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... e than one dose, for some reason they are stingy with it and for most people it takes more than one dose to cure the yeast. Another med sold over the counter for UTI symptoms is URistat or Azo Standard. ... (8 replies)
... Where can I buy AZO UTI test strips? ... (0 replies)
... g intercourse. even it rubs it just a minute stroke, and when he enters the vagina, it can then be pushed up and enters the urethra, which is breeding ground for uti to happen. ... (1 replies)

Chronic UTI
May 7, 2012
... I have suffered from chronic UTI pretty much my entire life. Back in the day, I was told it was because I took baths...later because I wore the wrong kind of underwear.... ... (43 replies)
... There is an over the counter med that can help with the pain. I'm surprised that they didn't tell you to take Azo Standard(OTC) which is the same as Pyridium(prescribed drug for uti) which turns your pee orange. This helps calm the bladder down and takes the sting or burn out from the UTI. Good Luck! (1 replies)
... ng the GSE remedy right now. I havent tried it before but I dont want to take the Cipro that sitting in my closet. I'm drinking this mixture and also taking the OTC Pyridium for the pain. ... (8 replies)
... not sure what is going on with me. The end of Feb, right before my period began, i had UTI symptoms, pain during urination, cramping, urgency ..whole 9 yards. I got some of the otc uricalm to take and had some old cipro. ... (0 replies)
... another uti strikes again.. ... (1 replies)
... What is the name of the OTC product for UTI's? ... (3 replies)
UTI meds
Aug 28, 2005
... If there is a Drug store near you, there is a otc medicine call uristat I believe that can help temporaryily. I used to get many uti's when I was younger and to relieve the symptoms I would drink a jug of cranberry juice. It is a good diaretic and flushs your bladder and uretha fast. And I also would use a hot compress or a hot water bottle or at very hot wash cloth... (2 replies)
... How are u feeling now Betty ? (5 replies)
... Thankyou for replying, they do culture tests then give me antibiotics according but it never seems to shift. Today the doctors told me they think I have pelvic inflammatory disease, have been given two lots of antibiotics, metronidazole and something else for two weeks. My understanding is that this is an std? Is that true I couldn't think of anything worse. I drink so much... (5 replies)
... I definitely have to make a doc appt. to get on some meds, the OTC ones are not working anymore. ... (4 replies)
... I will let you know what I find out. I will also check into the OTC you mentioned. Poor thing hasn't felt well for awhile now. I can't even get her to eat a piece of toast. I luckily am getting her to drink alot of liquids. ... (4 replies)
... i in my bladder and now I'm on bladder supression therapy. Its really helping and I have to be on it for 4 months. I feel for you father. Its awlful! He can take OTC Azo for the discomfort but his underlying issue has got to be diagnosed. ... (11 replies)
... Another helpful OTC med for an irritated bladder is Prelief. I don't know if nursing moms are able to take this med, so you would have to check it out. ... (3 replies)
... s Almost all the time. Her dr. told her take only showers, drinkcranberry juice, etc. She does all that. Well every so often she'll have a bath, and hasn't had a UTI in almost a year until last month. She started having inner ear trouble agaib and took her meclizine, 2 days later had a UTI. ... (0 replies)
... Also, you can try taking some OTC antacids. They help neutralize the acid in the urine. When infection is present, the PH is off in the urine, making it more acidic. ... (2 replies)
... (3 replies)
... dder, you might be feeling scar tissue. I don't recall all the different things my doctor said it could be with me, but there are several things that feel like a UTI but aren't. ... (3 replies)

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