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I am sorry you are going throught this and glad you've consulted your doctor, as all post-menopausal bleeding requires investigation.
A shift in hormones can cause post menopausal bleeding. HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) could cause this, as can other medicines that might affect a woman's hormones. (My 74 yo mom had a new onset of hotflashes when she started her osteoporosis medication.) Our fat cells can also produce estrogens, so some women can have PMB related to weight, or a change in weight. Sometimes those women might have a Progestin Rx'd to keep the estrogen in balance and help keep the uterine lining healthy.

On the other end of the spectrum, too little estrogen can cause Vaginal atrophy (thinning of the tissues) and dryness can make the lining more suseptible to bleeding much the same way a nose bleed can occur. Sometimes adding a small amount of vaginal estrogen helps keep the vaginal tissues healthy when this is the cause. (I use a prescription cream.)
Did your doctor do an endometrial biospy during your pap? (Procedure is very similar to the sample taken from the cervix, but the sample is taken from the inner lining of the uterus and sent for pathology to look for abnormal cells.)

I hope your ultrasound is okay and hope nothing serious is found. Whatever the cause, I think it's important to be diligent about your follow-ups. Good luck with your work-up. Please keep us posted.

Sending prayers & a hug your way.
To answer a couple of questions... yes they got it all. You always will think about almost never stop thinking it could be somewhere else...we all call that cancer head. You of course are probably thinking the worse and let me tell you.. everyone does it. It's just natural and believe me, it's the worst part of getting a cancer dx. You may have a very simple fibroid..who knows, but the waiting and tests are what gets you!

I didn't have a problem with having the biopsy. Plus.. when my doctor called she said she was VERY confident that it was caught early and that surgery was all I would need because she got "good samples". So, if you need twilight sleep..go for it. You want them to be able to get anything and everything they need to make sure you get the right dx. before surgery. Also, it happens that you can go ahead with the surgery and the final pathology comes out different from the "clinical" dx. So..the better the clinical (uterine biopsy), the better the chances of no surprises once they go for surgery.

If...and remember it's still an get a ca dx. they will give you a grade and a type...staging is done during surgery so, from the biopsy you'll get (if it is cancer) a grade..1,2,3...the higher the grade the more aggressive the cells are..mine was 1. Since it was also higher in the uterus, it meant that it was more likely to have not involved the cervix and that is a good thing apparently. My situation ended up being that I was staged as a 1a and grade 1, adenocarcinoma. I go every 6 months for a big deal. Since it was so early and so low grade I think they even think I could go less's slow growing ... in my mind.. it's still a good reason to keep a good eye on everything and I always feel better after a check up.

..have to run to work now, but will be back later in the afternoon.. you'll be ok!

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