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I too had been menopausal for about 6 years when I started spotting last December. But, because of a lot of things going on in my life, even though I was spotting every month, I did not get in to see GYN until April. Had exam, then went back for transvaginal ultrasound, Then because my uterus seemed "thick", had to have a hysteroscopy. They took some biopsies. Two weeks later got a call to come back in. The biopsy showed "pre cancerous" cells. Well, my GYN had already referred me to a Gynecological oncologist for the surgery. She said he was the best around and did robotic surgery which results in less recovery time. Saw the surgeon 2 days later and had my total hysterectomy the following week. They also removed tissue from around the uterus and ovaries t be certain there was no spread. Pathology came back and there was actual cancer cells in my uterine wall. But, NO cancer out side. So, I dodged a major bullet and did not have to have further treatment with chemo or radiation. I hope everything has turned out alright for you. :)

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