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Hi tvix,

Yes! I just had this discussion with my doctor yesterday.
I hope I can help a little bit. While cipro is a very good (and strong) antibiotic - some antibiotics do not penetrate the the kidney area as well as others, or it varies from patient to patient.

I recently had a kidney infection started by a regular old UTI and they prescribed cipro twice a day for 10 days. The infection might be creeping back so I have a backup prescription for Macrobid (another antiobiotic) if need be. I am just waiting for the culture results to come back.

The only symptom I have is changes in urine color. I have continuously bright yellow urine and my red blood cell count is still somewhat elevated. I cannot figure it out.

I now have a kidney ultrasound booked. They want to rule out kidney stones.

So I recommend switching to another antibiotic for a decent period of time (5 days AT the min).

These things can be pesky and slow to treat.

Hang in there and keep us posted please!

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