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Hey everybody.

I was just wondering if having an endometrial lining of 12 mm is considered bad. I'm 49 and have not had a period in 4 months. I just thought this was normal because the lining was not shed. So... I got the results of my Ultrasound...and they said I need the bx. YAY. ( Not. )

Never had regular periods. Getting an Endo biopsy in a week.....

Isn't this part of Perimenopause?
It's not unusual for the lining to build up during perimenopause when we don't ovulate regularly (which is why cycles become unpredictable). During our "normal" reproductive years (before peri), the lining can get as thick as 16mm so 12mm isn't all that thick. The good thing is that mother nature typically does a good job of clearing out the lining before anything sinister happens.

I hope your biopsy is negative.
Thank you! Yes, my doctor called me today with the news! I could not believe it came back so soon. Now I just have to deal with an ovarian cyst - repeat US in August. She seemed to think that it's not a big worry... THANK YOU for your response. Oh, and she also said that I will be getting a period soon. It's so cool how they can tell that from a sample of the endometrium. The body is amazing.

Have a good night!
Glad to hear it came back and all is well! Hopefully, the cyst will resolve as most do. You should sleep well tonight!

I thought I responded, but I don't see it here. LOL.
The biopsy was negative, and the doctor says that I should get a period this month. Still waiting... I imagine it will be kind of a bad one - since no real bleeding - just a few cramps and spotting are still going on. THANK YOU for your reply.

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