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All I can add to the above post is trust your gut. An endometrial biopsy if done right will detect cancerous cells. The problem is that unless you get the biopsy from the right place, you don't get accurate results. I had an ultrasound which did show a "thickening" in the endo lining up near the top of the uterus. with that info, the doc did the biopsy where the thickening was. In my case it showed grade 1 endo cancer. I had a TAH/BSO and the final pathology report was good..stage 1a, grade 1. Looking around in cells found anywhere else. That is reassuring and since mine was found additional treatment.

With your fibroid and the post meno bleeding, you have a potential problem that could be hiding. I'd keep insisting on more attention to this. A hyst ain't pleasant but invasive cancer is worse. I would get a 2nd and 3rd opinion before I would be satisfied that nothing was hiding in there anywhere. You may very well have nothing more than a big fibroid, but peace of mind, knowing that every nook and cranny was looked at is priceless.

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