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Please excuse me if this post is lengthy but I have a lot to say.

In December 2004, I had a postmenopausal bleeding episode and went to my gyn. I had my yearly PAP/HPV test and everything was normal. He suggested a D&C but wasn't sure he could do it because I have a huge fibroid (honeydew melon size). Suggested I see a gyn/onc. but said it could wait til after the holidays. I saw a gyn/onc. in February 2005, he tried to do an endometrial biopsy but was unable to because of the fibroid. Suggested a D&C which I had on March 9. He told my husband after the D&C that he was unable to do the hysteroscopy because of the fibroid but that my endometrial lining wasn't as thick as he thought it would be and that nothing felt abnormal. Said we had to wait for results of pathology tests. I was told a few days later that everything was ok. When I went for my post-op visit, I asked what to do if I saw any more bleeding and he said if it was within 6 mos. not to worry; after 6 mos. he'd have to do another workup. I asked for copy of pathology report and didn't read it until I got home. It seemed very inconclusive...said something like "No endometrial tissue available for evaluation". I am the type of person who needs to know everything so I called his office. His nurse called back and said that because of the fibroid, the doctor didn't get a large sample but that it showed no abnormal cells or hyperplasia.

About 3 weeks ago I had another bleeding episode (2-1/2 days) and I panicked even though the doctor told me not to worry if within 6 mos. I called his nurse, she said she'd talk to him and called me back. Said he was not alarmed and didn't need to see me unless I felt I needed to see him. I made an appointment which was today. Doctor said that my uterus is so distorted from fibroid that the tissue sample taken during the D&C was small but again said it showed no abnormal cells. Said that during the D&C, as he was scraping tissue, my lining bled easily which told him it wasn't thick. I did ask if women with endometrial cancer usually have a thick lining and he said yes. He is not pushing me for a hysterectomy since I have no real discomfort from the fibroid. Also said the bleeding could be occasional strain on the fibroid. Anyway, he suggested an MRI to look at my lining but again said the fibroid might be in the way. Said it was worth a shot and that if it showed a normal lining, we could leave it at that.

I'm a nervous wreck.......thought I was out of the woods after the D&C results but now wondering if I do have a major problem.

Throughout the entire visit today. the gyn/onc. wasn't alarmed. I'm driving my husband crazy by imagining the worst.

Thanks for letting me vent. Anyone else have a huge fibroid that is causing diagnostic problems? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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