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Endometrial Biopsy
Sep 10, 2005
Hi everyone. First time to the board so forgive me if i'm asking a duplicate questions here. I'm a 32yo went to dr last tues for prolonged periods (9days - light bleeding), and pain that is getting worse, tender abdominal at times, pain with intercourse ( that can last up to an hour after). Dr is checking my blood for anemia and thyroid problems. After pelvic exam (which was very painful) ordered a u/s for thursday to check thickness of lining. When asked he said if thin lining we'd find out why uterus was inflammed and if thick we'd discuss that later. Well- went for u/s and was told to come back in 2wks. When I asked why the u/s tech said they are doing an biopsy and that u/s showed thick lining, and no large fibroids seen. I have a family history of [email protected], and precanerous uterus[email protected] I'm a bit (well- more than a bit) nervous about this all. and ya- last night after intercourse (without orgasm) started contractions that lasted on and off till 11am next morning. Any comments are appreciated.

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