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Listen. This is your body and you have do everything possible to get the right surgeon and care. If anyone has any doubt or knows going into surgery that cancer is suspected, go straight to a gyn/oncologist. If you were initially dx. by your gyn than ask that doc or go to the nearest large hospital and ask for a referral to a gyn/onc. I got on the website of the largest cancer hospital and bingo.. a self referral form was right there for me to complete. They make it very easy. Get your pathology reports and fax them to the new doc. Ask for a quick appt. since you've already been dx. It sounds like they may have said "grade 2" instead of stage 2. With uterine cancer (endometrial), they biopsy the tissue during a uterine biopsy. That tissue is sent to the pathologist who exams the cells. They average out the cells.. pre-cancerous-more cancerous. (simple example). To have a grade 2.. you have some 1's and you might have some 3's.. grade 1 is the slowest growing, grade 4 is the fastest growing.

Once that is done, they almost always recommend a total hyst and removal of ovaries, tubes, and often part of the upper vagina. A good gyn/onc will also examine and biopsy the surrounding lymph nodes, do a good pelvic washing and take a look around inside for any other suspicous areas. They send this all to the lab while you are on the table. If they find that what was taken from your uterus is limited to the endo lining, they will stage you 1-2 depending on how deep it invaded into the lining. If it is found in other areas, the staging goes up. Where this thickening or mass in the uterus is found counts as well.. if it's near the cervix, they will want to check that area and the vagina as well..possibly take the top 1/3 of the vagina. If it's up high, then that isn't as necessary. Get a copy of your path reports, locate a gyn/onc that has ties to the largest hospital with a good cancer program and go. Do not just agree to have your old family doc do it. Gyn/onc are the best for disecting off of the bladder and bowel and whatever else our uteruses and ovaries sometimes get stuck to. The complications after if it isn't done right are not fun to live with.

As others have said, "if you have to get cancer, this is a good one".. it's true, but.. you have to take responsibility for having it treated by the best. Don't get pushed. A couple of weeks will not make a difference if that's what it takes to get seen by a good specialist. Keep us posted.

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