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Urethral Blockage?
Oct 17, 2005
... Hi, I could really use some advice on figuring out the nature of my problem. I began having difficulty with passing fluids (both urine and seminal) some months ago, and it seems to be getting progressively worse. Urine still passes, but seems to have no "strength" to the flow, and requires a little pushing and patience to complete the evacuation. Seminal fluids, however,... (2 replies)
Urethral Blockage?
Oct 19, 2005
... Larry, I hate to be sexist... but.. you're a man aren't you? Yup, otherwise you would have gone to a doctor already. You need to take your health seriously. You're probably not 15, so there is no need to find this situation embarassing. Go to the doctor, this is your PENIS you're talking about. Do you really want to risk the health of you're penis? I thought not. You could... (2 replies)
... Hi, I went to the emergency room with some blood in semen and testicular pain. I am not sexually active, but the doctor did a urethral swab anyway to screen for chlamydia etc. ... (3 replies)

... My 7 month old has been diagnosed with posterior urethral valves. ... (2 replies)
... showed a Urethral blockage, so back into surgery I went on December 30, 2003. ... (14 replies)
Urethral Stricture
Jul 17, 2013
... I may need to have a cystoscopy with urethral dialation in the next couple months. How did yours go. Were you under general anesthesia. They say I will need to be. ... (1 replies)
... The problem is, I had a cystoscopy first to make sure I had no urethral blockage, and I didn't. Then I had a uroflow exam 2 months later to detect dysfunction, which I do have. ... (6 replies)
... I'm curious why they are waiting so long to do the urethroplasty since you've had the complete urethral blockage since may? ... (3 replies)
... term use increases the risk of urinary tract infections, damage to the penis from friction with the condom, and urethral blockage. ... (4 replies)
Urethral Blockage?
Oct 17, 2005
... You need to see a doctor. If it is anything serious quick treatment can be the clue to being cured or not.. I think you realize this.. Pick up the phone and make that appointment TODAY! (2 replies)
... I had a narrowing of the urethra called urethral stenosis or urethral stricture. There is a lot of information on the internet about this, the symptoms, and causes. I had frequent UTI's. ... (1 replies)
Catheter hurts?
Oct 10, 2009
... Before I had the catheter inserted, I had a cystoscopy and urethral dialtation to check for a urethral stricture and apparently it was fine and there wasn't one. ... (2 replies)
... I'm really afraid. I have other health problems, but this is the worst pain I've felt. It hurts to sit. When I find out more, I will post it. These bladder and urethral problems are a nightmare. ... (2 replies)
... ray or other method of examination. There may be and it would be worth asking your doctor about. I do know that urethral stricture, blockage and scar tissue can happen in some cases. I believe I had scarring once. The scar tissue temporarily blocked my sperm from being released with semen. ... (6 replies)
... I'm afraid something happens like the laser has burned out the detrusor muscle of the bladder or some problem about scarring with urethral stenosis involved. ... (0 replies)
... It could be a urethral stricture. The same thing happened to me. A blockage of the urethra causes the bladder to overwork, eventually leading to it not being able to expel all the urine that builds up. ... (10 replies)
... a blockage of some sort, or just be swollen for some unknown reason. He sent me to do an MRI of that area, and I am suspose to go back next week. I am very afraid. ... (2 replies)
... Hello and thank you for your reply, Yes it is an Urethrel Stricture. The doctor is basically going to cut the tip of my urethra open to make its size bigger due to the fact that it is slowly closing. No nothing has to be removed, just a couple slices and I think thats it. He is going to put me completey under. But one thing that scares me about this dr. is that, I asked... (6 replies)
... I've heard of a thing called urethral stricture, where there's a blockage or closing of the urethra. I don't know what causes it but have heard of men who had to have their urethra probed, stretched or dilated. ... (6 replies)
Weak Ejaculation
Oct 3, 2006
... Man, it's hard to say about that. Maybe it has something to do with your other problem. Maybe it's a partial blockage in the urethra. I've heard of catheters that caused scar tissue in the urethra that restricted urine and semen flow. ... (1 replies)

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