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... I'm 36 with a long history of UTIs and many antibiotics or flushing with Cranberry Juice and water when I felt the symptoms coming on. I also seem to have a sensitivity to certain foods and beverages including coffee and Coke. ... (17 replies)
... The first one is Baking Soda and water. Yes disgusting it is! You are supposed to take a teaspoon of Baking soda in a glass of water 8 oz and drink it down. Its tough, believe me. Then drink a few glasses of water over the next hour. ... (8 replies)
Not a uti
Jan 1, 2007
... I really dont know what it sounds like but if you have a UTI then this might help. ... (1 replies)

UTI the Prostate
Jan 1, 2007
... a tsp of baking soda and mix it with some bottled water because tap water has bacteria as well. Drink it and after you drink it drink another bottle of water as a chaser. You can also make sure that you clean your bath out with antibacterial soap and bleech and then take a HOT bath with baking soda in the water. ... (1 replies)
... I just wanted to thank you for the baking soda tip. I am 65 year old male and have been having UTI type symptoms for a couple of years now, on and off. This latest one started about 4 days ago. ... (17 replies)
... I was getting ready to make a doctor's appointment but was hesitant because it didn't "feel" like a UTI to me. ... (4 replies)
... Well i'm at the end of day 5 now and after quiting the cranbery tabs yesterday morning the burning stopped, but the infection is definantly still there, i cant stop going to the toilet morning and night its all i can think about, i live in new zealand so i'm not sure we have the products you sugested, i' ll check online now to see where i can buy them. (8 replies)
... i did mine an hour after taking antibotics w lots of water. it seemed to help kill the uti along w the antibiotics. ... (8 replies)
... antibiotics, pain relievers, garlic, baking soda water, baking soda and apple vinegar.....nothing helps. They just keep coming back. ... (11 replies)
... (65 replies)
... Ed, I read it and know what UTI is, which I never get any of those. I don't know if I have IC or not...I don't even know what IC stands for. ... (12 replies)
... I just wanted to reaffirm that the UTI symptoms that I was suffering from have gone away and stayed away !!!!!!! ... (17 replies)
... teaspoon of baking soda in an 8 oz. glass of water will give temporary relief. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Friends, Baking Soda can be used short term, but I would limit it to a quarter of a teaspoon to half a tumbler of water other wise it can cause you to have diarrheoa.... But to be honest if you find that coke and coffee are irritants to your bladder avoid them altogether... ... (17 replies)
... I even tried the baking soda method and ACV, nothing seems to help. It all started with my first UTI about a month ago... took bactrim, still felt the symptoms...gave another sample and had a slight bacteria left in the urine so they gave me cipro... ... (8 replies)
... ASK your DR but baking soda and water keep your urin low acid fyi DR john hubbard shoed me that he is on the web (22 replies)
... My symptoms are exactly like yours, Fordmustang79! I'm at the end of 3 weeks, 5 dr visits, 4 doctors, and over $600 for one infection that won't go away. I'm hoping my urethra is just damaged and needs to heal. That's what it feels like and what makes sense. I'm praying it's not an IC. My urine cultures for UTIs are all coming up perfectly normal... My plan is to drink... (7 replies)
... I drink alot of green tea, cranberry juice, I have upped my vitamin C, I have taken echinacea because it says that it is good, I have tried baking soda with water, let me tell you that can make you puke, I have tried Alka Seltzer. There aren't any remedies that I have not tried. Except for the Cinnamon thing. ... (5 replies)
Frequent UTI's
Apr 6, 2004
... Or just simply, take a glass of water, add pinch of baking soda and drink. This alkalines the urine as cranberrys do. ... (5 replies)
... I'm so glad to hear the baking soda is helping you. It definitely can sting a little bit if you use too much, but I always take that as a sure sign that it's working. ... (40 replies)

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