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I've posted here before so some of you may remember my story. I'm 60, went through menopause in January 2001, have a HUGE (honeydew melon size) fibroid (no symptoms except some frequent urination). Anyway, the fibroid (which can only be removed by total hysterectomy) has caused diagnosis problems. Most tests, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) won't work on me.

In December 2004, I had a 3 day postmenopausal bleeding incident. Almost felt like I had my period. My reg. gynecologist said because of fibroid, he wouldn't be able to do an endo. biopsy and suggested I see a gyn-oncologist. In February 2005, the gyn-oncologist tried the endo. biopsy but couldn't get past the fibroid. In March 2005, he did a D&C and tried a hysteroscopy but couldn't accomplish it, again because of the fibroid. He told my husband, after the D&C that from what he could see and feel, my lining wasn't thick. The pathology results came back inconclusive...sample not large enough. Gyn-onc. thought my bleeding was from fibroid. In April 2005, I had a 1 day bleeding incident but felt irritated and gyn-onc. confirmed he saw signs of a cut/scrape/irritation healing. In May 2005, tried an MRI but again the fibroid was in the way. In July 2005, I sat with gyn-oncologist for almost an hour and he answered tons of questions I had about hysterectomies, uterine cancer, etc. At the end of the session he said "In my heart of hearts I don't believe you have a problem". Also said the only way to know for sure was to do a hysterectomy. There were no other tests he could try mainly because of the fibroid.
No signs of bleeding from April 2005-December 2006 when I saw a little pink during one trip to bathroom. I ignored it...maybe foolishly. In March 2006, I felt a slight ache in the area where fibroid is located and found 2 small (about 1/4" each) spots of blood on underwear. Saw nothing else when I cleansed myself. At end of April 2006, I was having trouble with hemorrhoids and a couple of days later, saw lots of blood. Cleansed myself and nothing afterwards. Not sure where it came from......I could have irritated the hemorrhoid while sitting to urinate. I did see evidence by blotting my rear with toilet tissue of some residue blood (sorry to be so graphic). Nothing since.

Needless to say, I'm nervous again. I rationalized that since my postmenopausal bleeding had started in December 2004 and it was now 17 mos. later, I would have more signs if it were uterine cancer. I have no other symptoms but then I read that some women have it for a year or two before it's discovered.

I haven't called the gyn-onc. because I know he'll say the only way to know is to do a total hysterectomy. I'm terrified of the surgery. He already told me that it would be a more difficult surgery because of the fibroid size, recovery from vertical incision would be longer, and also outlined all major complications that could arise. Told me during my visit in July 2005 that the chances of my having uterine cancer were in the single percentage range.

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