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... Think nothing of it! You are very welcome! I only wish I had known about this option long ago too! Now, anytime I come across someone else with the same problem, I feel honor bound to tell them about it too. ... (7 replies)
... i guess this is down to sometimes trying to hold it in or all the urine not coming out after toilet visits as one poster on here said... ... (2 replies)
... i need some help. i an 26 years old male, and i have a problem for the last 8 years that after i urinate, some drops of urine still come and i cant control the leak. my penis is also not straight, its a little bit to the right side ..... ... (0 replies)

... well, to make a long story.. somewhat short. and then ill tell you what exactly just freaked me out totally and why im online at 1am signing up on this forum after what just happened a minute ago. before you look at all this text and think im rambling.. ... (4 replies)
... just a feeling that is unbearable. Icant even go to work, nothing cant even go shopping or watch a movie this feeling makes anything and everything unbearable! ... (1 replies)
Various Queries
Jan 2, 2007
... been busy lately....your input is much appreciated and very useful to get an indepth approach and understanding to this phemomenon. Yeah I have to admit it is quite confusing for me sometimes on how and where to draw the line between normalness after voiding and what is perceived as 'dribbling'. Although you made some useful points I still feel to a certain extent that this... (7 replies)
Bleeding Penis
Nov 9, 2013
... My dad has been diagnosed with Diabetes a few years ago. He's currently taking insulins as medicine and also this thing called Solosa. Recently, when he had his urine and blood testing, we found out that he has UTI just like me. He drinks a lot of water everyday since the day he found out about it. ... (0 replies)
... me feeling like my bladder has a lot of pressure on it, it can be quite painful. i maybe go to the toilet and it takes a while, it is difficult to actually pass urine for a while and often i feel surges and then it goes again and i cant urinate for some reason, or i have to run water taps and everything. ... (0 replies)
... I am still taking the Microbid. I am kind of mad at the doctor because he said that I did not need surgery yet but if I sneeze or cough I lose urine and it is not okay with me. Maybe I should pee on him!!!! ... (23 replies)
... I realize drinking water is necessary, but hate to because I know what goes in eventually has to come out! Yikes! ... (2 replies)
... and when there is nothing there to come out, its aggravating. I sort of understand your frustration. ... (4 replies)
... h doctor if I had to. Even if it meant driving an hour away....that is a lot of trouble both physically and emotionally on you and I just can't fathom that they cant come up with something else you could do. Have you done much research online about this to see how common it is? ... (23 replies)
Urination Urge
Mar 8, 2006
... im a 20 y.o. male and over the past day or so ive felt like ive had to urinate almost constantly. even if i try to go, sometimes theres just nothing that has to come out. i dont really have any pain when i urinate, or any abnormalities in that regard, it just feels like i have to go for some reason. ... (11 replies)
... I have an ongoing problem here and i cant stand it anymore... ... (4 replies)
... y helpful to me. You obviously have finally found a decent doctor. i wish we could all be so lucky, We are 4 years down the line and no further forward. I have 3 out of 4 daughters with constant UTI's but its my 7 year old who is the worst. She's had 2 DMSA scans and numerous ultrasounds. ... (26 replies)
... we think the infection was there while he was on the foley because he consistently complained of bladder pressure, but his urine was never cultured at that time. ... (11 replies)
... well yeah i did some reasearch on the infection and read just as you mention. and well the first time my left testicle was out of allignment i mean it was just straight up. you know. and well they are always at an angle. you know. so that had me so damn scared. ... (8 replies)
... Well i have posted on here before and i did get some good points back so thank you, Well i am sorry in advance if this post will be long,just i am gonna post all my problems in one with some hope that maybe i could finally try and find out what`s up with me, Well it started in October 2007 and is still continuing as i type this,my main problem is the urge to pass... (5 replies)
... Been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for about a year now and my Gp cant seem to figure it out either. ... (1 replies)
... Dear Keren and Meg. my heart goes out to you, as no one should have this unbearable pain, let alone a child, i have been diagnosed with UtI's and Cystitus,for years I dont know what the difference is, I know the pain is the same, excruciating! which ever it is. I almost drove myself to the emergency room a few nights ago, at 3am thank goodness I had some pain med's left over... (26 replies)

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