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Hi. I am a newbie here and just turned 70. My health is generally good, except for some high blood pressure for which I have taken three medications for some years. I have had bleeding now for about 3 weeks (it is 20 years plus since menopause!) I should get the results of a pap next week and am going for a pelvic ultrasound on the 29th.
The research shows that only about 28% of pm bleeding turns out to be cancer, and someone mentioned that medications can be a cause of this bleeding.
What kinds of medication? and what other causes are there?
Would appreciate any information you can give me.
Thanks, Marise
I am sorry you are going throught this and glad you've consulted your doctor, as all post-menopausal bleeding requires investigation.
A shift in hormones can cause post menopausal bleeding. HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) could cause this, as can other medicines that might affect a woman's hormones. (My 74 yo mom had a new onset of hotflashes when she started her osteoporosis medication.) Our fat cells can also produce estrogens, so some women can have PMB related to weight, or a change in weight. Sometimes those women might have a Progestin Rx'd to keep the estrogen in balance and help keep the uterine lining healthy.

On the other end of the spectrum, too little estrogen can cause Vaginal atrophy (thinning of the tissues) and dryness can make the lining more suseptible to bleeding much the same way a nose bleed can occur. Sometimes adding a small amount of vaginal estrogen helps keep the vaginal tissues healthy when this is the cause. (I use a prescription cream.)
Did your doctor do an endometrial biospy during your pap? (Procedure is very similar to the sample taken from the cervix, but the sample is taken from the inner lining of the uterus and sent for pathology to look for abnormal cells.)

I hope your ultrasound is okay and hope nothing serious is found. Whatever the cause, I think it's important to be diligent about your follow-ups. Good luck with your work-up. Please keep us posted.

Sending prayers & a hug your way.
Welshterriermom, Thanks very much for a taking the time to reply. Like most of us I did have HRT around menopause but not since. I am a little overweight so estrogens may be the cause. I was moving heavy furniture around my apartment for a few days before it started - so it's possible the strain could have released a buildup of the lining?? I think I do have atrophy but the Doc.said everything looked "healthy" when he did the pap.
No biopsy - it was hard enough doing the pap (I am such a coward!).
The US took a long time and the technician was very serious - took lots of pictures and ending up looking at me with great sympathy as I left, and wishing me "good luck". It's funny how you look for these clues, is'nt it.
Doctor also has me scheduled with a Gynecologist pending the US results.
I don't have friends I can confide in and I don't want to worry my son with this until I know something for sure. Anyway, thanks again for your thoughtful reply and support.
Hi. I went for results today, pap was normal, estrogen was high, my doc was all set to put me on progesterone until he saw the US results. Not good!Apparently I have a 5 cm mass in the lining of my uterus and a 7 cm one in my right ovary. The report says they are "suspicious for carcinoma". Doctor said probably they will do a hysterectomy and got me an appointment with a Gynecologist next Tuesday.
I am going to ask him about getting a PET scan, because if it is cancer that has spread already then I want to know the extent before deciding on treatment. PET scans advertise that they can do a whole body scan and see a lot more detail than US or even MI. Only drawback is that they are not covered by ohip yet so I would have to pay.
I told my son that they had found "something" suspicious and I may have to have an operation. I also told him about one of these posts about a 73 year old having an hysterectomy and still going stong at 87. So he is concerned but not too upset. I am surprisingly philisophical about it so far, or is the word "fatalistic"?
I hope you don't mind my posting in detail. I thought it would be good for any readers in the future to see the whole story.
Hi i'm trying to find out answer to something.......i had an ultrasound done because of post/menopausal bleeding (i've been on HRT's for about 15 years and never had this untili now).........dr. says i have 7mm thickness and wants to get tissue biopsy. Says 4mm is "normal" but since I'm on HRT's maybe 7mm is normal? She didn't know. Any way i can find this out. In the meantime, i have a choice to be "out" for this procedure or using vicodin and something to make me sleepy. I DO NOT DO PAIN. Last time she tried to do this it hurt too much, but i had no meds. Thank you.
Hi Dyrosie. It is important, as you can see by my previous posts, to find out why you are having the bleeding. I am a total coward too when it comes to tests and things. Even when I had my teeth out I opted for a general - "Just do what you have to and wake me up when it's over!"
Nevertheless you have to consider that general anaesthesia has it's risks too. With my pap I told the Doctor how painful this was for me some years before - he said that instruments had changed now. Back then they were stainless steel and came in one size fits all. Now they are plastic and come in a range of sizes. It was'nt comfortable - but bearable. Good luck.
Ladies.. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.. I had post menapausal bleeding a few years ago. Actually I just thought the whole thing was the last hurrah..fortunately I went in to have it checked out. I did pretty much the usual routine..had the ultra sound..found a thickened lining. I can't remember now what it was..14 maybe? or 7 cm.? Anyway..then had the biopsy. I took a vicodan and a was not a problem..little pinch maybe..that was it. So..didn't even give the results too much thought..just put it out of my a call within a was endometrial cancer. It is actually a good kind of cancer generally. Funny to hear someone tell you that isn't it?

Well...had the surgery..they took everything out. No spread. Early stage and early grade and no further treatment. Just close check ups. Please Please Please insist on seeing a gyn/oncologist for this surgery. If they know it's cancer they will usually offer to make that referral. The reason you want that kind of doctor is that the actual surgery is different. It's much more complex, they take a look at much more tissue, sample lymph nodes and know exactly where to look to take it all out and make sure they have a very good picture of what's what. Please don't skip this part.. a gyn/onc is very important. I know more women who have had to go back for surgery cause the pathology comes back and they have to go back in and take more out. Believe me, you don't want that to happen. This is a great site for info but there are other ones that are very helpful also. I found such wisdom from ladies... our sisters having a google search and you'll find some good places. The women who have been through it all can offer great tips and support. Let us know how things go. We are here to support those that need to have surgery maybe. If it ends up being cancer..please know "it's the good kind"..:) just have to laugh!
Marise, thank you for responding. I think i'd be in "twilight" sleep which has less risks. I totallly freaked out last time she tried to do it. And it WAS with the thin plastic tubing, and i stood it, so i thought, but apparently, she didn't get enough sample and now has to make "several passes" which just fills me full of too much anxiety. I'm in GREAT health, i work out, walk, etc. Good blood pressure and appropriate weight, so I should be ok with twilight sleep.
I cannot do the dentist without nitrus. In fact, I had two crowns done and one i still can't chew on that side or eat cold things but i refuse to go thru that again, so I just chew on the right side and it hasn't hurt me to forgo ice cream!
What did they find out with you? Do you have to have any more treatments/procedures? Were you ever on HRT's? I tried to go off once and want to try again, but I was a mess!
To answer a couple of questions... yes they got it all. You always will think about almost never stop thinking it could be somewhere else...we all call that cancer head. You of course are probably thinking the worse and let me tell you.. everyone does it. It's just natural and believe me, it's the worst part of getting a cancer dx. You may have a very simple fibroid..who knows, but the waiting and tests are what gets you!

I didn't have a problem with having the biopsy. Plus.. when my doctor called she said she was VERY confident that it was caught early and that surgery was all I would need because she got "good samples". So, if you need twilight sleep..go for it. You want them to be able to get anything and everything they need to make sure you get the right dx. before surgery. Also, it happens that you can go ahead with the surgery and the final pathology comes out different from the "clinical" dx. So..the better the clinical (uterine biopsy), the better the chances of no surprises once they go for surgery.

If...and remember it's still an get a ca dx. they will give you a grade and a type...staging is done during surgery so, from the biopsy you'll get (if it is cancer) a grade..1,2,3...the higher the grade the more aggressive the cells are..mine was 1. Since it was also higher in the uterus, it meant that it was more likely to have not involved the cervix and that is a good thing apparently. My situation ended up being that I was staged as a 1a and grade 1, adenocarcinoma. I go every 6 months for a big deal. Since it was so early and so low grade I think they even think I could go less's slow growing ... in my mind.. it's still a good reason to keep a good eye on everything and I always feel better after a check up.

..have to run to work now, but will be back later in the afternoon.. you'll be ok!

Sorry to have not answered the HRT question.. yes, I was on it but for a very brief time about 10 years ago. I was having major hot flashes and I went on premarin. Since I'm almost 53 (next week) it was early for real menapause but they were making me nuts. I probably stayed on them for about a year.

I kept having regular periods until I was about 49 and I went on the shot for birth control..(more to get the periods to stop).. the cramps were killing me. Anyway.. I was only on that for about 9 months and quit. Then..I just didn't have any real periods after that...I'd have one and then 6-9 months another. Then almost a year would go by and then wham...the period of all periods. It just came out of the blue..a gusher that didn't quit. I was at work and wasn't sure if I should go home or straight to the er... well..I stopped by the drug store and then went home. This happened in november and the bleeding settled into a hard period for a few weeks and then tapered to just an annoying flow..not heavy for weeks and weeks. I think it was late january when I finally went to see my doc. That started the process and I had surgery in April. If I had known what I was in for, I'd have scheduled the surgery for the next it was, I like to know everything, wanted time to research and then, was so reassured by my doc that it was early and no big rush..I scheduled it 6 weeks from when I learned it was cancer.

As far as risk factors.. who knows. I was overweight for many years but had lost weight slowly over a few good years (about 70 lbs) Also, I'm diabetic. I started periods late (I was 16) have 2 daughters and I guess fairly early menapause? So.. who knows about risk factors.

If your doctor said she didn't think it was cancer..then I'd be very reassured. Most doctors will not say that if there is a chance that it is. What she saw or why she felt she could say that is anyone's guess but if you like her and feel comfortable with her, than I'd be very reassured by that comment.

The wait for the twilite sleep? That's a tough one. The worst part of that will be the amount of time you have to worry yourself sick about it. I can relate. On the other hand, if you have a hard time getting a good biopsy otherwise, I'd go for the later date. I just didn't have any problems for some reason with the biopsy. The waiting is always the worst part of all of this..

I am in Ohio. Anyway.. I'm always happy to help. I needed support and help when I was facing all the unknowns and my family all lives out of state. I'd only lived here a year.. it was rough.

So..any other questions or just need to chat or vent, that's what it's all about here. Just wish you didn't have to even deal with it!!
Josie, sounds like you REALLY had a tough time. It also sounds like you're a strong woman! I am 58, started menopause WAY early, like 40 or 45, i can't really remember. My doctor doesn't seem to have an opinion about HRT's, if I stay on them or go off of them, but i want to ask her that if a person does have cancer and has been on them, do they take them off. That might be an indication right there! The studies i've read are so inconclusive. And my genetic history leans towards heart problems.

I guess i'll wait to do the twilight sleep deal, i'm feeling a little less anxious today, but if i have another bleeding/spotting episode, i might just take myself in earlier! She DID say yesterday that it was a D and C (i thought that was different than a biopsy) and i know it is very uncomfortable, but i'm hyper sensitive.
As far as i know i'm in very good health and all so.............
The only thing is, i'm now considering retiring 6 months early! (Jan 2007 instead of June 2007) because the "life is short" theory gets very intense when you suspect it might be shorter than you thought~
thanks, i'll try and remember to let you know the outcome, tho i might now know until end of Feb. Rosie
Well..hey.. a D & C.. I'd wait for the good stuff and sleep my way through that. I think even if I had a little bleeding before you are scheduled for that I wouldn't worry..

As far as the hrt issue... unopposed estrogen is what tends to cause endometrial cancer to happen.. You are right about so much controversy on the do's and don'ts of hrt. My doctor basically said I wouldn't really need it..figured I'd been through the worst of all the flashes, etc. and that I wouldn't really notice a differrence once the ovaries were gone. She was basically right. After surgery I had the usual ups and downs and some weepy cry baby times, but hey..I just had major surgery..I was entitled!..

My gyn/onc has now referred me to a specialist in compounding hrt.. I asked about my nose dive in any interest in sex..he felt that some hormones wouldn't hurt..also, I've noticed lately the wrinkles and the sagging...yuck..either that or I'm looking at myself in the mirror more and finally noticed that age had crept in..:) I've heard from some doctors that the issues of heart disease are more important than the risks of hrt and possible breast cancer..or uterine..I happen to think there is a solution of something somewhere in between and after reading up on compounded hormones, it makes sense. There really isn't any one size/one fix for all. WE are all so different.

All of this is really premature in that you haven't been dx with anything yet..impossible not to do the "what if's"..but I learned something from one of the support boards.."don't waste a good panic".. I'm sort of getting the hang of it, but it sure has taken a long time.

My biggest concern now is that I can't remember ANYTHING. I had surgery on my hand this summer after the crash and burn ski accident and I think the anesthesia did's really bugging me though. Some hyster sisters have called this "brain fog"..and maybe they are right. Not so hot about getting older.. but don't like that alternative either!

Glad to know I'm not just dumb about the computer thing in being able to connect with other posters on the site.. didn't really realize this site didn't allow. That's fine.. this works. Sorry to the moderator... my bad.
Hi Marise,

I'm so sorry your ultrasound showed suspicious findings. I agree with Josie about seeing a gyn-oncologist. That's what I would do. If you already have the gyn appt. for tuesday you could go ahead and keep that, as multiple opinions are a good idea, but I'd consult with a gyn/onc too if you can.

I'm glad you shared your situation with your son. I know it must have been difficult for you and how you didn't want to worry him. I would want my mom to tell me everything.

I hope and pray these findings are not cancer. However, if it is, please know that there are good doctors and good treatments available. Try to stay busy between your appointments to keep your mind from too much worry. Do something special to pamper yourself - you deserve it.

Please let us know how your appointment goes on Tuesday. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
Hi Everyone.
Welshterriermon and Josie. Many thanks to you both for your kind thoughts and very useful and insightful advice. It helps to keep things in perspective when I can talk to someone who has been "through the mill". I will take your advice and ask to see a gyn-oncologist. My son took the news very well, I can tell he is worried because he is being extra nice to me now! Yesterday we went for a visit to the suburb where he grew up, something he has been promising for a few years, I really enjoyed it too. I will tell him everything, but I want to keep it optimistic. If it does turn out badly then at least it won't be a sudden shock - he will have had time to absorb the possiblities beforehand.
Josie: I admire your spirit, don't worry about the memory thing - it is probably a temporary effect of the aenesthetic. Getting old is not so bad, we get to accept it in time - what else can we do?
Dyrosie: I agree with Josie, the DC is usually done with general aenesthetic and they can do an intra-uterine ultra scan at the same time - so I would skip the biopsy. Talk to your doc. about it.
All the best to you, I will get back after Tuesday's appointment. Thanks again!
Here's to a good outcome on tomorrow's d & c and a nice, peaceful little nap while it's being done! We'll all be thinking about you and hoping for everything to be good!! Josie
Hi everyone. Today I met with the gynecologist and he confirmed the probability that it is cancer. He can't know for sure of course until the pathology results from the operation.
He did a biopsy and I am going for a CT and other pre-op tests on Jan. 20. I did ask him about getting a PET scan but he does not think it would change the fact that I need to have the hysterectomy. That is scheduled for February 14 (Happy Valentines!). I checked his credentials on a web site and, luckily, he turns out to be a surgical oncologist - so I don't have to ask for another referral. He is one of the top experts in his field so I have every confidence in him. By the way, Dyrosie, the biopsy did not hurt at all - it was easier than the pap smear!
My son took the day off to go to the appointment with me and was present for the interviews with the Doc. So now he knows everything I do. He is taking it very calmly so far and is optomistic about the outcome. I am too - I have no other symptoms to speak of and I'm in good health generally otherwise.
We went for another long drive afterwards to see a small town he is thinking of moving to. Then he bought me dinner on the way home. I could get used to all this attention :)
Well, just thought I would check in as promised. Hope everything is going well for you all. Keep posting.
Marise you sound SO CALM! Did you have any prior reason to believe the diagnosis would be cancer? Waht were your first presenting symptoms?
My doctor said it WAS a D and C (i don't know how it differs from a biopsy) but i decided to be out (twilight) because she said she would have to be more aggressive and make several passes. It just sounded too.........difficult.
The first time she tried, she said she couldn't get enough cells and that was a good sign because with cancer she thinks she'd see more, so she's not rushing me in there. Also, my bleeding has stopped for the most part, i only had one incident last week and before that, it stopped for weeks.
Wow, i don't even know you but it takes the wind out of me! I will be the next one in the thread with a diagnosis, yay or nay. By the way, it's DVrosie, not DY (which is pronounced "die" and makes me feel like it's a sign or something cause i'm supersitious).......keep us informed.
Hi Dvrosie. Sorry about the name thing - I'm sure it's not a sign, just that my eyesight is not the greatest. The only symptom I was concerned about was bleeding. That started the first week of December and is still happening - it stops for a day or so then comes again. Longest period I ever had! The us results tipped me off - I got a copy from the doctor and went home and deciphered it with a medical dictionary.
It was pretty ominous - though not conclusive. It said I have two "masses" (I hate that word!) one in the uterus and another in my right ovary. A D&C would not have been useful for me it has to be surgery.
A D&C is where they clean out the uterus and it is often, enough on it's own to solve the problem. They can get a better pathology report too to check for anything more serious. With a biopsy they only get a tiny piece to check. Hope you get good results - will be thinking about you.
Hi Marise,

Bless your heart. I'm sorry the news wasn't better for you. Needless to say, I hope the suspicions are wrong. I'm glad you feel good about your doctor; that's important. I hope your CT and other tests are all okay.

My hysterectomy last year wasn't for anything suspicious, but waiting for the surgery date was still hard. Try to keep busy doing things you enjoy while you wait.
I'm glad your son is pampering you - you deserve it.
Thanks for keeping us posted. Prayers are coming your way. :angel:
i had the ultra sound also and all it found was that my lining was 7mm and my doctor said she would prefer 4 or less; but since i'm on HRT's the 7mm might be normal. Since she couldn't be sure, she wanted to do another .......she said, 'biopsy' but when i asked her if it was the same as a D and C, she said, "well yeh" (I'm ok for cervical cancer, she just wants to check uterine)
she didn't get a good enough sample the first time-
i have been in menopause for a long time! early, like 4o or 45, i can't remember (i'm 58) but i think 40 because i've been on HRT's at least 15 years. I tried to go off a year or so ago, but i was a mess! Now i'm thinking i might try again-were you on them ?if so, do you think it has anything to do with your getting cancer, if in fact you do? How long will it take to get conclusive 100% results? I swear, you get this age and you wonder "when is my turn" when friends right and left are getting things-------------
i happen to be VERY fit, good weight, exercise alot, eat well........and i feel GREAT! If only that were enough.........keeping good thoughts for you, Rosie
Welshterriermom, Thank-you for your kind thoughts. I am sorry you had to have this operation last year - can you tell me how it went for you? I saw on a website video that the operation is not complicated, when done abdominally. But I read that the recovery is difficult and there are after effects to watch for. I will take your advice and keep busy. I've always been a terrible procrastinator so now have lots to catch up on in just one month. Oh well - serves me right I suppose.
Dvrosie: Yes, I did take HRT's, but only for two or three years, so I don't think they would be the cause. Fifteen years does seem a long time to be on them. If you want to quit ask your doc if she can wean you off them slowly. Keep up the fitness thing, that's more important as we get older. All for now. Marise.
marise, did your doctor ever suspect HRT's and is he/she taking you off them or did you already get off of them?
This is a hard time.............i hope all goes well with you. I'll check back regularly to see.
Ahhh Marise..I am so sorry to hear that the doctor feels this is cancer. I know how it is to wait for the surgery and it truly is, believe me here...the worst part of all. It really is. Everything else is'll be busy healing but waiting.. geeeez it's the hardest.

You have time though to get yourself all ready and set up for a great recovery from surgery. Lot's a tips and pointers to share and I'm not sure if we can share web sites or not but if so.. I found support for pre and post surgery at the ************* site. I don't want to violate policy so, will be happy to share with you what I learned and how it all went.

I'm so glad to hear that you are seeing a gyn/onc for this. You can't believe how much more reassuring this is after the surgery. so many end up going in for something else...and find out that cancer was found and they have to go back in to get the rest of things "looked at" and in many cases taken for more scrutiny to see what is or isn't involved. With the gyn/onc already doing it, they know exactly what to do, where to look and how to do it with the skill you want to know they have.

My regular doctor called me at home after she got the results of my biopsy and asked if I needed anything and how sorry she was to hear about the results. I thought it was so nice of her and I took full advantage of the offer for help and asked for valium! I just took one at night to help sleep..otherwise, I was so busy trying to make sure work was taken care of and arrangements made. I live alone..or, almost alone.. I have a big old dog that is terrible at cooking and cleaning and needed babysitting!! I made arrangements for my cousin to come stay for a couple of weeks and since she's had some experience with surgery herself..she knew just what I needed. It was great.

Well... as you move through all the forms and more forms and still more forms (it's awful isn't it?)... I will check in here to offer any help I can and so will all the other's. I found great comfort just knowing I could ask any question and someone would have an answer or would know where to get one.. it sure is better this way. Hope you are doing ok. Again.. waiting just about does one in and I hope you can find a good way to endure it. After.. piece of cake!! :)
Hi Josie, Thanks for trying. I did find some interesting sites on google anyway. I am puzzled as to why they can't be referred to? They are in the public domain. Perhaps the moderator can tell us?
Hi Marise,

It's hard to compare surgery notes because everyones situation is different as well as everyone's pain perception and tolerance is too. I didn't have anyone to talk to before mine, but I sure would have liked to.

My surgery was lengthy because of severe endometriosis and extensive adhesions. I felt worse than I had expected, but my doc said it was because of all the extra work he had to do. For the first 3 days I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. I think most women receive adequate relief from their pain medicines, but narcotics make me itch something terrible, so for those few days I either itched or hurt, depending on which evil I decided on. I was discharged on the 4th day and it was wonderful to be in my own bed. My healing was slow, but I didn't feel badly at all, just tender. Had a little snag about the 2 week mark, hit the couch again for a couple days and then was ok.

I'm a procrastinator too, so I had a lot to do to ready myself and my home for the down time I'd need during my recovery. Sometimes it's good to have those things to do. I work well under pressure and deadlines, so it got me going. It was nice to come home to a clean, well-stocked home, with the laundry done, bills paid up to date, etc. I hope you get whatever projects done that you need to. I think it helps to not have things hanging over your head.

You're in my prayers ~
Hi Josie. Thanks for trying. Come back, as they say on the radios!
Hi Welshterriermom. Yes, I am very lucky to have found such nice people to chat with.
Thanks for the detail, that's what I need to hear. You really had a hard time of it, with the itching and all. I'm glad you recovered quickly and without complications. How were the nurses? I think it makes a big difference if they are considerate. My doc says I will be in 4 to 7 days depending on the outcome. After you got home it sounds less terrible than I expected. I had visions of being bedridden for a month or more.
Glad to meet a fellow procrastinator. I have always been bad at this. It seems like I am avoiding things, trying to make time stand still? very irrational I know. Since this problem started I have not done anything. I get up with all sorts of plans but the days go by and very little is accomplished. Now I really have to work at it. Besides the regular housework, I have about 50 years of paperwork to clear out and last years taxes to do for me, my son and his business. Not to mention getting myself ready - what to take, shopping for things I'll need etc. I'm going to start by making a list of what is essential and prioritizing what to do when. Wish me luck! All for now, Marise.
Hi Everyone.
I went to my family doc. yesterday for blood test results, a couple of high scores but nothing alarming. He was alarming though! He was very anxious that I get the surgery date brought forward "this week if possible". As I left he said "it's been good knowing you" Hey! I'm trying to be optimistic here!
Marise, that is very.............alarming. Did he say WHY he wanted the date moved up "this week." That would scare me without any further explanation.Exp. if the blood tests weren't "alarming."
Does he not plan to see you again, hence "it was nice knowing you?" Does another doctor take over? Was this not your regular doctor? Yes, the doctor needs to be encouraging. Not a great bedside manner! when you find out why, please get back to us. Rosie
Hi Rosie, Yes, he is my regular doctor, but I will see the specialist now, so will probably not go back to him for a couple of months. His reason for rushing was that he did not want to give it any time to spread. It was scary at the time, but then I remembered he does tend to be overcautious generally.
To answer your previous question: I took HRT for about 5 years back in the 80's so I don't think it's relevant for me. Did you talk to your doc about getting off them? the risk kicks in when you use them for 10 years or more I believe.
Hi Marise,

What were your abnormal labs? Did they include a CA-125 in your labwork? Are you going to move your surgery date up? I can understand wanting to have it taken care of ASAP if that is what's advised for you. I know you have further testing to do also, so assume those would need moved as well. I think most places will make any scheduling accomodations they can if they know the patient is facing a potential cancer diagnosis. (At least I hope so.)

It's nice to be caught up with paperwork, but if you have that much to catch up on don't worry about doing it now. I'm glad you plan to prioritize, so you don't try to tackle a huge task now. Your health is more important than any papers in a pile. Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission not to do some things on your list.

Keep the papers you "know" you'll need - otherwise try my mom's motto: "When in doubt - throw it out. " ;)

My thoughts & prayers are with you ~ :angel:
Hi Welshterriormum.
My blood tests were normal except for: Creatine 112 s/b <100, and Ferritin of 36 s/b at least 41 to 100, so not that bad. The CA-125 will be done on Friday at the hospital along with a CT and chest xray. The pre-op with the Anaesthesiologist will be Feb. 3 or 10th. I asked my contact at the hospital if it was possible to bring the surgery forward. She said it wasn't - if I wanted it done by "the best" doctor. That's just as well anyway because I am still procrastinating like crazy:) The last two nights there has been a lot of pain for some reason, and the days are not comfortable either - so I really do not feel up to doing all that stuff! Like you said - it's not worth worrying about. Except that I want to have everything caught up, especially the taxes and bookkeeping. My son is not a paperwork type - has no patience for it. He is being very supportive otherwise so I would really feel bad letting him down. Today I told him not to worry it will be all over by Easter - he said "would you like to re-phrase that, please?" Well, a little humor helps ! Thanks for your continued good wishes. Marise.
Marise, does your doctor say why the pain? YOu sound like you're keeping your spirits up so well, i don't know if I could do the same! I understand you wanting to get caught up, but don't tax yourself, you prob. need to rest and be strong for the surgery. And here I am, "fretting" over having the biopsy procedure done, shame on me. You women are so brave, I salute you.
Hi Rosie.
Thanks for the praise, but I am just as scared as anyone. Just happen to be a "reserved" Brit. Stiff upper lip and all that! you know :)
I haven't talked to the gyno since the first visit. He said I could call him anytime, but not to expect him to remember me. (so much for personal attention!). He is only at my local hospital on Tuesdays so I have a Contact there instead. I know her name and phone, but don't know if she is a nurse, paramed, or what - I have to ask her to-morrow when I go for tests. She said the pain is to be expected, apparently it is caused by pressure of the mass and fluid build up. I find it is better when I eat light and often rather than having a heavy meal, especially at supper time. She said to take tylenol at bedtime and that seems to keep it at bay. Also wearing a cumberbund as support helps too.
Enough about me! What is happening with you? do you have results yet? I do hope it is good news for you. Marise.
I go for my pre op on Feb 3 and my biopsy on Feb 16. the most annoying part is taking time off of work. I'm a speech therapist and I don't get a sub when I'm absent. I am planning on going back to work on Fri. the day after the "twilight" sleep procedure. I am thinking I'll feel fine if I am sleeping most of Thursday. I really can't afford to be taking the time off, and I don't mean financially, just in terms of work load, but...........we'll see. I guess I can only do what i can do. Please keep us informed just before your surgery and maybe have someone who can log in and give us a report if you aren't up to it? Thanks. Rosie
Hi Rosie.
Went for CT etc on Friday. Not fun. You can't have breakfast then you get to drink a gallon of "orange juice" over 45 minutes, and an iv with radiation. Nothing hurts, just very uncomfortable. It did not help that the dept. has to be kept cold re the machinery, so I was freezing. Luckily I was'nt in pain like the other weekend - just ordinary period-like cramps. I recommend taking a good warm sweater to cuddle up with while you're waiting (and drinking).
Don't worry about the biopsy, it's painless - just a little pinch when it's actually taken.
And don't be too concientious - you could probably do with a long weekend after the stress if nothing else. Keep posting, Marise.
Marise, usually when other people are "uncomfortable" that is pain to me!
I didn't think there was any pain with a CT scan and i'm not sure what the "orange juice" is. I've had an IV with iodine in it once for an xray following a kidney stone (talk about pain!!!) and it was uncomfortable (hot, flushing, etc). I won't feel the biopsy/DNC, because i'll be in twilight sleep. I had the US and that was nothing, not a problem for me.
Do you have to do very much more before your surgery in terms of testing and prep? I always feel "assaulted" when i have to have things like this done. I've had very little discomfort in my life, no broken bones or anything, just of course, childbirth, 2 C sections and a kidney stone...........
I'm glad you're keeping in touch and wish you well and want to hear how you do (can you have a friend or your son write in for you if you aren't up to it ?)
Take care, all the best, Rosie
Hi. No there is no pain to the CT itself, it is just like an xray. The orange juice is a contrast material so that they can see the stomach etc. clearly. It does'nt taste bad -
you get to drink about 32 oz so you feel pretty full and uncomfortable, then with the iodine iv, as you said, there is the flushing.
I can sympathize with the feeling of being "assaulted" They go out of their way to be considerate and keep us informed, but we can't help feeling we are just some thing they are working on. We have to trust in their experience and ability to do the work right.
It sounds like you are having a D&C on the 16th. That's a good call. I hope it goes well for you and Stay home on Friday! Marise.
Hi Marise,

Just popping in to let you know I'm thinking of you. Saying a prayer you'll get some good news when your test results come in. The waiting can be so difficult! Hang in there sweetie. :angel:
Hi Welsh, (can I call you Welsh?) I was raised in Wales, British Isles, so am curious why you chose that name? It is SO good how people rally round, everyone I tell offers to help any way they can "just ask". I have an acquaintance who turned out to be a good friend now, she comes every Saturday for a couple of hours to help clear up the clutter. And the manager of our condo has told the superintendent to drive me anywhere I need to go- anytime. I am still procrastinating like crazy, but actually started on some back taxes yesterday - only 16 days to go! Thanks, it's good to know you are thinking of me and Rosie. Marise
:wave: Sure you can call me 'Welsh' :) - Unfortunately, I have no lovely accent to go with my username. I picked it because our dogs are Welsh Terriers. They are still a rare breed here, so everyone thinks they're Airedale puppies.

It's wonderful that you have people helping out! I'm so glad for you. I'm sure it touches your son's heart to know people are helping out his mom, too. My surgery was booked a couple months in advance. The time seemed to drag on forever until the week of surgery - that week flew by.

What are the hospital rooms like there? Do you have 2 patients to a room or 1? Did you make a list of what to take to the hospital yet? I'm good at making lists, but not so good about getting things crossed off them - ha!

Be good to yourself :)
Hi Welsh,
I like your explanation, welsh terriers are great dogs, how many do you have?
I haven't been to any hospital wards lately, but they used to have 4 bed wards covered by the goverment Health Service. Private and semi-private are extra. I am still working on taxes and I want to get some estate things in order; but it looks like I am running out of days - 11 to go. My list has not helped really - it just discourages me to see all the things not done yet. I have some shopping this weekend for my "trip" and I started packing. On Monday I go for a pre-op with the anaesthetist and an ECG, also to see the nurse. Hopefully they will give me results of prior tests and some instructions on what to expect and what to take. Hope things are going well for you and Rosie. Will get back to you next week. Marise.
HI Marise, oh you must be getting anxious! (I mean that in a "not excited" way, except to get it over). I had my pre op today for my DNC which is coming up Feb 16, no big fact, the doctor almost cancelled it becuase I have no symptoms, but then she said, you know, if the bleeding comes back, we have to do this ALL over again, so let's just do it and be sure. So, i am. I have to go back for an EKG later today cause i didn't have time earlier, had to get to work. Then the blood work two days before, and the anesthesiologist consult is by phone. It's just twilight sleep, but it's still a "deal"!! Do you have someone who can write in to us after your operation that can keep us up to speed? Please show someone how to do it, a relative or dear friend, ok! We'll be know! BEST TO YOU, Rosie
Hi Rosie.
Yes, I am getting a bit anxious, but realize there is no point to that. Just have to get things as caught up as I can and deal with whatever fate hands out later. I will ask my friend to write you if I can't. Hopefully, I will be able to use my computer shortly after getting home. I'll be looking to hear from you too! Your doctor seems very sensible, that must be a comfort that she is covering all the bases. All for now, have to hit the books again. Marise.
Marise or WelshTerrior mom.........i have a question.
i mentioned my upcoming biopsy to my chiropractor and my doctor wanting to rule out uterine cancer and he said "why can't she just do a bone scan" and said that cancer would show up on a bone scan (as little black dots or something) and then you don't have to go thru the having drugs put in your body (he's VERY anti drug). I said I could certainly ask, but before i do, do either or you or anyone reading this, know the answer? THANKS Rosie
Hi Rosie,
I have never heard this before. Maybe your chiropractor is right, but I am skeptical. I don't know anything about bone scans but it seems improbable that they could see inside an organ such as the uterus. Researchers are looking for a non-invasive screening test for cancer and if this were true they could stop looking. That's my uninformed opinion, anyway. Best ask your regular doctor.
I got educated today on modern operations, through a video. Apparently you check in about two hours before, change into hospital garb, get short visits from the operating room nurse, anaesthetist and surgeon for questions and tests etc. Then you sit in a wait area in the hallway until you are called. You get to WALK into the operating theatre and lie down - the next thing you know it's all done and you are in the recovery room. After two hours or so you are finally assigned a bed. Just like a visit to the dentist, except you get to sleep over:) Is that super efficient or are they just trying to save money? Marise.
Hi you two :)

Rosie, I agree with Marise. Uterine cancer is diagnosed by pathology, not by bone scans. Stick with your GYN's advice. ;)

Marise, I've heard of others who do the group wait and walk into their surgery room. We do the gown, I.V. & visits from the anesthesiologists, nurses, docs, etc., but we're in a curtained off pre-op area on a gurney, and wheeled into the operating room. With my previous pre-op waits I always had to make several trips to the ladies room. Nervous bladder, I guess. They told me not to worry about my bladder because they'd put a catheter in as soon as I was asleep, but I still had to "go" several times while waiting. The waiting is hard. Hang in there girls.

Hugs to you :angel:
Thank you ladies for your response, I knew i could count on you! I suppose if it were that easy, then she would have suggested it. I'm with Kaiser. Apparently the anesth. does a phone consult, not a face to face one, perhaps because I'll be in twilight sleep and not general. I go do blood work on the 14th, two days before. As I'm having blood drawn, I'll be thinking about what Marise is going through. Keeping good thougths and prayers. Rosie
Hi Everyone,
For the record, things are not going so great. And I have no one to blame but myself. Remember all those helpful people? well apart from ds and df I have not taken them up on their offers. I thought I could manage, and didn't want to be a nuisance. So no calls were made and now I could really do with some help and attention - no one is available. It would be nice if someone came by every day (or at least called) to talk.
Ds calls me every day, but there is only so much I can confide in him without causing him to worry. Df is a very practical lady - she has come faithfully every saturday morning for two hours and has been a big help with the housework and physical chores. But, she is not interested in talking. "give me something to do" "next week I'll vacuum again".
Thing is I don't care about how clean the carpet is - I need a real friend! Someone like a sister who will listen to my concerns and ideas and really see what I need done.
We have a Community Access organisation, who will send home help but I have not felt "sick" enough to request that until this week. Now it is really too late, I'll be in the hospital before they get anything organised. Hopefully, they will arrange something for when I get home.
Medically I am disappointed also, my surgeon says to call him anytime "but don't expect me to remember who you are" - so I never called him. The hospital contact I was given returned only one of six calls and then put me on hold while she attended someone else. Visits to the hospital have been mechanically routine and not inspiring. They boast about a data base for every patient, but can't find the results of my previous tests on it. The op.nurse interviews me and puts everything I tell her in the computer. Then the anesthetist either can't find it or is'nt interested in looking at it - I did not want to repeat it all to him. He was so offputting that I forgot to mention my abnormal ECG - I wonder if he will notice it before Tuesday?
I called my regular doctor (you remember the one with the great bedside manner!). His receptionist said he does'nt call patients "you need to make an appointment" I explained that I only wanted advice on my prescription dosage and I could not travel to his office. Later that day I got a message from his recep. saying that the doctor did not understand why I wanted him to call me and could I get back to her. I didn't bother - just changed the dose on my own.
I have been having some severe pain and was taking the max. 8 tylenol a day - then it seemed that the tylenol was causing stomach pain, so I cut back to two extra strength coated which is'nt enough. But I'm scared to take any more - will they help or just make it worse?
Needless to say, I have not done the paperwork. Still struggling with taxes and no estate prep or filing done. If I don't make it off the operating table - ds will be left with a big mess to sort. One bright spot - df said she will help him with it. But he probably will not ask either - takes after me in that respect!.
Sorry to be so depressing, just needed to say that to someone. Thank goodness I have cyber friends at least. All for now, Marise.
Hi again,
Just posted the above and I got a call from the hospital contact. "We're really sorry but we have to postpone your operation, a more urgent case has to take your time on Tuesday, probably reschedule in about two weeks" I told her about the pain and she said to get my doctor to give me something stronger than tylenol.
I don't know whether to be upset or glad! It was so painful this morning I thought I would not make it to Tuesday and I really wanted to get it over with and start recovering. But two weeks does give me time to get things better organised - maybe call CCare people? So I feel like it's a reprieve.
You just never know do you!. Marise.
Boy, I sure do know what you mean by just needing someone to talk to! I have a far away friend I can do that with, but sometimes just meeting for coffee at the spur of the moment would help.

I know this is not your "area" but crisis pregnancy centers have volunteers that can lend an ear. It doesn't always need to be a pregnancy issue, they are involved in woman's issues too. Check out your phone book to see if there is one in your area. I know the one I was involved with made no conditions on seeing a trained listener. They just wanted to be there to help other women because most of them had a time when they needed someone.

Marise, this is very alarming, i've never heard of such a thing. you have very bad medical people, it's shocking really. You need to get PRO ACTIVE and DEMAND things. I've been with Kaiser forever and as much as people complain about it, i've had nothing but concerned and caring doctors and they take time and talk and are available. NEVER HEARD of a doctor who said "I won't remember you." Frankly, I'd contact the AMA and report these people, seriously. I don't know who ds and df are, but sounds like one is your son and one is a friend. I know we aren't allowed to give out info here but i want you to know that if I could, I'd call you and talk. If that changes or anything, let me know and I'll be happy to call.
I know i'm not allowed to take any blood thinners or anti inflammatories before surgery, like two weeks, so I don't know if Tylenol is ok or not, but you should check. If you are in that much pain, perhaps you shoudl be in the hospital sooner? This stress is not helping, so re contact that organization and let them know you are in too much pain and do need help. There HAVE GOT to be people out there. What about friends of your son, or moms of his friends? There's an old saying, I think Eleanor Roosevelt, that no one can take advantage of you without your permission. DO NOT give the doctors permission. You're a person and they took an oath. I'd call the AMA and take it from there. Get back to me. I'm feisty!
Marise I just backed up and read that you were POSTPONED??? In that much pain, i'm sorry, UNCONSCIONABLE..............
you get on the phone and start reporting! And demanding...
and find another doctor while you're at it!
Sorry, that just got me ALL RILED UP./
Oh (((Marise)))

I am so sorry you were postponed! I tell you, I'd be pitching a major hissy-fit right now! I'd get your gyn-onc to see if there is anything they can do. I didn't think you should have had to wait *this* long, let alone wait two weeks more!!! Of all the cases that are mostlikely on the books, I think they can find someone else to bump. Not someone who's facing a potential cancer diagnosis and has already waited a terribly long time. If I could make the calls for you, I surely would! This is not right. Sometimes the scheduling people don't know, or don't understand the circumstances. I'd be making calls all the way to the top of adminstration if I had to, but I would fight for the soonest date possible.

Good luck, hon. Wish I could give you a real hug, but a cyber one will have to do.

:angel: Saying prayers for you - Marise.
Hi, I can't believe what nice people you are! I thought my sounding off would have you running for cover. I am sorry I upset you but definitely appreciate your support.
Mo: Thanks for the tip, I will call CCA today and ask them about that service.
Rosie: Don't worry about me, it's your big day tomorrow so I will be thinking about you. Stay home friday and let us know how things went for you.
Welsh: Thanks for the hug, that's just what I needed.
I did call the hospital contact, she said they had not set a new date yet - so I told her my current symptoms and she said to go into emergency and get checked out.
Ds and I spent 7 hours there yesterday. First you check in at reception, then wait (30mins) to register, then wait, get blood pressure and temperature, then wait, get blood tests, then wait, see the doctor for 5 minutes, then wait, get urine sampled, then wait, get 4 xrays, then wait, finally you get a prescription and sent home. It was a long day sitting around in pain and starving because I had not been able to eat for a couple of days. They would'nt even let me drink water. Others there were worse off - one poor young guy was in so much pain he was on the floor moaning for hours. Everyone just walked by him - I guess they figured he was someone else's responsiblity! Well I called the contact again today and told her I really needed to have this done quickly - that I would travel to another hospital if that would speed it up. She will check with the gyn.onc. He was there yesterday, operating on my replacement and she tried to get me an appointment with him - but no luck.
I guess I don't have any choice but to wait. My main problem now is not being able to breath properly, they say it's because of the fluid buildup. It's not bad through the day but I can't lie down to sleep - sitting up on the couch all night is not great.
Well enough complaining for today! All the best for tomorrow Rosie.
Marise, i still say what I have going on is NOTHING compared to the rest of you! I still can't believe your health care system. We probably arent' supposed to know what part of the country we live in but I'm just not aquainted with that poor level of care. Sorry you have to put up with that.
I entirely intend to go to work Friday, i really need to if possible but i'll make it a shorter day. A few years ago i had a kidney stone at work (an elementary school) and was taken OUT in an ambulance. I was on the brink of passing out from the pain. Several hours later, after it passed out, i was like FINE and back to work the next day ! (it was a little embarrassing to leave in an ambulance and show up the next day, but i was fine!!).
ANyway..........i migth have some cramping and some bleeding, but it'll be just like the old days!!! Get out the Midol and the pads!
let us know your new surgery date.
Hi Rosie, I don't think they will mind if I tell you I live in Canada. We have a national health system but right now it is having problems - especially with wait times for any kind of treatment, including emergency rooms.
Good luck tomorrow and, if going to work Friday is what you want to do I admire your fortitude. But get back to us anyway. Marise.
Hi Marise and all, a brief note about yesterday!
first, my mom wanted to come along so my boyfriend took us over to Kaiser and i told my mom to bring a book,s o she grabs one off her shelf and later takes it out and its' Sylvia Browne, "Talking To The Other Side." I'm NOT comforted by this. Then, the guy who checks me into the OR is named Lee Mourning............
i'm thinking, "is this a sign?"
Then, i'm hooked up to the IV at 9 for a 10:00 scheduled time and ............the woman who was before me had some kind of complication with her surgery and they keep aplogizing and finally at FIVE OCLOCK they say "ok, w'ere ready now." I'm lying there 8 hours thinking about it, which made me more of a wreck. My mom is sitting there the whole time trying to distract me talking and such! ANYWAY, I just said i was glad I wasnt' the FIRST lady, and went in and boom, i'm asleep and then I'm awake and I don't remember a THING altho the attendee says I talked to her, so go figure. I got to go home ,no cramps, just some bleeding, and of course, I couldnt EAT the entire time so I was starving! I went to work todayjust for about 5 hours, and have beent aking it easy ever since. I get my results at the post op 2-28. So there wasn't too much disomfort or anything jsut a little with the Iv, but it was the WAITING!!!
Ok, that's it for me, now we need to get Marise better!
I live in CA.
Hi Rosie,
Thanks for the update. That is so funny about the book and the name:) Glad everything went well except for the long wait. I am not looking forward to the IV either - did they put it in the back of your hand? That is the worst!
My df did'nt come today, she had a health scare with chest pain and spent a day in emergency too last week. Luckily it turned out to be a pulled shoulder muscle (from vacuuming too much?) She may come tomorrow instead.
I am not impressed with my doctors, I had a tough week last week because of pain killers they prescribed and because they failed to do anything about my breathing / fluid problem. I had to adjust my own bp meds and went back to the tylenol 500 coated which suit me a lot better. Also I read my medical journal and found that fluid build up is called ascites and usually treated with diuretics so I promptly upped my dose of hydrothiazide ( part of my bp meds anyway). It's working, I feel better and now I can lie down to sleep. It takes a few minutes to breathe properly, and I can't turn over but it's a lot better than the couch. Of course I checked the changes out with the hospital contact, she said it was ok. But, why could'nt they have suggested this last week!!!
Well, have a nice, restful, weekend Rosie and best hopes for a good result on the 28th. Marise.
Marise, about the IV, i INSISTED that I did not want it in my hand. The nurse "challenged" me to find another vein, which we finally did, on my wrist kind of to the inside near a bone. She said that we generally put it in the hand but i had already talked to the anethstetist and he said I didn't have to so she again, OK, well find me a vein. I also insisted on having this creme put on first, they use it on KIDS, for twenty min. then they put a little shot of lydocaine in which doesnt' hurt and you know what a big baby I am, and then the IV i hardly felt. It ached a TINY bit for about two min. then went away. If you leave your hand/arm very still, you don't feel it. While i was lying around, the man in the next bed had the nurse come and move his IV, said it hurt. So you just have to be VOCAL that you don't want it on the back of your hand and you want ALL the numbing stuff they can do.
I was also surprised pleasantly when I woke up that I came out easier than I'd thought, like gently, and I wasn't weepy like i usually am. Of course, I wasn't under general like you'll be for yours, just twilight.
Well I've never been impressed with your doctors, as you know! Have they rescheduled you? You get all psyched up to do it, and then they change it, plus the waiting and thinking about it was worse for me.
It's amazing how much we know OUR own bodies and you were able to adjust your own meds better than they could. Hope you've been able to let go of some of the "to do" list and take it easy. That's hard for me, too, i just want to go go go! Let us know your new date. thanks for wriiting, Rosie
Hi Rosie,
Thanks for the IV advice, I will definitely take it. Well, it is March already and still no date set for me. Luckily, now that I have the fluid under control and pain meds that don't have any obvious side effects, I am reasonably comfortable. My to-do list is woefully behind. I just don't have the energy or focus - it's like being in limbo. Maybe you could send me some of your "go power" :)
Have you had any results yet? I do hope they were good! Keep in touch.
Marise, thanks for thinking of me, i saw my doctor last nite and everything is FINE!! No trace of anything. She doesn't know what caused the bleeding but it isn't cancer. I am so blessed and I am keeping good thoughts for you but Marise, you have GOT TO DEMAND that they get you a date for this, this is NOT RIGHT. Get angry (not at them but just in general) and fight for yourself, you are your own best advocate!!! Don't fall thru the cracks, call EVERYDAY until they give you a date. Can you switch doctors or facilities?
I'll EMAIL you every day until you do, how's that?!!!LOL..........
i'll do whatever you need, whatever it takes, OK!!! GET ON THE PHONE NOW and go to the top, talk to the hospital administrator if need be.....
consult an attorney if you have access to one. (most first 1/2 hr. attorney consults are free, at least in the states!). Good luck and report back to me, ok!! THanks Rosie
Hi Rosie,
Congratulations, I am so glad you are free and clear. Make sure you get regular check ups and stay that way. I was so afraid of paps etc. that I put off proper checkups too long. With ovarian cancer tho, paps don't help - you need to get an ultra sound every year, or at least two years, to catch it early.
Are you sure you did'nt send a copy of your reply to my hospital:) I just finished reading it and the hospital called with a date at last! March 13th.
I have a mixed reaction, I know it has to be done and the sooner the better, but I really am scared. I've wasted so much time and nothing is ready - oh well, no one to blame but myself for that. Will just have to do what I can this next week or my ds will have a big problem on his hands. If I survive it will be good to get it over with and start healing.
Hi Everyone.
Tomorrow is my big day! (or last day?) tho I am not as scared now. More fatalistic than anything. The latest aneasthetist tells me that moden aneasthetics are much more controllable and safe. Also he said he knows my surgeon and that he is most dedicated and conscientous and has done hundreds of these operations. He said it is a very routine, straight forward procedure and that most patients don't use all the available pain meds afterwards. (apparently you get to dispense them yourself from a pump apparatus)
I did get the most urgent taxes etc. done, altho today I am working on a couple of submissions for ds's business that have a March.31st. deadline. The rest of the stuff is still very disorganised - but they tell me I will have plenty of time to catch up later. I have a couple of friends now who say they will visit when I get home and the hospital will probably arrange for a VON to come in for a few days.
I would like to thank you all for your support and friendship - it has really helped me to cope with things so far. I will get back to you as soon as I can after next week.
Later, Marise.
Sending tons & tons of hugs, prayers and well wishes your way (((Marise)))!

We'll be thinking of you and eager to hear from you when you get back.

Rest, recover and be reassured you are being thought of and prayed for. :angel:

Hugs, Welsh
Marise, been thinking about you; i didnt get the last thread notice that anything had been posted, so decided to check myself. i was surprised to see that the last date,March 12, said you were going in the next day. So it's been about two weeks, and I hope it went well for you and that you're having as comfortable recovery as can be expected. When you can please write us and let us know how you're doing. Thinking positively, Rosie
Hi Marise - :wave:

Like dvrosie, I keep checking to see if you've posted again too. Thinking of you and hoping your recovery is going well.

:angel: Prayers & best wishes,
I've been checking in too. Just to let you know my prayers are with you during your recovery.
Hi Everyone.
First an abject apology for being so long in answering your very kind posts. This is the first time I have visited the site since the operation. My only excuse is that it has been an emotional and physical roller coaster, one that is only now beginning to slow down.
The operation results were, as suspected, two cancers. Ovarian serous carcinoma and Uterine mixed malderian. I looked up the serous one and know quite a bit about it - but the other I can't find anywhere. Anyway they were both removed with a total hysterectomy and only some micro "nodules" were left. Now I have to have six chemotherapy treatments through the summer. The first was on April 18 and the next will be on May 9. Chemo is not as bad as I thought it would be - they have some great medications to offset the side effects now. Some days were better than others and I am hoping I can manage things better this next time.
Well, all for now, just wanted to check in and let you know how things were going. Hope you have'nt given up on me!
Welcome Back (((Marise))) ! So good to see you again! You had me worried. I'm sorry the suspicions were confirmed. You sound very strong for all you have been through these past several weeks. I am glad your chemo wasn't so bad. I hope you do well with the treatments and every part of your recovery. We didn't give up on you.

Be good to yourself :angel:
Marise, sorry to hear about your diagnosis, truly, but you sound so optimistic and upbeat about it, please keep in touch. Rosie
I've posted here before so some of you may remember my story. I'm 60, went through menopause in January 2001, have a HUGE (honeydew melon size) fibroid (no symptoms except some frequent urination). Anyway, the fibroid (which can only be removed by total hysterectomy) has caused diagnosis problems. Most tests, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) won't work on me.

In December 2004, I had a 3 day postmenopausal bleeding incident. Almost felt like I had my period. My reg. gynecologist said because of fibroid, he wouldn't be able to do an endo. biopsy and suggested I see a gyn-oncologist. In February 2005, the gyn-oncologist tried the endo. biopsy but couldn't get past the fibroid. In March 2005, he did a D&C and tried a hysteroscopy but couldn't accomplish it, again because of the fibroid. He told my husband, after the D&C that from what he could see and feel, my lining wasn't thick. The pathology results came back inconclusive...sample not large enough. Gyn-onc. thought my bleeding was from fibroid. In April 2005, I had a 1 day bleeding incident but felt irritated and gyn-onc. confirmed he saw signs of a cut/scrape/irritation healing. In May 2005, tried an MRI but again the fibroid was in the way. In July 2005, I sat with gyn-oncologist for almost an hour and he answered tons of questions I had about hysterectomies, uterine cancer, etc. At the end of the session he said "In my heart of hearts I don't believe you have a problem". Also said the only way to know for sure was to do a hysterectomy. There were no other tests he could try mainly because of the fibroid.
No signs of bleeding from April 2005-December 2006 when I saw a little pink during one trip to bathroom. I ignored it...maybe foolishly. In March 2006, I felt a slight ache in the area where fibroid is located and found 2 small (about 1/4" each) spots of blood on underwear. Saw nothing else when I cleansed myself. At end of April 2006, I was having trouble with hemorrhoids and a couple of days later, saw lots of blood. Cleansed myself and nothing afterwards. Not sure where it came from......I could have irritated the hemorrhoid while sitting to urinate. I did see evidence by blotting my rear with toilet tissue of some residue blood (sorry to be so graphic). Nothing since.

Needless to say, I'm nervous again. I rationalized that since my postmenopausal bleeding had started in December 2004 and it was now 17 mos. later, I would have more signs if it were uterine cancer. I have no other symptoms but then I read that some women have it for a year or two before it's discovered.

I haven't called the gyn-onc. because I know he'll say the only way to know is to do a total hysterectomy. I'm terrified of the surgery. He already told me that it would be a more difficult surgery because of the fibroid size, recovery from vertical incision would be longer, and also outlined all major complications that could arise. Told me during my visit in July 2005 that the chances of my having uterine cancer were in the single percentage range.
Welcome Noodles,
I am inclined to think your doc is right about the low percentage. When my bleeding started last December, at age 70, it did'nt stop until the operation. Some days it was lighter than others, but it never stopped altogether. Another major symptom I experienced was "ascites" - which is a build up of fluid in the abdomen. This was very noticable and effected my breathing.
Have they tried an ultrasound? it seems more flexible to me - to get around the fibroid - than an MRI?
I had the total hysterectomy, it was'nt that terrible.
Keep posting.
I was told an ultrasound wouldn't work either because of the fibroid. When I had the MRI (a year ago) all the surrounding organs were fine. I feel fine but keep wondering if something bad is growing within me. My hubby is trying real hard to be supportive but is at the point where he feels if I can't live with the uncertainty, I should have the hysterectomy and know for sure. I know he's right. I think what scares me most about the hystectomy is dying on the table! I know I can get past the post-op pain, tiredness, etc. I'm retired so it's not like I have to worry about getting better quickly to return to work.
Hi Noodles, I know what you mean about the fear. In my case there was'nt any choice. Have you considered a PET scan? they are supposed to be more detailed.
Hi Rosie and Welsh.
Thanks so much for staying with me. I could write a book about the last couple of months - but I'll try not to! I have panicked a couple of times but I realize there is nothing to do but try and influence the outcome as well as I can. How are you both doing? Rosie did you finish all your tests?
It was great to hear from you both again.
What exactly is a PET scan and how would it determine what the postmenopausal bleeding is from?
I just wanted to let you know that my grandmother has endometrial cancer. She just had a radical hysterectomy yest. Keep in mind, she is 83 years old and has diabetes, hypertension and is overweight (162 pds) and status post CABG- 6 years ago. She had a vertical incision done, the whole thing took 1 hr and 20 min. shocked me and everyone else too, that it was so quick, but hey, we are not complaining. Had the best dr's u could ever ask for. Let me tell you, she is doing wonderfully. Yes, some pain, but she says if u can have a hysterectomy done and get it out (cancer) or whatever it is, do it. Its better knowing that u did all u could do, and doing all u can now to prevent things from getting worse. You never really think it could be cancer, but remember, if it is, Uterine cancer is the best one to get..if u can call it that! Her grade at D& C was 2. We dont know path results yet from staging, but all i can say...t is better to be safe than sorry b/c it is curative if it is caught early. The surgery is the hardest part to get through along with the recovery! If u can go through that, u can go through anything. Reminder..she is 83 years old and is doing wonderfully, regardless of what stage it is at, surgery is the first step, if u are able and willing to have it done.
Dear Noodles, hi i'm Rosie. I was in this thread for awhile and still check back. Luckily, my pm bleeding was nothing and i'm grateful everyday and wish for all of you nothing but the best; for a while when i wasn't sure, i had all those thoughts too and my life flashing before me etc. and i was even afraid of going to sleep for the BIOPSY!!! i think it's a very common fear however you have to think of it this way, if you have cancer and don't treat it or get it out, you'll die from that! There is SUCH a good success rate with that type of cancer and likely it's the fibroids and you can get those out. Hysterectomy's are common, i know so many who've had them. The recovery yes, there will be pain (I had two C sections and remember it well!), but cancer causes worse pain so please don't not know; the weeks i was waiting for my biopsy the uncertainty was so frightenening, every pain or episode of bleeding i had freaked me out. Trust in your doctors and your gut level!!! Get second and third opinions. Best to you and all the other brave women (Marise, that's YOU!) who are dealing with this . Rosie
Rosie, what was your postmenopausal bleeding from?
Thanks Rosie. Please don't stop posting here.

A pet scan is Positron Emission Tomoghraphy. It images the cellular functions of the body somehow and allows for more accurate diagnosis. It is non-invasive like a CT. Sometimes the two are combined as the information they give is complementary.
Just another diagnostic tool to talk to your doctor about. I agree that the hysterectomy is a good option to make sure of the diagnosis. If it did turn out to be cancer then it is essential to treat it as soon as possible. Hysterectomies are pretty routine these days - my anesthitist told me it's not considered major surgery - and that they do not cut through any muscle so the healing is straightforward and quick. It is six weeks since mine was done and I have been pain free since the third week and consider I am all over the operation already.
I was reading about PET tests on the internet and it says it's not used for diagnostic purposes but rather to stage a cancer.
Hi Noodles,
This is why it is best to check with your doctor. Different sources on the internet often tell you differently depending on that source's particular interest. My source says it enables doctors to more accurately diagnose and identify cancer among other things. Keep us posted.
hi maries5
just been reading all your comments and replies during your time on the boards. Hope things are well for you. My elderly mum has just experienced spotting for 3 days a little period pain but has always had pap smears -= last one was 12 months ago and it was clear she has taken hrt for 12 years had a break and back on it for 12 months. She is due to have US in 3 weeks she is very worried she does not cope with change or worrying events. Is there a chance it could be something else? its had to decipher info on this topic unless you have had the tests done and have a diag. Can anyone enlighten me? Many kindness for your help.
Dear marise and dvrosie, noodles and everyone

Just been reading all your messages. they have been very helpful to me as i am experienceing some Post men bleeding i am68 have been on hrt for 15 years. the bleeding is not there everyday but am very worried. I cant have a US for 2 weeks. I am wondering how each of you are now. Please post so I can set my fears to rest.
love M

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