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I had a doctor tell me that if I suspected a thickened lining to take a high dose of Provera for 2 weeks then stop. Had a Big Period afterward, as predicted, and it thinned the lining. Worked for me. :)
speaking from my own experience last year. I was post menopausal for 3 years (no periods) suddenly had a massive period, of course I went to get it checkd out had a trans vaginal ultra sound which showed the endometrial lining had thickened considerably (think it was 10cm?) I forget now, and would have to go back over this site to see however, regardless of the thickness I ended up having a D & C with hysteroscopy and all results were the BIG DELISH NEGATIVE

I too had large fibroid tumours in the uterous when younger (when I was still having periods) and when I hit menopause the tumours shrunk as they are 'fed on a blood supply' which as we know stops when we are in full menopause.

After the D & C I have had no re-occurances of periods the odd bit of cramping but that is all. Am not taking any HRT nor BC pills..... just trying to 'go with the flow' so to speak of hot flashes, and stuff. All easy for me to handle as not a reason for me to 'change' from who I am. Simply a way of
'changing from what was before, to what is now, to what will come' Well, I must keep a humour about me.

In some cases thick endometrial lining is of a concern, and having a biospy done is the way to go. I hope by now you have the results.

The ultra sound will tell them more than anything. It can and does show the thickness of the lining, and any polyps and fibroids. The first (oh long long ago) I had done in the office, and it hurt like the dickens, but when the test came back it was negative. I did not know what that meant. I had been having a massive heavy period at that time. It was noted about the fibiroids but when I hit menopause they vanished. (they grow on blood supply and when that is done. well no more food in my womb!!! haha

Your age tells me you are very post menopausal (is that right?) and if so, then things will maybe be a bit diff, but the ultra sound will be the first step in diagnosing stuff from that end. I wish you luck Suggi with all you have it is good to see you are still searching out and hopefully getting more well. I hate aging as things do seem to fall apart don't they.

I am turning 55 and feel sometimes like I am 75 but then other health problems are in my life, and that seems unfair doesnt it.

However Please keep on searching and do remember that if you must have stuff done, there are excellent sites for women who are undergoing things. Do not just 'not do a thing' fight!!!

Dear Friends to this healthboard,
I am post-meno 5 yrs and started with spotting end of June and then 35 days later. I went to my Gyn and she at first said my symptoms sounded more like atrophic vaginitis and then she said that she found blood on my cervix and did an endometrial bx. I am scheduled for a trans vaginal us in 10 days. She said that I may not have been menopausal all these 5 years and that the stress and hypothyoid disease may have been preventing me from having my period. I have been under enormous stress for over 10 yrs. with alot of family illness, the death of my mother, job loss, accidents,etc. You name it and I think I have experienced it since i turned 41 my world has seemed to have had nothing but stress and worry. I have been experiencing
PMS with breast soreness and all the stuff I use to get before my period for 8 or 9 months prior to this spotting event. What puzzles me is that I had no spotting and yet
there was visible blood on my cervix. I remember my mother telling me one time that the doctor saw blood on her cervix and he did not do anything about it. Why is there such different approaches to basically the same problem? Anyway I am praying that all this goes well. I would appreciate any input that anyone has especially those who have had a positive outcome. I need all the hope I can find as I am at the end of my rope.
Thanks to all
Two years ago I was 5 yrs post menopausal and started spotting. I asked a doctor about it online. He said, "take 10mg of provera for ten days then have a massive period." So I did. Not one drop since then.
I didn't go to any doctor. I just took the Provera, and had my last period.
Haven't had a drop since. This was an ONLINE doctor I consulted. I am 62 now; all seems to be fine. :)

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