumeric, saw palmento, quertin, bee pollin and vitimines... still doing it.

for my last prostititus infection, i was on antibilotics for 4 weeks. I had typical clymidia symptoms for 2 weeks , then prostititus ... actually the prostititus was present the 1st time i got checked for chlymidia. and ultrasound was done which showed inflammation.

I started on a specific medication.. can't remember now, but i took it internally or up the rear lie a sapository . after 10 days, i got over the prostititus symtpms... because at this time i was feeling effects of clymidia and prostititus.

however, after going back , the octor told me my PSA culture determined Clymidia and so he put me on another kind of antibiotic even though i appeared to be all clear up.

by this time thoug, I had started having all kinds of probs in my GI track.. i think from the meds. I had probs in my GI track for the next 5 months. I only healed after moving to Russia, where ate only boiled food (ie soup, boild meats, pourage etc) and took licorice root and enzyms i got from a naturpathy doc.

i am so down becauase now the nightmare is all back again. If i can give any advice... never, neve have sex without a condom!!!!!:))) of course unless it's your wife!. Better not to even put yourself in a position of temptation. Save sex for marriage if possible!

Anyay its my story and i hope there is someone who can shed a little light on this or who can relate. lately i have been taking the following and they all help:

- Saw Palmetto
- Tumeric
- Querecin
- prostrate supps
- Bee pollin
- eating garlic
- Ginger tea
- green tea
- omega 3,
- D3
- and eating loads of broccoli, and other anitoxidant rich foods... veggies better than fruit.
- an of course a strong probiotic

and i am managing it with these . Be carefule not to tak to much of each and spread them out... Saw Palmetto, Tumeric, Querecin prostrate supps , Bee pollin, eating garlic, Ginger tea all have antiinflammatory effects ,ths affecting the blood. Get your doctor's permission prior to taking these!

GOd bless

Ps. please pray for me :))).I believe in power of prayer.

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