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Sorry to bother you ladies with this, but I am starting to get concerned.
I am already scheduled to have a colonscopy and endoscopy for rectal bleeding. But now I'm having unusual vaginal bleeding as well.
Background: I had a freeze procedure done before I had my 2 kids in july 94 after a bad pap and biopsy showing dysplasia. Then in march 95, had a D&C and cervical scrapping cause it was back. Right after that got pg with my son and then 2 years later my daughter. Every year my pap has been ok. I have had lots of spotting before my period every month. Last fall missed 2, but thought it was due to thyroid medicine I had started. Now, in the last month I had noticed some rectal bleeding (I do not have anal sex either), so the GI is planning on scoping me in 1.5 weeks. Now it's been a week since I finished my period and the last 2 times I had intercouse with hubby, I have spotted some (not a whole lot). This afternoon with my BM, I noticed blood in the water and thought it would be from my GI issues, but upon wiping noticed this is actually NOT coming from there, but from the front. My hubby had a vasectomy, so I know it's not a pg-related thing.
My yearly GYN appt isn't scheduled for another 6 months (Feb).
Should I be concerned?

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