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Ahhh Marise..I am so sorry to hear that the doctor feels this is cancer. I know how it is to wait for the surgery and it truly is, believe me here...the worst part of all. It really is. Everything else is'll be busy healing but waiting.. geeeez it's the hardest.

You have time though to get yourself all ready and set up for a great recovery from surgery. Lot's a tips and pointers to share and I'm not sure if we can share web sites or not but if so.. I found support for pre and post surgery at the ************* site. I don't want to violate policy so, will be happy to share with you what I learned and how it all went.

I'm so glad to hear that you are seeing a gyn/onc for this. You can't believe how much more reassuring this is after the surgery. so many end up going in for something else...and find out that cancer was found and they have to go back in to get the rest of things "looked at" and in many cases taken for more scrutiny to see what is or isn't involved. With the gyn/onc already doing it, they know exactly what to do, where to look and how to do it with the skill you want to know they have.

My regular doctor called me at home after she got the results of my biopsy and asked if I needed anything and how sorry she was to hear about the results. I thought it was so nice of her and I took full advantage of the offer for help and asked for valium! I just took one at night to help sleep..otherwise, I was so busy trying to make sure work was taken care of and arrangements made. I live alone..or, almost alone.. I have a big old dog that is terrible at cooking and cleaning and needed babysitting!! I made arrangements for my cousin to come stay for a couple of weeks and since she's had some experience with surgery herself..she knew just what I needed. It was great.

Well... as you move through all the forms and more forms and still more forms (it's awful isn't it?)... I will check in here to offer any help I can and so will all the other's. I found great comfort just knowing I could ask any question and someone would have an answer or would know where to get one.. it sure is better this way. Hope you are doing ok. Again.. waiting just about does one in and I hope you can find a good way to endure it. After.. piece of cake!! :)

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