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Urethral stricture
Feb 26, 2009
... As a person who has had a urethral stricture, I will attempt to answer your questions as best I can. First of all, any medication which would break down scar tissue would likewise break down normal healthy tissue. ... (1 replies)
Urethral stricture
Feb 26, 2009
... is there a new way to treat urethral stricture? ... (1 replies)
... getting the flow going again at maximum pressure. I spoke to the doctor about it and he said that he doesn't feel its warranted to go back in and mess with the scar tissue from the last surgery. He said its better to leave it alone and go through the cathorizations for the rest of my life. ... (12 replies)

... I'm 19 and urine dribbles out of my penis when I urinate, I decided to look it up and I found out it could be scar tissue. ... (31 replies)
Urethral Stricture
May 15, 2013
... yr old male from UK. Had cystoscopy and urethral dilation three days ago for stricture. Dr said looks like scar tissue below meatus from hypospadias repair as baby, which I didn't know I'd had before this. ... (1 replies)
... After a urethrotomy, 4-5 dilations, and years of self-dilation failed to fix my urethral stricture--scar tissue from hypospadius surgery--three weeks ago I had first stage buccal mucosa graft surgery. It's a major surgery, though the success rate is in the 90s. The 2nd stage procedure is 6-9 months later. If anyone has been frustrated as I have over long-term urethral... (66 replies)
... I heard it's possible to get scar tissue from receiving clamidya or ghonneria, which I may have possibly contracted from having unprotected sex from some girl during a drunken stupor some time ago. ... (31 replies)
... nicklinney, Sorry to hear what your son is going through... sounds similar to my case... I would suggest reading through this thread as I've posted a lot of detail covering this procedure and what to expect in the aftermath, but if you have specific questions, please post and I'd be glad to answer them. -ennio (66 replies)
... rgery in boston at 1 year old. Feb. 2007, was in bad accident and what they think happened is when he was catherized, they tore the urether in two areas and now scar tissue has formed. We see Dr. Zinman again in a couple of weeks for followup and surgery dates. ... (66 replies)
... I'm glad I at least gave it one try for the peace of mind, but the scar tissue came back after roughly 6 months. ... (66 replies)
... shorts in the seated position. I believe that as I was doing that, the top of my penis was being stretched downward since I was not using any lube. In turn, my urethral was being stretched near the tip of my penis. I would do this for sometimes hours at a time. ... (0 replies)
... Just to add to this... I've been researching a lot, and apparently - there are no hard and set rules for how long it takes for a stricture (scar tissue) to form. They use the phrase, "extremely invariable." So, they obviously don't want to even remotely commit to any time frame. Like are we talking minutes, or months? I was concerned about stricture leading to long-term... (3 replies)
... I think some of the previous discomfort with catheters was that there was scar tissue in there. I had almost no pain and only had to spend 1 night in the hospital. There was of course no mouth surgery or pain, so it was pretty easy. ... (31 replies)
... I may have some better history for this thread. I had the urethral stricture reconstruction and buccal mucosa graft surgery done at Lahey Clinic in Burlington in Feb. 2005. ... (12 replies)
... OK, I'm convinced something is wrong in my urethra. I'm 22 years old, male, never sexually active...March of last year, had intense urethral pain, was diagnosed with prostatitis, cysto showed nothing, but I still have discomfort and from time to time days like today where my urethra throbs in pain so bad that I can do nothing but lay down and hold it in pain! I have a piece... (0 replies)
... in other words it is open enough not to cause disruption. So my current Urologist has told me that the scarring is on the outside of the urethra and the tissue in that area is so damaged that it doesn't stretch and contract as it should. ... (0 replies)
... wake up and have to sit upright to "shrink" the penis a bit until the erection subsided. The Dr. indicated that this was normal and was actually good to prevent scar tissue from building up. ... (31 replies)
... In the end I had a urethrotomy where the scar tissue that caused the stricture is cut open. ... (13 replies)
... Which kind of surgery you have had? tubulization of entire section or just a patch applied to enlarge the urethra? what about your pick flow and sexual life? thank you for your replay (31 replies)
... cussed all of these things with my doctor and he said rather than try to repair them it would be better to leave things as they are due to previous surgeries and scar tissue. I have resolved myself that he is correct being the expert. ... (31 replies)

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