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... Maybe you've read my other post about having a UTI that wont go away. ... (3 replies)
... There's a chance that the Levequin didn't kill all of the bacteria and it's starting to return or that the bladder and urethra are still inflamed and may go away in a few days. It's still better to make sure you go to a follow up appointment to see if they find any lingering bacteria. ... (23 replies)
... ly, it looks like it's starting to actually heal because this is the first time i felt so confident and great about myself. I actually feel like it's starting to go away and this terrifying nightmare is starting to fade away. I dont think that all the things you've suggested would work because i've tried them all. ... (6 replies)

... Clear recently as well. However, unfortunately, I can't really claim that it helped get rid of a UTI since I've more or less only taken it as a preventative. ... (23 replies)
... but sometimes it does not get totally cleaned up. It is likely that I am not fully emptying my bladder when I urinate as the reason for getting the UTI as opposed to cycling, sex and hygiene. ... (23 replies)
... suggested to clear up the UTI actually works? ... (23 replies)
... I can't take baths cause it causes me to get a UTI and I can't drink oj any more for the same reason the amount of acid in it gives me a UTI. I have to sanitze my water bottle after each use or I will get a UTI. ... (23 replies)
... Im 16, and i have uti's since January till now, August... i have been given antibiotics but it doesn't seem to be working for me... UTI's just keep coming back... and it's ruining my life... i HATE IT because i feel like a burden to my family... i just want my old life back... The UTI's have disrupted my life mentally and physically...Doctors and specialists couldn't find... (6 replies)
... I was battling a uti for the last two weeks. I tried all the home remedies, and antibiotics dont work on me. It became extremely severe. ... (23 replies)
... Hello ~ I also saw that UTI~Clear while doing some research online just now. I was curious to know how it worked and that will probably be my next resort. PLEASE be sure and write me back to let me know if it helped you. I'm holding my breath that this current dosage of antibiotics will treat my problem but then again I could have cystitis. I wont know for about 2-3 weeks... (23 replies)
... I have completed the fourth round of antibiotics for a simple UTI infection that has been sent in for culture twice showing no E-coli... just normal bacteria. It returns despite very careful hygiene. Part of this could be my age (post menopausal) and not emptying the bladder completely. In several other posts the question was raised about using UTI-clear and its... (23 replies)
... Hello - I'm 23 and about a month and a half ago I starting having some signs of UTI. I had a burning feeling when I would urinate and there was also a pressure along with it like if you were to stop right in the middle of urination (but I wasn't stopped). Also, I had a feeling like I still had to urinate but couldn't. Anyway, I called my doctor and she phoned me in 2... (23 replies)
... Thank you SO much for explaining all of that to me. I didn't want to go into it clueless about what was going to happen so it means the world that you took the time to explain it. ... (23 replies)
... ive been battling a UTI for 2 years now and no matter what they prescribe me im allergic to it...My options are now gone and i do not know what to do.. ... (23 replies)
... Spirit - Thanks for letting us know about the UTI-Clear. I had some doubts but now I might try it and see what happens. I'm basically waiting for my doctor to call me with the lab results. I went by her office yesterday to leave a urine sample that she could send to a lab for detailed investigation. I hope that my white blood cell count has gone down and that it is... (23 replies)
... g back to the doctor on Tuesday morning to probably get more antibiotics. If these don't work then I dont know what to do. A lady that I work with had terrible UTI problems and had done EVERYTHING under the sun to correct the issue. She took antibiotics for MONTHS and nothing helped. ... (23 replies)
... I've seen an urologist and many other other doctors. NO one can seem to find anything wrong with me and my parents are deciding to take me to a chinese herbalist. Im only drinking water and plenty of it because other liquids pain me. im still not cured yet, but i feel better than all the other times i have uti. Thanks for your reply though; i'm happy that there's actually... (6 replies)
... I am still taking the Microbid. I am kind of mad at the doctor because he said that I did not need surgery yet but if I sneeze or cough I lose urine and it is not okay with me. Maybe I should pee on him!!!! (23 replies)
... I'm so sorry that you are having to go through all of that! I would go see a 3rd or 4th doctor if I had to. Even if it meant driving an hour away.... ... (23 replies)
... and flexible. I did not have to go far up which was also a concern I had. They also placed a small sensor in my anus. ... (23 replies)

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