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Hi. I went for results today, pap was normal, estrogen was high, my doc was all set to put me on progesterone until he saw the US results. Not good!Apparently I have a 5 cm mass in the lining of my uterus and a 7 cm one in my right ovary. The report says they are "suspicious for carcinoma". Doctor said probably they will do a hysterectomy and got me an appointment with a Gynecologist next Tuesday.
I am going to ask him about getting a PET scan, because if it is cancer that has spread already then I want to know the extent before deciding on treatment. PET scans advertise that they can do a whole body scan and see a lot more detail than US or even MI. Only drawback is that they are not covered by ohip yet so I would have to pay.
I told my son that they had found "something" suspicious and I may have to have an operation. I also told him about one of these posts about a 73 year old having an hysterectomy and still going stong at 87. So he is concerned but not too upset. I am surprisingly philisophical about it so far, or is the word "fatalistic"?
I hope you don't mind my posting in detail. I thought it would be good for any readers in the future to see the whole story.
Hi everyone. Today I met with the gynecologist and he confirmed the probability that it is cancer. He can't know for sure of course until the pathology results from the operation.
He did a biopsy and I am going for a CT and other pre-op tests on Jan. 20. I did ask him about getting a PET scan but he does not think it would change the fact that I need to have the hysterectomy. That is scheduled for February 14 (Happy Valentines!). I checked his credentials on a web site and, luckily, he turns out to be a surgical oncologist - so I don't have to ask for another referral. He is one of the top experts in his field so I have every confidence in him. By the way, Dyrosie, the biopsy did not hurt at all - it was easier than the pap smear!
My son took the day off to go to the appointment with me and was present for the interviews with the Doc. So now he knows everything I do. He is taking it very calmly so far and is optomistic about the outcome. I am too - I have no other symptoms to speak of and I'm in good health generally otherwise.
We went for another long drive afterwards to see a small town he is thinking of moving to. Then he bought me dinner on the way home. I could get used to all this attention :)
Well, just thought I would check in as promised. Hope everything is going well for you all. Keep posting.
Hi Marise,

Bless your heart. I'm sorry the news wasn't better for you. Needless to say, I hope the suspicions are wrong. I'm glad you feel good about your doctor; that's important. I hope your CT and other tests are all okay.

My hysterectomy last year wasn't for anything suspicious, but waiting for the surgery date was still hard. Try to keep busy doing things you enjoy while you wait.
I'm glad your son is pampering you - you deserve it.
Thanks for keeping us posted. Prayers are coming your way. :angel:
Hi Everyone.
First an abject apology for being so long in answering your very kind posts. This is the first time I have visited the site since the operation. My only excuse is that it has been an emotional and physical roller coaster, one that is only now beginning to slow down.
The operation results were, as suspected, two cancers. Ovarian serous carcinoma and Uterine mixed malderian. I looked up the serous one and know quite a bit about it - but the other I can't find anywhere. Anyway they were both removed with a total hysterectomy and only some micro "nodules" were left. Now I have to have six chemotherapy treatments through the summer. The first was on April 18 and the next will be on May 9. Chemo is not as bad as I thought it would be - they have some great medications to offset the side effects now. Some days were better than others and I am hoping I can manage things better this next time.
Well, all for now, just wanted to check in and let you know how things were going. Hope you have'nt given up on me!
I've posted here before so some of you may remember my story. I'm 60, went through menopause in January 2001, have a HUGE (honeydew melon size) fibroid (no symptoms except some frequent urination). Anyway, the fibroid (which can only be removed by total hysterectomy) has caused diagnosis problems. Most tests, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) won't work on me.

In December 2004, I had a 3 day postmenopausal bleeding incident. Almost felt like I had my period. My reg. gynecologist said because of fibroid, he wouldn't be able to do an endo. biopsy and suggested I see a gyn-oncologist. In February 2005, the gyn-oncologist tried the endo. biopsy but couldn't get past the fibroid. In March 2005, he did a D&C and tried a hysteroscopy but couldn't accomplish it, again because of the fibroid. He told my husband, after the D&C that from what he could see and feel, my lining wasn't thick. The pathology results came back inconclusive...sample not large enough. Gyn-onc. thought my bleeding was from fibroid. In April 2005, I had a 1 day bleeding incident but felt irritated and gyn-onc. confirmed he saw signs of a cut/scrape/irritation healing. In May 2005, tried an MRI but again the fibroid was in the way. In July 2005, I sat with gyn-oncologist for almost an hour and he answered tons of questions I had about hysterectomies, uterine cancer, etc. At the end of the session he said "In my heart of hearts I don't believe you have a problem". Also said the only way to know for sure was to do a hysterectomy. There were no other tests he could try mainly because of the fibroid.
No signs of bleeding from April 2005-December 2006 when I saw a little pink during one trip to bathroom. I ignored it...maybe foolishly. In March 2006, I felt a slight ache in the area where fibroid is located and found 2 small (about 1/4" each) spots of blood on underwear. Saw nothing else when I cleansed myself. At end of April 2006, I was having trouble with hemorrhoids and a couple of days later, saw lots of blood. Cleansed myself and nothing afterwards. Not sure where it came from......I could have irritated the hemorrhoid while sitting to urinate. I did see evidence by blotting my rear with toilet tissue of some residue blood (sorry to be so graphic). Nothing since.

Needless to say, I'm nervous again. I rationalized that since my postmenopausal bleeding had started in December 2004 and it was now 17 mos. later, I would have more signs if it were uterine cancer. I have no other symptoms but then I read that some women have it for a year or two before it's discovered.

I haven't called the gyn-onc. because I know he'll say the only way to know is to do a total hysterectomy. I'm terrified of the surgery. He already told me that it would be a more difficult surgery because of the fibroid size, recovery from vertical incision would be longer, and also outlined all major complications that could arise. Told me during my visit in July 2005 that the chances of my having uterine cancer were in the single percentage range.
Welcome Noodles,
I am inclined to think your doc is right about the low percentage. When my bleeding started last December, at age 70, it did'nt stop until the operation. Some days it was lighter than others, but it never stopped altogether. Another major symptom I experienced was "ascites" - which is a build up of fluid in the abdomen. This was very noticable and effected my breathing.
Have they tried an ultrasound? it seems more flexible to me - to get around the fibroid - than an MRI?
I had the total hysterectomy, it was'nt that terrible.
Keep posting.
I was told an ultrasound wouldn't work either because of the fibroid. When I had the MRI (a year ago) all the surrounding organs were fine. I feel fine but keep wondering if something bad is growing within me. My hubby is trying real hard to be supportive but is at the point where he feels if I can't live with the uncertainty, I should have the hysterectomy and know for sure. I know he's right. I think what scares me most about the hystectomy is dying on the table! I know I can get past the post-op pain, tiredness, etc. I'm retired so it's not like I have to worry about getting better quickly to return to work.
I just wanted to let you know that my grandmother has endometrial cancer. She just had a radical hysterectomy yest. Keep in mind, she is 83 years old and has diabetes, hypertension and is overweight (162 pds) and status post CABG- 6 years ago. She had a vertical incision done, the whole thing took 1 hr and 20 min. shocked me and everyone else too, that it was so quick, but hey, we are not complaining. Had the best dr's u could ever ask for. Let me tell you, she is doing wonderfully. Yes, some pain, but she says if u can have a hysterectomy done and get it out (cancer) or whatever it is, do it. Its better knowing that u did all u could do, and doing all u can now to prevent things from getting worse. You never really think it could be cancer, but remember, if it is, Uterine cancer is the best one to get..if u can call it that! Her grade at D& C was 2. We dont know path results yet from staging, but all i can say...t is better to be safe than sorry b/c it is curative if it is caught early. The surgery is the hardest part to get through along with the recovery! If u can go through that, u can go through anything. Reminder..she is 83 years old and is doing wonderfully, regardless of what stage it is at, surgery is the first step, if u are able and willing to have it done.
Dear Noodles, hi i'm Rosie. I was in this thread for awhile and still check back. Luckily, my pm bleeding was nothing and i'm grateful everyday and wish for all of you nothing but the best; for a while when i wasn't sure, i had all those thoughts too and my life flashing before me etc. and i was even afraid of going to sleep for the BIOPSY!!! i think it's a very common fear however you have to think of it this way, if you have cancer and don't treat it or get it out, you'll die from that! There is SUCH a good success rate with that type of cancer and likely it's the fibroids and you can get those out. Hysterectomy's are common, i know so many who've had them. The recovery yes, there will be pain (I had two C sections and remember it well!), but cancer causes worse pain so please don't not know; the weeks i was waiting for my biopsy the uncertainty was so frightenening, every pain or episode of bleeding i had freaked me out. Trust in your doctors and your gut level!!! Get second and third opinions. Best to you and all the other brave women (Marise, that's YOU!) who are dealing with this . Rosie
Thanks Rosie. Please don't stop posting here.

A pet scan is Positron Emission Tomoghraphy. It images the cellular functions of the body somehow and allows for more accurate diagnosis. It is non-invasive like a CT. Sometimes the two are combined as the information they give is complementary.
Just another diagnostic tool to talk to your doctor about. I agree that the hysterectomy is a good option to make sure of the diagnosis. If it did turn out to be cancer then it is essential to treat it as soon as possible. Hysterectomies are pretty routine these days - my anesthitist told me it's not considered major surgery - and that they do not cut through any muscle so the healing is straightforward and quick. It is six weeks since mine was done and I have been pain free since the third week and consider I am all over the operation already.

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