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... sharp sting on occasion when I urinate or ejaculate, it feels like a kidney stone passing through my urethra quickly and kinda gives me a chill up my spine. This only happens when the burn is at its worst. ... (6 replies)
... evidently, I don't have that 'strain' of HPV. This is not a wart...but, he didn't say what it is. I don't know if HPV has inflamed my entire bladder and urethra or if I have something else wrong with my bladder and the HPV has messed up my urethra. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? ... (2 replies)
Inflamed urethra
Jul 25, 2010
... About a year ago, I went to a sexual health clinic and was diagnosed with non specific urethritis (NSU). I was prescribed a one-off course of azithromycin (4x250mg), and that seemed to clear it up. Recently, i noticed that the tip of my penis/urethra was inflamed - no pain, no discharge, but nonetheless i thought for whatever reason I'd got NSU again - so went to the... (0 replies)

Inflamed urethra
Jan 15, 2009
... ogist who dealt with me whilst on roaccutane, which was booked last year after I contacted the drug manufacturer about this problem. She took a swab of inside my urethra and said that it would take about a week for results back and she can provide some specific treatment. ... (1 replies)
... Was my urethra inflamed? ... (10 replies)
... o go to the bathroom. its not like that always, but most of the time it is. and i went to a urologist and he put a camera in my penis or something.. and said its inflamed in there but nothing else is noticable really. i also have this protruding lump over my belly button if i just lean back a tiny bit and it kind of hurts. ... (3 replies)
... lly a hard time but I have a lot of dribbling. This is becoming really annoying so I went to a urologist and my prostate was checked he said all was fine, wasn't inflamed and no discharge came out. ... (0 replies)
... This is a rare problem but the more research I do on the internet the more forums and support groups I see with men experiencing this issue with NO answers, regardless of how many urologists and dermatologists they've seen. Early November (4 months ago) I had unprotected anal, vaginal, and oral sex with a female. A week later some sort of infection occurred in my urethra. ... (0 replies)
... bc I ended up having to go nonstop And now no bacteria. My urologist swears infections sometimes can leave inflamed bladders that can take a while to resolve. Are you gettin any better? ... (2 replies)
... I'm 21 and for the past year have had a slightly inflamed red tip of my penis. ... (0 replies)
... im 21 years old and have been having various urological problems for just over a year now. in june 2008 i began taking roaccutane tablets for my skin - 2 weeks later i noticed that the tip of my penis was very red and a bit inflamed. doctors thought it might be an initial side effect of the tablets, and gave me various creams for it. the redness remained and was irritated each... (1 replies)
... I'm not a doctor, but I'm wondering whether the pain might be the result of inflammation around this area. The nurse that I spoke with explained to me that the continuing discomfort that I was feeling was probably the result of damage that was done during the UTI. It would take some time for it to heal and decreasingly become less inflamed. If your symptoms are getting... (1 replies)
... Are you talking about a Cystoscopy? b/c that is what i had done in the dr's office..he inserted a camers to look at the wall of my bladder,,(,he also filled it with water) it was inflamed & turns out i have Cystitis. :rolleyes: Yes it was worth having it done b/c at least NOW i know whats is wrong..I am taking Elmiron for it. I had NO pian relief & he said the numbing gel... (4 replies)
Feb 18, 2011
... er. now the dr said it looked fine and nothing was abnormal but i have a lot of questions still and need more explanation. when they inserted the scope inside my urethra it hurt like hell!! he said my urethra did look a bit inflamed. but my bladder was fine so he didnt want to diagnosis me with I.C... ... (0 replies)
Nov 22, 2010
... is that it depends on how small and inflamed my urethra is going in to the procedure. If my urethra is ok then there is no pain, but if I go into a cysto with an already inflamed and tiny urethra then afterwards there is some pain and a little bleeding. ... (4 replies)
... and also the tip of the urethra is very swollen, it almost looks like a pair of lips. ... (11 replies)
... How are you feeling now? I have had similar problems for over a year and am still suffering from that. (4 replies)
... urologist about 2 weeks later. He said it was all in my head and I just needed to change my diet. I then started getting testicular pain, and when I looked in my urethra I could see what looked like thrush in certain light...After a few weeks I went to a clinic and they gave me a huge pill for Trich, and doxycylcine. ... (4 replies)
Inlfammed meatus
Mar 13, 2012
... This helped greatly with the urge to pee, but there was still some times when it felt like urine was still in my urethra and there was still inflammation of the meatus. ... (0 replies)
... pressure the best I can describe it is at the base where my urethra connects about 1 inch inside. And my wife gets sever lower back pain. The urologist put me on a weak dose of Cipro and said it's probably an inflamed prostate. ... (0 replies)

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