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I know our minds tend to think the worst. But the odds are in your favor that this isn't serious. Hopefully, the colposcopy will show it's low grade and it will resolve on its own or, worst case, require removal of the abnormal cells. I've only had one abnormal pap (don't recall the details but I don't think it was glandular cells) and my gyn repeated it 6 or so months later and all was normal.

Irregular bleeding (despite normal cycles up until January) are very typical for someone your age who is transitioning to menopause. These irregular cycles can cause the lining to build but the body usually does a good job of clearing it out over time before abnormal cells present and proliferate. I've read a number of women's posts who've had biopsies due to thick linings (or post-menopausal bleeding which isn't your situation) and the large majority have been normal and attributed to hormonal changes.

You said your lining was 5cm too thick. Did you mean 5mm? An ultrasound is best done within a few days after a "normal" period ends since that's when it's thinnest. It typically gets up to about 16mm (1.6cm) around mid-cycle. But, again, it's not unusual for the lining to get somewhat thicker than normal during perimenopause when hormones are fluctuating a bit and cycles go "crazy."

One other thing - there is a drug that is sometimes used off-label to soften the cervix in order to do an endometrial biopsy... something to know if that needs to be done. But from what I've read, it doesn't always work.

I hope all goes well on Wednesday with the colposcopy. Let us know what you find out.

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