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... Hello, I'm 40 years old and I have this urgency to urinate and this has be going on for almost a week. This is not new to me since I was diagnosed have an enlarged prostate almost seven years ago. ... (0 replies)
... way more than normal precum amounts. If I ejaculate, I'll continue to leak for an hour or two afterwards, even if I urinate first. Again, very abnormal for me. ... (0 replies)
... Hi all, I am new to this forum so i am not sure if this is the right way to post or not. Anyway.. here goes... I had Buccal Mucosa Graft Surgery in April 2010. I had a stricture 9cm in length. I am not going to go into everything that happened but if anyone would like more info let me know. To cut a long story short, it only worked for 6cm. I have a stricture now of... (4 replies)

... Hi welcome to my long post. I believe I might have a kidney stone problem. I only recently connected the dots but I am not 100% sure if this makes sense and want to get others opinions before I go spend money at a urologist since nothing serious has happened yet. Some facts about me that might help diagnosis, I am 23 years old, 6 ft, 135 pounds (skinny as hell). I donít have... (0 replies)
... Ok well im currently travelling the world and im in cambodia so kinda hard to get to see any doctor of any note but of late I find when I drink I need the toilot every 10 mins with the urinations getting harder and harder until theres just a dribble despite feeling like I have a full bladder.It hurts.Also My ejaculations have become uncomfortable also with initiall nothing... (0 replies)
... or urine. i sit there squeezing it out for like another 20 seconds after going to the bathroom because i have to make sure every drop is out... i also started to ejaculate extremely fast about a year ago, my penis is extremely sensitive sometimes. like abnormally sensitive. where as soon as i touch it im about to ejaculate... ... (11 replies)
... related cause could make it difficult for me to start urinating or make it easier to urinate sitting down, and much of the real world stress is gone now, I'm more stressed over this illness. ... (0 replies)
... related cause could make it difficult for me to start urinating or make it easier to urinate sitting down, and much of the real world stress is gone now, I'm more stressed over this illness. ... (2 replies)
... tressed it is harder for me to fully empty my bladder, definitely, the more i would think aqbout it, the more stressed i would get, and the harder it would be to urinate and empty or ejaculate properly .. i gave up on even trying to ejaculate for a week or 2 at a time to give the muslces a "rest" that was my thinking at least.. ... (3 replies)
... the reason i have the appointment is that for nearly the last year i have had a problem with having a feeling of needing to urinate whenever i go out walking.i find that if i go out and walk slow that it doesnt bother me so much. ... (0 replies)
... On a daily basis, if I have to urinate I can never empty my bladder unless hot water is involved. If I do urinate, I will try to release all of my urine, and then just sit on the toilet and wait. ... (0 replies)
Jun 20, 2013
... onths I realized no sores or typical symptoms had shown up. My pain had primarily moved from my urethra to my bladder. My bathroom habits had changed, I couldn't urinate nearly as much as I used to. Urination was no longer a relief, but a depressing experience. ... (0 replies)
... sharp sting on occasion when I urinate or ejaculate, it feels like a kidney stone passing through my urethra quickly and kinda gives me a chill up my spine. ... (6 replies)
... eels fully erect. In fact, for a while in the summer of 2013, it had become so bad that my Dr gave me some samples of Cialis. The semi erection would cause me to ejaculate early, sometimes immediately after penetration. After orgasm, my erection would immediately go away, many times before I had even withdrawn. ... (0 replies)
... enerally better a few minutes after. it realllly burns and hurts when i try to pee after ejaculating. and i have ALOT of extra skin like im uncircumcised after i ejaculate and get flaccid again... it looks like an old man all wrinkly. ... (3 replies)
... When I was about 38 I noticed that when I had drank about 5to 6 shorts in one night then went home and had intercourse with my wife I noticed that when I went to urinate about 30 minutes later I got a massive ache in what felt like my lower stomach or as if I had been kicked in the groin. ... (1 replies)
Male UTI?
Jul 15, 2006
... a month ago after ejaculating i noticed a dark discolouration near the tip of the head my penis on the right side. I also felt a burning sensation when i went to urinate afterwards and there was some semen left behind that came out when i went to urinate. ... (0 replies)
... an inch in from the tip. I experience varying degrees of irritation at the very tip at the opening. I can urinate and ejaculate without pain. Sometimes the bump disappears but for the most part it is present. I have had this condition for 2 months now. ... (0 replies)
... Hi. Sorry you are having trouble. I don't know much about men's urology issues. But, from what you mention about symptoms, it sounds like a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Did they culture the urine? Gets sent to lab and they see what grows and which antibiotic will help. I also took a med called URIBEL. It's not an antibiotic but anti spasm med. I just went... (3 replies)
... also like a tickle, occasional small clear discharge, dribbling urine after urination. after I urinate or ejaculate it seems to agitate the problems. Im very worried. Could this really be a flu virus that I need to just give more time? ... (3 replies)

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