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... hmmm lets see im taking some anti called trimethoprim/sulamethox twice a day for 30 days no sex and no drinking ( i have been taking it since dec 11 and so far it seems to be working ( sometimes my urethea would feel like some invinsible vice grips.. but that happends from time to time ... i pray to god this works because i need some sex so bad ....i have taken every other... (14 replies)
... my doctor never prescribed medication or suggested any pain killers after the removal and he should have given me a heads up before the procedure BUT ... ... (1 replies)
... d to somewhat ease symptoms but in the end did nothing. She also sent my urine off to be tested this time and it came back fine. Shortly after, I started to feel pain in my lower left pelic area where my leg meets my hip. I had to take a couple days off work because I couldn't even sit for a period of time comfortably. ... (0 replies)

... ejaculation. Erections still make the pain worse, at times. I feel a sharp pinching pain if I bend over to tie my shoes or get out of the car. ... (66 replies)
... did not have an infection at the time, and did not perscribe antibiotics. He instead put me on Flowmax, which I have been taking for a couple weeks, and had to stop for a while because of a tonsillectomy. ... (2 replies)
Please help(UTI)
Oct 29, 2003
... I find that when I'm doing something physically active or I'm extremely busy and preoccupied, the irritation seems to subside almost entirely, its not until I stop or rest that it flares up again! Generally it will be there more in the evening than other times. ... (13 replies)
... however, I started freaking out after like 24hrs because I had a very mild pain in my penis, mostly the urethra area. It almost feels like a tickling, and heightens slightly when I urinate. It is quite annoying. ... (0 replies)
... (66 replies)
... weaker and my penis was obviously bruised. This was about a year ago, and the underside of my penis still looks bruised. My stream is very weak, and I feel it stop for a few seconds as it tries to make it's way through the obstruction. ... (66 replies)
Catheter hurts?
Oct 8, 2009
... Hi :wave:sorry to hear of your problemsi,d like to tell of my experance with this if i may I had a uti so i was put on antibiotics but i still could not pass water after three nights of pain ,so i had to return to the a+e where they tried to insert a urethral catheter without success,they then had to insert a superpubic catheter which i had in place for 3 months ,i had... (2 replies)
... A few months after that I started using Estrace vaginal cream for dryness but had to stop using it after 1.5 weeks because it made me so lightheaded. ... (0 replies)
... from vagina which gynos find normal however I know it's bothering me because my problems occur either after i pee or either this discharge contacts my urethral opening and vulva. As long as im laying down, im fine. ... (40 replies)
I hate my bladder!
Dec 16, 2010
... I have had problems with cystoscopy's, hydrodistention, urethral dilations, first time I had one done, my bladder, cervix, and uterus prolapsed. ... (0 replies)
... wow...Im feeling your pain with the infections. My bladder ruptured durin childbirth 9 yrs ago. I have suffered bad infections every since. ... (5 replies)
... ion, prostrate infection, or even a sense that something is wrong with the rectum. It takes a little time for one to learn they are tensing pelvic muscles and to stop doing so when they notice such. This technique is good for any area of the body such as abdominal muscles, neck, back, etc. ... (1 replies)
... So sorry to hear you are still having problems. For me, I still use the baking soda weekly to keep the lactobacillus numbers down. That irritated urethra feeling always comes back though and reminds me it's time for another bath. It never completely goes away, I just manage it the best I can with baking soda baths. I'm convinced that the lactobacillus just grows out of... (40 replies)
... ling by baking soda. So i had the courage to have some intimacy with my bf..we only tried!!! he didnt even enter bec i was a bit dry i guess due to stress if the pain will come or not... ... (40 replies)
... stop pressure that won't go away. He insisted on doing a cysto last time he saw me to treat urethral stricture and I just wanted medication. But I agreed. Well I guess he did this procedure this last time, he should have seen my recurring bladder prolapse. ... (2 replies)
... I'm still feeling pain from it and it is making going to the bathroom even worse than it was before! At least I didn't have any burning, but this feels like I should be bleeding! ... (4 replies)
... esteem and I'm worried this could get worse and impact my future career. I'm in a Master's program now I really want to do a Ph.D. and am worried this will stop me. ... (2 replies)

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