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... I read the message you posted.. what is the status of your problem? did you find out anything wrong? did you undergo evaluation for strictures by a procedure called retrograde urethrography? (9 replies)
... swelling of perineum during erection, if I'm sitting down I immediately start feeling the swelling occur, during and not during masturbation, any time an erection is present while sitting down I feel it. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, i wont waste very much time introducing myself..i just want to say that recently..about 1 or 2 months now i have had the feeling of needing to urinate almost all the time. I dont know when it started or why..but when i go urniate, at the end of peeing, i feel a heavy feeling from the vaginal area.. ... (40 replies)

... one in October and another in December. I took antibiotics for both and they went away. Then on February 8 2017, I started feeling the constant need to pee. I thought it was another UTI coming on and went to the clinic but my urine did not show infection. ... (3 replies)
... m 20 years old, and only in the past few days i have been noticing i need to go to the toilet alot, even in the middle of the night, i feel like my bladder is so full and i go to the toilet and then about 30seconda later it feels full again but when i go back to the toilet only a dribble comes out, or nothing at all. ... (13 replies)
... second one I can take 3 pee's by the end of my pint. Basically what happens is that I just constantly need to pee. And when I do pee its not just a tipple but a full on pee I mean like excreting for a good 30 or so seconds. When I'm not drinking I'm perfectly OK but as soon as I start drinking alcohol it begins. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I'm so glad to hear the baking soda is helping you. It definitely can sting a little bit if you use too much, but I always take that as a sure sign that it's working. I would suggest you keep doing what you're doing. Eventually you shouldn't have to use the baking soda as often. I would NOT suggest using apple vinegar. I have no idea where your doctor came up... (40 replies)
... and a weak stomach with acid reflux. I feel like my body is full of ACID. ... (40 replies)
... when i feel and stuff for about a year now because im sick of this and i wanna get rid of it, but im still having no luck. so im going to list all the symptoms here and a timeline. ... (11 replies)
... The pressure feeling could be the reason behind the urge to urinate. That could be caused by a bladder spasm. Is it relieved when you pea or does it continue on? ... (23 replies)
... rinate. A urologist did laser surgery to open the urethra, and now he can urinate. But, the problem now is he constantly is going to the bathroom, has a constant feeling of being full and it hurts when he urinates. After surgery the cath came out and his urine was checked and he was diagnosed with a UTI. ... (11 replies)
... night. I usually couldn't watch a long movie without having to go pee at least once during, and once after. However, it never truly bothered me because there was still a good amount of time between the urination, and I would rarely wake up at night to go pee. ... (0 replies)
... night. I usually couldn't watch a long movie without having to go pee at least once during, and once after. However, it never truly bothered me because there was still a good amount of time between the urination, and I would rarely wake up at night to go pee. ... (2 replies)
... When I was about 38 I noticed that when I had drank about 5to 6 shorts in one night then went home and had intercourse with my wife I noticed that when I went to urinate about 30 minutes later I got a massive ache in what felt like my lower stomach or as if I had been kicked in the groin. ... (1 replies)
Constant urination
Oct 26, 2016
... I can urinate, stand up start walking and I need to urinate again, this is a constant feeling. If I sit down the feeling goes much less until I start walking again. ... (3 replies)
... my belly button. The pain is now gone, and the only thing that is bothering me now is the constant urge to urinate. After I urinate, it feels like there is urine still in my penis. It is almost like something is tickling the inside of it. If the symptoms do not get better in a few days I will go to urologist. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for the reply :) I am going to get an appointment at the doctors in the next couple of days and see if they can refer me to a urologist. I was thinking it could be overactive bladder but the fact that it is always quite large amounts when I go, I thought maybe it isn't overactive bladder. I will let you guys know how I get on with the doctors this week. (23 replies)
... ad that I couldn't even finish a meal before having to go, as there was always an urge to go pee. A few days after it started, I started waking up at night to go urinate as well. My grandfather, a retired doctor, told me to take ampiclox, an antibiotic, which I took for a week and I noticed improvements. ... (0 replies)
... the toilet, and at the end of the stream, there was a burning sensation that I haven't had before. After that I couldn't go back to sleep, because I felt like I still had to go. I got up 3 or 4 times to try, but only a couple of drops at first, and then nothing. I can't sleep feeling like I am going to wet the bed. ... (1 replies)
... My urethra does not seem to be very sensitive to touch when I am not feeling the urethral discomfort. However, it does feel irritated fairly frequently, but changing clothes or taking medications do not seem to help me at all. ... (0 replies)

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