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... As for the part about "having your urine so yellow sometimes it looks like blood is in it". I don't think that makes sense, since they're two different colors. Maybe I didn't understand your sentence. ... (7 replies)
... Does your period change the color of ur urine? (1 replies)
... Not enough water in your daily fluid intake. If the water is bad where you are, drink bottled water. Medications will also turn your urine yellow. Bright yellow to clear is good. ... (2 replies)

... also, if you're taking certain vitamins i've read that they can make your urine appear brighter, almost fluorescent, yellow. ... (2 replies)
Dec 2, 2005
... My mom told me that usually when your urine is yellow, it means you've been holding it in for a long time. The more you pee, the lighter it is. ... (3 replies)
... I think it means you don't drink enough water. (1 replies)
... and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day so maybe this is why? ... (0 replies)
... sorry so long...i want to be detailed, please help. ... (1 replies)
... Blood in the pee would generally turn the urine a tea color. Yellow is just concentrated urine, or is it a BRIGHT yellow, almost a florescent sort of color? ... (7 replies)
Yellow Cum/Sperm
Dec 2, 2003
... and it was yellow and i have prostate pains still from that one time masterbating. ... (9 replies)
Dark urine.
Jun 15, 2008
... for some reason the past month or so in the mornings when i first wake up my urine is very dark yellow. not always but mostly. and also unless i drink a few glasses of water it is also dark yellow and sometimes cloudy. ... (9 replies)
... I consulted with my GP today. He did a urine test (see at the end of this message). He said there was no bacteria, but he thought they may have gone away due to flushing of fluids. But he said there were traces of blood. Though he said this is not an issue, I am a bit concerned. Urine Appearance Clear Urine Color Yellow Urine Glucose NEG NEG Urine... (14 replies)
... Hello, I am 22 and for the past few weeks my urine color hasn't been normal. ... (2 replies)
... Way back in January I was hungover one day when I noticed a few drips of bright red blood in my urine at the very end off passing. This alarmed me as it continued for several days but seemed to cease if I didn't drink alcohol or smoke. ... (8 replies)
Yellow urine
Sep 24, 2010
... Also some foods can make your urine a different color. Mine showed up "brown" this morning. And I drink alot of water. But I've been eating alot of mushrooms lately, so that could be the reason. ... (3 replies)
... May seem a daft question but I've noticed my urine is very bright yellow most of the time these days. ... (1 replies)
... find this question kind of embarrassing and I hate to talk about this kind of thing but I'm going to ask it anyways. Since this past weekend I've noticed that my urine has been a strange bright, almost neon, yellow color. I've been told that this can happen when you take certain vitamins, but I'm not taking any vitamins. ... (1 replies)
Hmm cloudy urine?
Dec 11, 2005
... Not likely. Cloudy urine is quite normal, as long as it's not chunky urine! Urine is very clear when we drink lots of water because that's what we are mainly passing...all that water. ... (1 replies)
Yellow Cum/Sperm
Dec 2, 2003
... Okay, so I'd had this unknown infection for a while. ... (9 replies)
Cloudy Urine
Nov 20, 2003
... Ok, so my urine was a deep yellow, most likely originating from dehydration as the more i drank, the less yellow it was... ... (4 replies)

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