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Had some postmenopausal bleeding after almost 2 yrs of nothing. Week before I did this, I had all the symptoms of a period. Breast tenderness etc, then just a very light show for about a day and a half. Had a trans us, which showed nothing alarming, teeny cyst, tiny fibroid, but she said the thickness was 5 mm and just to be safe, we did an endometrial biopsy. She said she expected everything to be ok, but just to be sure. Well I've not worried about the results until now, weird I know. So tell me your opinions for those who have went through this. Also, she said my uterus was normal is size. Thanks in advance.
Hopefully, the biopsy will show nothing alarming! I know of quite a few women who had post-menopausal bleeding that ended up being nothing serious. Since the ovaries still produce hormones after menopause, they sometimes produce a "burst" of hormones that can trigger bleeding especially in those early post-meno years. Thankfully, 5mm is considered a thin lining. I have read they like to see it under 4 to 5mm after menopause.

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