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... I recently went to a doctor to have my urination problem checked out. They took a urine sample and a blood sample that came back perfectly normal, I don't have diabetes or thyroid issues. ... (1 replies)
... no cysts,etc. Just have this constant urge to pee after biopsy was performed. ... (2 replies)
... for a bladder infection even though the urine test wasnt clear as to it being that. ... (0 replies)

... F whos had what was supposedly a UTI. I dont really know now. ... (2 replies)
... Over two weeks ago I thought I got a uti when I went swimming at the waterpark I work at. I had all the generic symptoms of one and i've had them before when I was younger. ... (0 replies)
Help Me!!!!!!!!
May 26, 2005
... Someone please help me!! For the past week or so i have had this unbearable irritation in my lower area. ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone. I am a 26 year old female and had my first bladder infection ever back in Aug. It took 2 different rounds of antibiotics to get me cured. After that my bladder has become sensitive and I went through time where I constantly had to go like there was an infection but there wasn't. ... (3 replies)
... I also have the same symptoms as you Rachel. I cannot get any sleep due to this. I just made an appointment with my doc but havent gone yet so I dont have anything to tell you. ... (5 replies)
... About 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a UTI from having frequent urination and a fever. They took a urine sample but I don't know what they were looking for. Since I am breastfeeding, they prescribed macrobid. ... (3 replies)
... Well, I'm not sure how much help this will be, as I don't exactly know what an endometrial biopsy is and what it tests for. I was just wondering if your gyno has checked you for uterine or ovarian fibroids. I know that these can cause the urge to urinate constantly. ... (2 replies)
I really need help
Jul 28, 2011
... it burns after for a little. But constantly I always feel like I have to pee so I go to the bathroom and I don't have to go? ... (0 replies)
... I have a similar problem however I sweat a lot as well. ... (5 replies)
... I'm a 32 year old male and three weeks ago I started feeling like I constantly had to pee. I put it down to drinking too much tea that day, but the feeling never went, and its destroying my life. ... (58 replies)
... Im a 22 year old female and for the past 5 months I have only the one symptom of constantly feeling like i need to pee. ... (7 replies)
... I'm going to a urologist next Tuesday. ... (10 replies)
... So sorry to hear you are still having problems. For me, I still use the baking soda weekly to keep the lactobacillus numbers down. That irritated urethra feeling always comes back though and reminds me it's time for another bath. ... (40 replies)
Jun 23, 2005
... I had a 30 day scrip for Detrol which really helped. I felt back to normal while taking the pills. However, my last pill was yesterday, so I guess I'm in a "wait and see" mode now....if my problem returns and I have "to go" constantly, I'll call the doc. Thanks. ... (7 replies)
... Hey guys, I got a few questions. ... (0 replies)
Jan 3, 2011
... e in and out on my post op and i never got the chance to ask him why after i pee now it still feels like i have pee in my shaft and like a tickling sensation and i have to pee constantly now i have no std's and never had any other problems down there besides the varicocele any ideas? ... (0 replies)
... I feel the need to urinate. I can drink the first one fine but the second one I can take 3 pee's by the end of my pint. Basically what happens is that I just constantly need to pee. And when I do pee its not just a tipple but a full on pee I mean like excreting for a good 30 or so seconds. ... (0 replies)

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