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Well..hey.. a D & C.. I'd wait for the good stuff and sleep my way through that. I think even if I had a little bleeding before you are scheduled for that I wouldn't worry..

As far as the hrt issue... unopposed estrogen is what tends to cause endometrial cancer to happen.. You are right about so much controversy on the do's and don'ts of hrt. My doctor basically said I wouldn't really need it..figured I'd been through the worst of all the flashes, etc. and that I wouldn't really notice a differrence once the ovaries were gone. She was basically right. After surgery I had the usual ups and downs and some weepy cry baby times, but hey..I just had major surgery..I was entitled!..

My gyn/onc has now referred me to a specialist in compounding hrt.. I asked about my nose dive in any interest in sex..he felt that some hormones wouldn't hurt..also, I've noticed lately the wrinkles and the sagging...yuck..either that or I'm looking at myself in the mirror more and finally noticed that age had crept in..:) I've heard from some doctors that the issues of heart disease are more important than the risks of hrt and possible breast cancer..or uterine..I happen to think there is a solution of something somewhere in between and after reading up on compounded hormones, it makes sense. There really isn't any one size/one fix for all. WE are all so different.

All of this is really premature in that you haven't been dx with anything yet..impossible not to do the "what if's"..but I learned something from one of the support boards.."don't waste a good panic".. I'm sort of getting the hang of it, but it sure has taken a long time.

My biggest concern now is that I can't remember ANYTHING. I had surgery on my hand this summer after the crash and burn ski accident and I think the anesthesia did's really bugging me though. Some hyster sisters have called this "brain fog"..and maybe they are right. Not so hot about getting older.. but don't like that alternative either!

Glad to know I'm not just dumb about the computer thing in being able to connect with other posters on the site.. didn't really realize this site didn't allow. That's fine.. this works. Sorry to the moderator... my bad.

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