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Does anyone here know if a thickened uterine lining is a definitely a sign of uterine cancer. I had an ultrasound done recently and it showed a thickened lining and a mass which my doctor thinks might be a polyp. I am terrified it might be cancer. I'm scheduled for a D&C. Please let me know. Thanks.
I sure hope not. I also have a thickened uterine lining. I had a biopsy done, haven't received the results yet. She said I have a lot of fibroids.
Thanks for replying. I've had a fibroid for a few years now; it actually shrunk from 3 cm to 2cm. But now I've got this polyp thing going on too. I never really got a clear answer from my doctor as to why the lining is thickened though. I hope your results bring you good news.

She said I have several large fibroids.
[QUOTE=islandgirl]Does anyone here know if a thickened uterine lining is a definitely a sign of uterine cancer. I had an ultrasound done recently and it showed a thickened lining and a mass which my doctor thinks might be a polyp. I am terrified it might be cancer. I'm scheduled for a D&C. Please let me know. Thanks.[/QUOTE]
In a woman who is still fertile and able to have children, a thickened lining is usually just over active hormones. It is a pain in terms of cramps, bleeding and aggravation but not usually cancer. In a post menopausal woman, a thickend lining is a bit more of a problem simply because it is not normal for there to be any uterine changes going on if no eggs are supposed to be fertilized. The process still may be nothing more than over active hormones and can be addressed with medication. The D&C will allow for a biopsy to occur to settle any questions at all. Fibroids also can be a pain, but are usually not cancer. The difficulty is only to make sure that they are fibroids an not malignant tumors, which the doctor can determine by a good exam.
Depending on your age, thickened endometrial lining can mean a number of things.
During my first ultrasound the tech discovered a large uterus, thick lining and a spot she thought could be a polyp. Since I am 53 (past the normal age for menopause)
and my cycles are still going strong, the doctor suggested another ultrasound after my next cycle. She thought the lining might be thick because I was mid-cycle, and that the polyp could possibly be a blood clot. After the second ultrasound, the lining was back to normal, no polyp detected. My uterus was still enlarged, and since the lining was thinner, the tech was able to see some fibroids. I am waiting for a call next week
after the doctor compares the ultrasounds to see where we go from here. Good luck with your D & C. I hope all goes well for you.
I had a doctor tell me that if I suspected a thickened lining to take a high dose of Provera for 2 weeks then stop. Had a Big Period afterward, as predicted, and it thinned the lining. Worked for me. :)
Thank you so much for your responses. I'll post back with the results. God bless!
The results of my biopsy were NEGATIVE!

The doctor gave me a three-month sample of birth control pills to control the bleeding. I had no problems with the pills 20 years ago. I hope I don't have bad side effects at my age. On the bright side, no hysterectomy needed!
Fantastic News!! I don't know your age , but heavy bleeding with big clots (sorry) is indicative of approaching menopause . I wasn't scared when I had them because my mother told me She had them around age 49/50. So I guess my daughters will have them too, eventually. :confused:
Thank you.

I'm 43. I'm kind of nervous about starting BC pills at my age, but we'll see how it goes.
At 43 you could most certainly be pre-menopausal. That doesn't mean you're in menopause! This menopause mess lasts for decades for many women.
First you're PRE then you have IT for 30 years. Seems like I was near your age when I started getting hot at night. hmm..can't remember. Then I got on Estrace and all was well again. Some women just sweat and change sheets all night.
No , thanks. :confused: (yawn)
I read about women taking Ortho Tri Cyclen being depressed and having panic attacks, etc. I don't need any more mood swings.
speaking from my own experience last year. I was post menopausal for 3 years (no periods) suddenly had a massive period, of course I went to get it checkd out had a trans vaginal ultra sound which showed the endometrial lining had thickened considerably (think it was 10cm?) I forget now, and would have to go back over this site to see however, regardless of the thickness I ended up having a D & C with hysteroscopy and all results were the BIG DELISH NEGATIVE

I too had large fibroid tumours in the uterous when younger (when I was still having periods) and when I hit menopause the tumours shrunk as they are 'fed on a blood supply' which as we know stops when we are in full menopause.

After the D & C I have had no re-occurances of periods the odd bit of cramping but that is all. Am not taking any HRT nor BC pills..... just trying to 'go with the flow' so to speak of hot flashes, and stuff. All easy for me to handle as not a reason for me to 'change' from who I am. Simply a way of
'changing from what was before, to what is now, to what will come' Well, I must keep a humour about me.

In some cases thick endometrial lining is of a concern, and having a biospy done is the way to go. I hope by now you have the results.

I'm happy I found this thread. I am having and D and C on the 9th because of a polyp and thickened lining. I'm 35 and have pcos. Bleed all the time basically. Can anybody tell me what to expect during the dand c? I have a choice of being put to sleep or just sedated. I'm thinking I want just sedation. Does it hurt etc?
naw.... I have had several surgeries in my life including two c sections (in the days when they did knock you out, and none of this 'freezing you'

The D & C (twice in my lifetime) was the first surgery I woke up from with no pain. at all. Slight ever so slight bleeding that is it. The first one, was when I was about 30 just after having my second child. It was so strange not having pain. (was knocked out)

if you are just having 'twilight' sleep (sedation) then you do not have to recover from the anasthetic either.

The second D & C was a year ago (I am now 54) and had a bout of post menopausal bleeding due to the thickened endometrial lining.... (I was given a general anasthetic again.... was not given the choice of sedation, but again, after having the initial pee after surgery.... I was fine...

Good Luck with yours..... and really no problem, I do not know about the sedation, but I gather you are not really even aware of noises and stuff.

Do you have to get a D&C to obtain a biopsy from the uterus? I know I had a biopsy of the cervix done in the office. I am not having bleeding but am having stomach/abdominal pain and bloating but i also have Crohn's disease, gastritis, esophagitis and bad acid reflux so who knows what's going on. Since my grandmother died of uterine cancer I just thought I'd check it out. I am trying to get one of those intravaginal ultrasounds set up. Would this be sufficient for uterine and ovarian cancer? I am 66 years old and in really poor health and would rather not have a D&C. In addition to above I had a mastectomy for DCIS, have severe osteoporosis, bad immune system, slight mitral valve prolapse that I don't need premedication for (supposedly) and 2 pages of allergies/adverse reactions to meds.

Thank you.

Oh Suggi you sure do have problems and this does not make it any better. You are correct the sampling of the uterine is done for most cases in the doctors office, but I had cervical stenosis and they (same as a pap smear) could not get (for lack of a better term) in. So I had to be put under to allow this.

Previously I had a transvaginal ultra sound, which did in fact show cysts on the ovary and even had a measurment of the endometrial lining. This ultra sound was what dictated to the doctor that I needed a sampling. You seem to have had this proceedure. To tell if things are cancerous, I believe the biospy would be telling this, and you did have a sampling taken.

The D & C was to scrape out some fibroids and also to thin out the lining, without doing permanent stuff like hysterectomy etc. Main reason for the D & C was to get the sampling, and because they were already there, did the D & C. It was called D & C with hysteroscopy (to see and make sure all was well)

I am glad to hear you are seeing about it, and I understand fully with your medical problems.

Good Luck
I had the cervix biopsy done a couple of years ago and wasn't sure if this could be done also for the uterus. Glad it can. Trying to set up the intravaginal ultrasound but my gyn is away and haven't heard back from the other doc yet. Also have a gastro apptment on Monday and scared of what he will say. You just can't win. Not sure where my symptoms are coming from but I figure I should start with the ultrasound.

Thanks for your reply and sympathy.

The ultra sound will tell them more than anything. It can and does show the thickness of the lining, and any polyps and fibroids. The first (oh long long ago) I had done in the office, and it hurt like the dickens, but when the test came back it was negative. I did not know what that meant. I had been having a massive heavy period at that time. It was noted about the fibiroids but when I hit menopause they vanished. (they grow on blood supply and when that is done. well no more food in my womb!!! haha

Your age tells me you are very post menopausal (is that right?) and if so, then things will maybe be a bit diff, but the ultra sound will be the first step in diagnosing stuff from that end. I wish you luck Suggi with all you have it is good to see you are still searching out and hopefully getting more well. I hate aging as things do seem to fall apart don't they.

I am turning 55 and feel sometimes like I am 75 but then other health problems are in my life, and that seems unfair doesnt it.

However Please keep on searching and do remember that if you must have stuff done, there are excellent sites for women who are undergoing things. Do not just 'not do a thing' fight!!!

BonBe thanks.

Sounds like you have a lot of health issues also. Any of them like mine???? Maybe I can help you with some of yours if you let me know what they are. I have been reading like a banchi lately on health issues.

I believe Evista for osteo can also cause uterine/ovarian cancer and the gyn never mentioned getting a "check" ultrasound which they should probably do periodically. I am going to see her in a few weeks and request one. The nurse set one up for the same day but I would rather have it before so the results are in when I go. However, the health system just isn't what it should be, is it?

funny enough Suggi but my problems are no longer of the GYN nature. Back last spring when I had that post menopausal bleeding which resulted in having the D & C etc, I also had an appt to see a plastic surgeon for a rather ugly mole which needed to come off.

First came the GYN stuff, all clear then the appt with the surgeon, and the date set for the mole removal.... all this takes TIME and frankly since the D & C was done, and I had the results (no problem, no more fibroids, cyst had reabsorped into my system, so no problems there. I took my time, rather having summer camping holiday without the hassle of cut from mole removal (can you see where I am coming from?) hahha

So we waited until beginning of August for the mole removal *hey to me the GYN stuff was MORE important)

Well how wrong could I and two doctors be? I ended up with Malignant Melanoma in Stage 2B! well you could have knocked me over..... now I have a life time of checkups....possible adjuvant therapy.....had a WLE (which is a wide local excision to remove any left overs, (and the kicker is that Malignant Melanoma which has invaded the skin this deep is not curable, no sucessful treatment, only thing is VIGILANCE see a mole watch if it changes, or looks weird then off it comes.

I am having a nother mole removed April 18 and this past fefw months since the dermatologist found this new one has been the longest time I have ever had to deal with my fears and myself for that matter.

I see a group of oncologists at a major cancer hospital here in Toronto, (Canada) every three months, I see the derm every three months. All because of a stupid ugly black icky mole. Ct Scans every 3 months, deep eye exams (melanoma is notorious for spreading and it is so invisible) I thought like most everyone else out there did.... Hey its just skin cancer. Unfort MM is the worst type of Skin cancer - of course nothing is simple with me oh well. LIFE does go on.

But other than having cancer (totally not GYN related) I am fine. trying to age gracefully hahah.

I also have hypothyroidism, which keeps me always dealing with that issue though not life threatening. This SSMM is life threatening, and I try to remain optomistic. But the 'stats' suck! No I am not mad, just ticked off that how DARE it happen to me? I do not lay about in the sun, but have had several burns as a child.... makes me higher risk. Oh its weird.

But anything I can help you with regarding anything just keep on posting. Either here or on the skin cancer board..... I try to help there, but since all personal contact through here is forbidden, it is hard to keep up. But I try. SOme postings I think are not 'real' I think there are alot of joksters out there, trying to get their jollies pretending. But hey..... who said they cant tis a free world.

Take care

I have recently had a CT scan and the results came back saying that the lining of my womb was thickend. along with the pain and bleeding I also have had blood in my urine for a while so they are now checking my bladder they say it sits right on top of the womb and with it being so close their concerned it may have spread into my bladder, I am so scared !! I am 35 years old and they are talking about doing a hysterectomy which is fine. but
I am afraid if I allow this. what if it spreads even more into my bladder.
Dear Carol

well, what to say. The thickened uterine lining, may well be cause for what they are proposing. It is called MAYBE endometriosis you can do a search on that word on the 'net' do not let what you read frighten you. TRULY. Mine was age related as I was 54 when it was with me. I did not have a hysterectomy but a D & C using a hysteroscopy (allowed them to sample)

Blood in Urine, is from many things, as you know. Kidney infection (mild) UTI (quite a common occurance in women) and other reasons. At the first sign of blood (not related to menses) in urine is a cause to have it investigated.

I find it interesting that a CT scan showed this. How good !!! I end up having those horrid transvag ultra sound which aint fun.

Just be an informed patient, and talk to your doctors. Your family physician is the main one or if you use the services of a OB/GYN they would be the one to discuss all your fears with.

I know you wanted more information, but perhaps others can tell you of their experiences. I would suggest you speaking to your doctor one on one.

Dear Friends to this healthboard,
I am post-meno 5 yrs and started with spotting end of June and then 35 days later. I went to my Gyn and she at first said my symptoms sounded more like atrophic vaginitis and then she said that she found blood on my cervix and did an endometrial bx. I am scheduled for a trans vaginal us in 10 days. She said that I may not have been menopausal all these 5 years and that the stress and hypothyoid disease may have been preventing me from having my period. I have been under enormous stress for over 10 yrs. with alot of family illness, the death of my mother, job loss, accidents,etc. You name it and I think I have experienced it since i turned 41 my world has seemed to have had nothing but stress and worry. I have been experiencing
PMS with breast soreness and all the stuff I use to get before my period for 8 or 9 months prior to this spotting event. What puzzles me is that I had no spotting and yet
there was visible blood on my cervix. I remember my mother telling me one time that the doctor saw blood on her cervix and he did not do anything about it. Why is there such different approaches to basically the same problem? Anyway I am praying that all this goes well. I would appreciate any input that anyone has especially those who have had a positive outcome. I need all the hope I can find as I am at the end of my rope.
Thanks to all
Hi Linda..

I am 55 post menopausal since about hmmm 5 years ago. I knew I had several fibroids in the uterous from previous examinations at an earlier age. Had a few massive periods but nothing that diminished me in any way, so I just plodded along.

When I was 46 I developed hypothyroidism, and had no changes in periods or lack of periods once the medication was stable and the correct (FOR ME) level of TSH was achieved.

At age 50, my periods stopped (they had been slower and slower and lighter, then heavier then lighter until nothing. Till 2004 when I had a major bleed which of course I went to see about. (also they could not do the normal 'pap smear' due to Cervical Stenosis (sp) so I was sent to a GYN (do not go to them as a rule) and even that doctor could not do the pap smear, so I was scheduled for a D&C.

I have had the trans vag ultra sound (in fact I am having another one in a few weeks, because of not being able to palpatate ovaries due to a weight problem I have.

The fibroids went the way of all fibroids given half the chance, plus the age factor (fibroids feed off the blood which is given to the uterous, but when full menopause hits, usually the fibroids shrink. (no more supply to make them grow)

The D & C resulted in NO CANCER found there. NO Fibroids of any nature, and when they used the hysteroscope they had a clear view of the rest of the goodies we have, and all seems well.

I had no after surgical bleeding what so ever (once I got home) immed after surgery they pack you and yes that had blood on it, but nothing more. Since then (over a year ago) nothing in the nature of GYN problems. I do not know if you call this a 'positive' story for me it is.

Of course I am prob older than you and what happend to me, is more likely just a glitch in natures scheme for me.
Be cautious, I had thickened lining for many years and multiple endometirla bioposies as well as excessive bleeding. After many years it did turn inot uterine cancer Grade 1 stage 1. Make sure your physician is providing active follow-up and management of your condition. With close monitoring things are often caught very early and iwht good outcomes/cure.
Hello Raify

I would love to know a bit more about you. You see, since that last post in August I ended up having yet ANOTHER D & C (age 55) no post menopause bleeding unlike last time. Been in menopause now for 5 years. Again the D & C 'contents' according to pathology contained, large amounts of blood, and some cervical tissue, no cancerous cells.

I am trying to get the doctor to understand that I will not want to go through this again and at my age and stage of life, a Hysterectomy is what is called for before it turns into uterine cancer.

Due to me having stage 2 melanoma, I am feeling I am at risk, even for the deadly 'mets to the uterus'

Are you doing ok now?, and what followup treatment are you having now since your cancer dx?

Sorry for being nosy, but I need to know. in less than one and half years I have had (like you) two massive thickenings (10mm first time, 13mm second time)

Two years ago I was 5 yrs post menopausal and started spotting. I asked a doctor about it online. He said, "take 10mg of provera for ten days then have a massive period." So I did. Not one drop since then.
What did the Dr. say? It is now March 06 and I just read your post. I am going in for a D&C in4 days due to thickened uterine lining and free-floating fluid in both sides of my uterus. I just changed doctors because my previous gyno didn't take my complaints seriously (post-coital bleeding, sudden irregular periods and spotting). So keep after your Dr. if he keeps recommending that you "wait and see." My new Dr. was wonderful - got me in quickly and scheduled the surgery within 10 days of my appt. I am not looking for cancer, but I want to be sure it is NOT cancer!
I didn't go to any doctor. I just took the Provera, and had my last period.
Haven't had a drop since. This was an ONLINE doctor I consulted. I am 62 now; all seems to be fine. :)
To Fanofelten:

I read this too late to respond b4 your procedure (d&c). If you read this...tell us how was it? I am schedule to have one in 2 days. They said I should be asleep - which is fine with me.
Were you awake? I have similar symptoms so I am interested to see how everything turns out for you.

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