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Hi. Iím new. 61 years old. Post menopausal. Hx of Adenomyosis in my 50ís. My Dr. at the time told me if I wanted to stop the bleeding I could wait for menopause or have a hysterectomy. I decided to wait for menopause and Iím now on the other side of it. Unfortunately, pelvic pain has reared itís ugly head. I have Pain with intercourse that I attributed to vaginal dryness. Post sex bleeding a bit. Again, I just thought it was hormonal dryness? Iíve had right side pelvic pain for weeks now and ended up in the emergency room. Things have been going sideways down there for a few months. Unable to empty my bladder. Trouble even with the urge emptying my bowels. Super tired. Just donít feel good. ER Ultrasound showed a few hypervascular blood fed lesions. And a tiny 11 mm ovarian cyst on right side. I was told to get thee to your OBGYN for a uterine biopsy which I did. First attempt, she could not dilate me. Second attempt with cytotec on board, she was able to get in, took 5 biopsies, (yikes those hurt! The biopsy pain recreated my pelvic pain exactly) but did not get enough tissue so pathology came back inconclusive. She ordered a CA 125 which came back normal. Now I am thankfully scheduled for a hysteroscopy and d&C . My question to anyone who is out there is what were your symptoms for uterine cancer? I did not have the excessive bleeding that I have read so much about as being a sure symptom of Uterine Cancer. But then again, my cervix was pretty buttoned up. My main symptom is bladder and bowel issues, and pelvic pain. Canít sleep on my stomach, it feels like Iím laying on something. Canít sleep on my back, it hurts in my pelvis. Walking and sitting make it worse. Has anyone had Endometrial Cancer diagnosis without the post menopausal bleeding?

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