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... i have a swollen, red urethra. this causes stricture, so urine comes out in a twisted line and in a spray, simultaneously. ... (0 replies)
... sharp sting on occasion when I urinate or ejaculate, it feels like a kidney stone passing through my urethra quickly and kinda gives me a chill up my spine. This only happens when the burn is at its worst. ... (6 replies)
... There was a 'bulge' that looked like a full vein that forked off. He couldn't explain what that was. The color of my bladder was wrong. There were blue and red veins throughout my whole bladder and he said that was abnormal as well. The bladder itself was red. He asked if I ever had a bad pap... ... (2 replies)

Inflamed urethra
Jan 15, 2009
... At the beginning of June I noticed that the very tip of my penis seemed to feel sore and irritated. I looked at it and it was red at the end and just inside my urethra. I left it a few days and it did not disappear. So I went to the doctors who told me to keep it moisturised. ... (1 replies)
... I am a 19-year-old female with a history of yeast infections. I've only had one sexual partner (and he's only had one partner), but neither of us have ever been tested for anything. I am not on any form of birth control. A couple of months ago I was hit with a spontaneous, itchy rash mainly on my bum. The rash was accompanied by an intense nighttime itch both around my... (1 replies)
Urethra Problem
Jun 17, 2009
... Hi everybody, i have a question if you can answer i ll be appreciated. 1)I have red stains in the urethra(opening of the penis) and it does not seem to go away even though i have been using Piyeloseptyl for a week . If you guys have any thought about this please enlighten me. 2)When a have a hard on there is a little lump, doc said it was an inflammation in the urethra.Is... (0 replies)
... I am 19. When I begin to urinate my urethra burns. It only burns when the urine first comes on, once i start going it does not hurt. It is extremely painful. ... (0 replies)
... For 2 years I have had burning around my urethra and sometime on the outer vaginal skin. It is always red around my urethra but sometime the burning gets better. I usually burn before I uranate and my skin burns all day. I also have to go frequently and urgently. ... (13 replies)
... Hey I was looking for some advice maybe one of you has experienced this before. I'm a 26 year old male and about 4-5 weeks back I was lying in bed and had slight paints in my abdomen/beside my rib cage. A few hours later I went to void, 10-15 minutes later I felt I had to go again. This has been continuous since then, it seems to happen more so at night time when I'm lying... (2 replies)
... something wrong with it,.. i can tell just by looking at it.. it looks wayyyyy different than normal, and its been like this for about 4 years now.. and theres a red rash type thing thats over the skin on my shaft right under the head, with white dots on it... the doctor said it can be a circumcision scar.... ... (3 replies)
... inal, and oral sex with a female. A week later some sort of infection occurred in my urethra. Burned terribly when I urinated and head of my penis got extremely red and inflamed. ... (0 replies)
... I'm 21 and for the past year have had a slightly inflamed red tip of my penis. ... (0 replies)
... weeks later i noticed that the tip of my penis was very red and a bit inflamed. doctors thought it might be an initial side effect of the tablets, and gave me various creams for it. ... (1 replies)
... ow of other STD's that can be passed without intercourse such as herpes. Congrats to both of you for waiting. Hmm... I know that chlamydia may cause an irritated red tip but since you haven't been sexually active you should not have any STD's. I hope you find out what's causing your symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... Well the rash was just there for like 1 day, I don't even think it was a rash... and I don't have any red markings like that on my penis either... I have this other symptom where my penis feels cold, but its really warm.... hard 2 explain.. ... (7 replies)
... irgin when it first came on...I shower twice a day usually as well! I have also just noticed today like a little tiny bit of a rash between my legs, like a small red patch between my scrodum and my leg on each side, very small though.... ... (7 replies)
... For the last few months, ive been having a weird, very mildly painful sensation after going for a pee. the sensation can last from 5 minutes , up to an hour. i have no frequency or urgency, burning etc.. Just this sensation. I have had my urine tested ,and it came back clear, no infection. Ive also seen a urologist and gyno who are a bit baffled really. I have no infection,... (3 replies)
... and also the tip of the urethra is very swollen, it almost looks like a pair of lips. ... (11 replies)
... How are you feeling now? I have had similar problems for over a year and am still suffering from that. (4 replies)
Normal or not
Mar 21, 2014
... Over the next few days the pain from my urethra was horrendous, no more bleeding though, could not sit down. Three doctors said caruncle gynacologist looked said no. ... (0 replies)

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