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UPDATE: On Dec 27 I had a radical hysterectomy (uterus, cervix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes were removed) and lymph node disection (they removed several lymph nodes from different areas). My cancer (adenocarcinoma) was surgically staged at 1A, which means it was contained within the uterus and penetration of the myometrium was less than 50%. In simple words, they got it all, and technically I am now cancer free. There is a "but" in there... because my cancer was FIGO grade 2, I may need radiation therapy. I have a consult for that next week. If I do need radiation it will be brachytherapy, which is done intravaginally. I also have to have genetic testing to rule out Lynch Syndrome, and will have 5 years of surveillance before I am officially cancer free.

On another note, the recovery from this surgery has been extremely difficult. I had the DaVinci Robotic Laprascopic procedure. I had extreme pain for the first two weeks during which I was unable to walk, move, shower, or go to the bathroom independently. I was not prepared for that at all. This Friday will be four weeks post-surgery, and while I can now do these things independently, I am experiencing extreme pain whenever I urinate, have a bowel, or pass gas. They tell me it is from inflamation of the vaginal cuff which is still healing. Again, nobody prepared me for this, and there isn't much online that speaks to this issue. I'm seeing the doctor weekly and they are monitoring me.

Reflecting back on when this all started, my initial post was in the general board back in August when I had unexplained gut-wrenching pain in my upper left abdomen that lasted for weeks. Then my glucose went out of control (spiking to 400 at times). I was running a low grade fever for 4 months straight. Then low back pain and vaginal bleeding (I am post-menopausal at 59 yrs old). My OBGYN started with a transvaginal ultrasound which showed Hyperplasia (14mm lining). Next they did a uterine biopsy in September which came back clear of cancer but positive for Hyperplasia. Then they did a D&C in November and the cancer was found. I am mentioning this to everyone because a negative biopsy does not always mean you dont have cancer.

Thanks for listening.

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