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Blood in urine
Nov 24, 2007
... my daughter had an 11mm and 14 mm stone in her right renal pelvis. we were told they were too large to have lithrotripsy done. we had to have surgery. ... (3 replies)
Blood in urine
Nov 4, 2007
... I began having blood in my urine over a week ago. I went to the MD and he ran a urine test which showed red blood cells TNTC and elevated white cells and bacteria. ... (3 replies)
Blood in urine
Sep 8, 2010
... I have had blood in my urine for about 30 years. I have had test after test and everything was normal. I then saw my urologist once a year, some times no blood but mostly some. ... (6 replies)

Blood in urine
Mar 3, 2015
... I know what you mean about them not listening. I had a large amount of blood for a month. But when my stent came out the blood stopped immediately. I've always had microscopic blood in my urine for over 20 years. ... (5 replies)
Blood in urine
Feb 27, 2015
... Blood in my urine. 2 hours later I was in my dr office but the visible blood had stopped. Urine test showed white blood cells but no red. Strange right? ... (5 replies)
... ad any success finding an answer. I thought I certainly can't be the only person that has had this happen, so that leads me here. I greatly appreciate any help in advance. ... (7 replies)
... I saw a nurse practitioner and had a test for what I thought was a bladder infection, the test came back neg. they were concerned about the blood in urine and insisted I see a Urologist. ... (7 replies)
... There was minor blood found in my urine (during a urology checkup). Doctor is still examining. Recently, I noticed there was some blood stain from semen discharged. A recent colon scope test indicated my intestines free of any growth. Could anyone who experience such symptoms, care to share. Jas (0 replies)
... no pain, and recently notice blood clots in urine every time. ... (2 replies)
Blood in urine
May 10, 2014
... thank you for the reply thats what i was really hoping for. Woke up this morning and still just had a dull pain near the right side of the bladder. I do believe your right, i imagine the very first day i had the pain that it was moving down the uretor and now its stuck near the bottom. It most likely got inflamed the other day and got backed up to the Kidney. I have increased... (2 replies)
Blood in urine
May 10, 2014
... it passes into the bladder, the pain will go away. I would try increasing your fluid intake a lot, as that will often help them pass. You should also strain your urine with a fine strainer, and if the stone passes, it should be analyzed as to what type it is, so future stones can possibly be prevented. ... (2 replies)
... Not very familiar with urology, but if it does turn out to be kidney stones, have him drink a mixture of baking soda and warm water (directions on box). The bicarbonate is essential for kidney filtration and the baking soda will act as a powerful alkalizer and help break up the stones (no joke). (1 replies)
... My urologist can do nothing further since he has ruled out any of this being urology related. ... (1 replies)
... Molly...I believe I had the same thing,on a recent annual trip,to my Urology man. ... (1 replies)
... t back to my doctor AGAIN... this time they began to wonder if i perhaps have a stone or stones again... but my kidney pain is mild and not consistent. but every urine culture i had done from the first initial issue on, it was noted that i had excessive blood in my kidneys. ... (1 replies)
... Medications and Urology problems? ... (7 replies)
... Hello All I'm very worried at the moment I had right Flank pain for past 3 weeks thought it could be UTI so got Antibiotics the pain was intermittent and then started having some Spotting which ironically followed a Pain Spasm so dip test showed NO infection in urine just blood Now back in 2006 I had episodes of Flank / Bladder problems was sent for various tests /... (0 replies)
... Thank you for letting me know about your experience. Where do I get the test strips and what are they called? Oh, and what do they test for, bacteria? I choose to go to a Doctor in Spokane, I don't have the confidence in the Doctors in a small town and I really don't like the Sandpoint Hospital; too many horror stories and I experience two of them myself. Thanks again (7 replies)
... Wow I think we have the same urologist! I live in Heron, Montana. ... (7 replies)
... I had CT done today and also was told I have agas bubble in my bladder. My symtoms have been extreme pain on LT side near the middle, right under my last rib. ... (0 replies)

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